Dick Jones; A Genius on Redevelopment Law?

Watch Dick bobble head his way through convincing himself and Redevelopment agency director Rob Zur Schmeide that he knows all about redevelopment law as it relates to financing, bank loans, collateral, debt, you name it and Dick’s an expert, enjoy!

3 Replies to “Dick Jones; A Genius on Redevelopment Law?”

  1. What a funny little drama. Dick has learned his lines so well that he actually cuts off zur Schmiede who is trying to deliver his own! Dick has to learn to share the stage or his fellow actors won’t work with him any more.

    But really, what a moron! He wants to take the tax increment and put it in the bank? The whole point of Redevelopment is to raise a lot of cash up front. For that you have to sell bonds that are leveraged off future increment – and if all else fails, city property.

    Watching this loud-mouth buffoon drill holes in the bottom of his own legal boat is just so damn entertaining.

  2. This man is so belligerant and rude. How could you people have re-elected this boor three times? Shame on you, Fullerton. You deserve him.

  3. The word I heard over at the bumber pool tourney is that Mayor Bankhead and Pam Keller are going to lobby the Board of Supervisors not to sue the city for breaking the law on the bogus blight report/redevelopment expansion. Why wouldn’t the Mayor take Dick Jones with him, after watching this video clip, he appears to be an expert on redevelopment law?

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