Fullerton Friends Around the World!


Fullerton Friend Jerome (Jerry) Mahoney, 21, formerly of Domingo Road, St. Juliana’s and Servite High School, relaxes with the latest FFFF blog post while attending St. Simplicius Seminary in Youngstown, Ohio where his thesis involves¬†translating the Apocrypha from the Vulgate into Esperanto.

5 Replies to “Fullerton Friends Around the World!”

  1. What a nice Catholic boy. I hope he’s saying Hail Mary’s for us back here in Fullerton. With the numbskulls we’ve got running the city we’re gonna need all the help we can get!

  2. Joe, I’m praying that the next wave of council candidates are a bit more intelligent than what we have now, it’s embarrassing.

  3. Jerome, when they tell you not to squeal like a pig, that’s the time you run for the hills.

    But, since you’re there, I guess you do wannabe a priest, so do just like all good little catholic boys do who wannabe priest, keep quiet.

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