Barbara Giasone Puff Piece Ignores Historic Resource

We really like architecture like this...
We really like architecture like this...

We are finally getting around to writing about an item our dear, squishy-soft Barbara Giasone scribbled out last week about the Grace Ministries sanctuary – a god-awful looking, overbearing monstrosity click here to enjoy Barbara’s pabulum . In her journalistic valentine, Babs passed along the grandiosity of the church (larger than Crystal Cathedral, oh joy!) but omitted mention that the Administration Building and “the gardens” were designed by world-famous architect William Pereira and are part of a larger original complex that includes the Hunt Library and the hideous “bark park” (more on that in another post!).

It’s not that we expect Giasone to know or even care about such things, but we really want to heighten Fullertonians’ awareness of this amazing architectural resource in their midst. The City has done very little to protect this resource as they handed out entitlements to the massive church that, we assume, pays no property tax. The filled-in reflecting pond is pretty symbolic of the disregard to this complex; the City’s bark park adds insult to injury.

Everything must go!
Fullerton Fire Sale: Everything must go!

15 Replies to “Barbara Giasone Puff Piece Ignores Historic Resource”

  1. That building has to be one of the nicest looking buildings in the city. Why doesn’t the redevelopment agency build stuff like that?

  2. The gardens were not designed by William Periera, according to the Fullerton Library historic files. All of that was researched before the story was published.

  3. Ms. Giasone, thank you for visiting our humble blog.

    If the grounds were not designed by Pereira can you share the name of the designer with us and when the deign was done? It sure looks like an integrated design to me – right down to the cast concrete benches that mirror the architecture. And how come your story didn’t mention Pereira at all? Just wondering.


  4. Yes, let’s clarify this point. If the site was not part of Pereira’s design somebody did a hell of a good job finishing his work. It seems inconceivable that Pereira would leave this task to somebody else, or that Norton Simon would overlook this either. This is really interesting. As a landscape designer myself I am intrigued by Barbara’s research.

  5. Oh come on. The elevated reflecting pool, the axial perspectives, the floating steps all point to a coordinated design. Even those impossible to sit on concrete seats indicate a coordinated design.

  6. Why are you picking on Barbara Giasone? She is a wonderful asset to the city as Pam Keller has said. With all due respect who cares what the heritage group thinks(although they have done a great job puting plaques on our historic buildings)? And really who cares about this William Pereira person? Fullerton is a great town because its civic leaders look ahead – not backward. And Barbara is a great collaborator with what the City wants to do.

    Be positive! Look forward!

  7. Chamber Star :
    And really who cares about this William Pereira person?

    Chamber Star, what kind of major league idiot are you? William Pereira was a legendary architect who was highly influential in the shaping of Orange County, California. Perhaps best known for designing the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, his greatest achievement lies in what was his pet project for the latter half of his life – the master planning of the Irvine Ranch in central Orange County. Your comments are welcomed on our blog, but please stop your shilling for who ever you are shilling for.

  8. Nothing personal mr. admin, but I have never even heard of this guy and I went to CSUF. And I doubt if 10 other people in Fullerton have either. I respect your hobby but I want to be realistic here.

    Be positive and look forward!

    ps you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

    1. Pereira designed all of the original buildings at UC Irvine too. He was a major American late modernist architect. Not everyone agrees with his approach to master planning, but I do think the Hunt building is quite good, and I too am distressed that the new owners have impacted the site in a way that does not respect the original vision of the campus. At least the original building survives. Could have been worse I guess, but it sure would be nice if Fullerton residents would take a greater interest in their architectural heritage.

      Many precious things are lost through ignorance of their value. I don’t think it is wise to look forward without understanding the past.

  9. Reading this tripe by Giasone is painful. All of her writings read just like press releases. Isn’t there somebody out there who can replace her?

  10. matt, the advent of friends for fullerton future gave voice for fullertonites who have been wandering in the limited vision of fullerton city council and its pathetic choices for its redevelopment agency. as a fullerton lifer, I have seen this town’s politics ruled by cronyism and nepotism. currently, I have my eye on the members who serve as board members of fullerton’s library. heads up guy, we dont want your mentor’s
    son’s wife with her online degree running the show.

  11. Shadow, you needn’t have used the phrase “puff piece” in the same sentence as Barbara Giasone. That’s redundant. BTW, how come Babs has never come back to share her research with the Friends? And how come she never answered your questions? Hmm.

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