Euclid Commons: What Is It?

What'll it be? Fish or fowl?
What'll it be? Fish or fowl?

Yesterday we ran a post on the duplicitous way the City started the ball rolling behind closed doors on a big housing project that promises CEQA impacts on its neighbors. In fact decisions are already being taken that should have been done under the illumination of a public hearing.

The project even has a name, “Euclid Commons” that makes us wish to make a quick pit stop at the West Harbor Alley Improvement Project vomitorium. A couple of comments provided descriptions of what was being proposed that seemed to differ considerably and so we provide la tabula rasa for our Friends to chime in and see if any clarifications are forthcoming.

The issue of starting negotiations is being addressed tonight (Aug 4th) behind closed doors since the public can’t be trusted to even know that a project is now officially (if secretly) sanctioned by the City Council. There will be “reporting out” but no public comment. Really, what have they got to hide?

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  1. “Really, what have they got to hide?”

    Good question. Must be something or they wouldn’t be doing it in hiding.

    It’s a camel’s nose-in-the-tent deal, for sure. And the neighborhood better get ready for the whole camel.

  2. This project, whatever it will be will be an asset to the City because our staff knows what they are doing, and I for one, trust them to do the right thing. We need to support them. Even though I don’t like the idea of low-income housing in our beautiful city Dick Jones is right. It’s mandated!

    In this type of housing design is not so important. We don’t want to spend a lot of money on design.

  3. The Fullerton city council have been sucking up to developers for years. The fact that this deal is going on behind closed doors proves they have something to hide. In my opinion, Jones and Bankhead have got to stop playing the good-old-boys game and start serving the community. These guys have been in power too long and need to be reigned in!! We need a whole new City Council if somebody doesn’t step up and stop this kind of thing.

  4. Tamara, welcome to FFFF!

    People like Jones and Bankhead genuinely believe that you can keep building forever. It’s progress, right? This is an antiquated 19th Century notion that should have gone the way of the horse and buggy, but still survives in some of our older dinosaurs species.

    But the others are no better. They unanimously swallowed the Amerige Court and Jefferson Commons disasters without so much as a slight gag.

    The bigger problem is that politicians want to be seen as doing something, especially if they can put it on their campaign litrature. This is particularly annoying when the perpetrator professes to be a conservtive and should know better. They all do it.

  5. Chamber Star :
    This project, whatever it will be will be an asset to the City because our staff knows what they are doing, and I for one, trust them to do the right thing.

    Chamber Star, speaking of trust, trust me if you keep this up you could be writing for the Fullerton Observer in no time! They are always looking for writers with your spin 🙂

    here’s a link for you to get in touch with those folks:

    1. Mr. admin you are in the tiny minority and barking up the wrong tree. Most people in Fullerton have placed their trust and faith in our city’s leaders and the great staff. And they are right to do so. None off us are experts and none of us could do their jobs for even a day. So please lighten up!

  6. Mr Admin, you may have barking dogs, up the wrong tree, but we all know a barking dog is a warning of something that needs to be looked into….

  7. “Trust?” When did trust become a mechanism of democracy? Trust is for totalitarians. Democracy demands openness, scrutiny, and above all public participation.

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