Anti-Norby TV Ad Hits New Low


Ed Roski is friends with many famous dead Americans

Although we haven’t seen it, Martin Wisckol at the Register has posted a youtube clip of a cable TV run ad that basically paints Norby as some sort of anti-feminist monster. The thing is so hyperventilated that it’s hard to believe anybody would take it seriously. It starts out with an image of Mike Duvall that morphs into Norby. Only problem is by now voters have a pretty good idea that it was Dick Ackerman who selected and groomed Duvall in the first place, and even that Norby supported his opponent.

Wisckol claims the ad has been paid for by an independent expenditure of as yet unknown origin.

A strong whiff of Ed Roski Jr. is emanating from this garbage. Since the Alliance for California’s Tumors has stopped its work, Roski has undoubtedly discovered a new conduit for his torrent of slime. But this crap is bound to backfire just like all the other Ackerman slime seems to have done.

Oh well. Only six days left.

5 Replies to “Anti-Norby TV Ad Hits New Low”

  1. Notice how Wisckol, the supposed reporter manages to give an anti-Norby ad free air time in cyberspace? What a tool. I really think that guy’s as bad as Jerbal Cunningham. At least The Jerb is just a blogger.

  2. He only posted because nobody else will. Don’t kill the messenger. Ackerman has lost the race so it is down and dirty dredging for the transient and democratic vote. It’s over. Her beer swilling husband is nothing but a semi-unemployed career RINO looking for his next mack&cheese slop truck. Whatever pays the bills. No matter. Principle is no object for those gold diggers. Go Chris!

  3. A slight quibble with your language.

    Being “anti-feminist” would be a VIRTUE in my book. The liars who have created all the attacks on Norby are themselves feminists (that is, anti-family, anti-man, pro-abortion, socialist-government-dependents) , rather than normal women. wives, mothers, grandmothers, Americans.

    This election, like every other one going forward, will be a rejection of the big government advocates (in all of their RINO and Leftist disguises) in order to recover the limited and controlled government of our nation’s founding and greatness.

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