Oops, They Did It Again

Looks likes Fullerton’s cops have dispatched another wacked out trouble-maker. A few months ago they performed the same duty at the McDonald’s over on Brookhurst St., although that fellow was only wielding a belt.

Here’s the FPD statement, another self-serving literary effort, short on details, but clearly suggesting that the police ‘feared for their safety.”

Fullerton Police Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call on June 15, 2024, at 5:04 am regarding a male armed with knives and threatening people in the 200 block of E. Imperial Hwy. The reporting party told the call taker he was a victim of weapon brandishing and to send multiple officers due to the male’s dangerous behavior.

Fullerton Police Officers arrived on the scene and contacted a male adult, matching the provided description, holding what appeared to be a knife in each hand. The male was directed multiple times to drop his weapons; however, he was uncooperative with the commands. The male suddenly began running towards officers with the knives in his hands and failed to comply with commands to stop. An officer-involved shooting then occurred.

Officers began life-saving measures while paramedics responded. The suspect was transported to a local trauma center, where he was later pronounced deceased. At this time, we have no information about any injuries to witnesses or potential victims of this incident. No officers were injured.

A knife and a boxcutter were located at the scene in close proximity to the suspect (pictured below).

Photos of the knives recovered at the scene of a Fullerton PD Officer Involved Shooting.

As standard protocol, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office responded to conduct an independent investigation into the actions of the officers during this officer-involved shooting. Fullerton Police Crimes Against Persons Detectives will investigate potential criminal acts committed by the suspect.

Per State Law, we will release all relevant videos, recordings, and images via a Critical Incident Community Briefing Video within 45 days.

The deceased suspect’s identity will be released by the Orange County Coroner.

This investigation is ongoing. Based on the initial 9-1-1 call, we believe there may be others who may have witnessed or been a victim to the suspect’s actions leading up to this incident. We encourage any additional witnesses or victims to contact Fullerton PD Detective L. Ramirez at (714) 738-5334. Those wishing to provide information anonymously can call the Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1(855) TIP-OCCS or can visit their website at http://www.p3tips.com/913.

Last time the police wasted the perp with the ironically named “less lethal” projectiles. Here, no mention is made of the weapon that killed the man.

Oh, well, with our dynamic DA Todd Spitzer, the cops’ best friend we may be sure a complete investigation will be performed with attaboys all around.

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  1. You guys sure are quick to call this a murder when very few facts have been released. Wait for the bodycam footage to come out before you form an opinion whether this was justified or unjustified. Transparency is much better these days, but it’s important not to release certain information about a shooting too soon as it can impact witness statements/recollections. 45 days is not a very long time for an investigation like this (the law does allow 45 days), but I think it’s an appropriate deadline.

    1. Right on cue. “You guys” was one anonymous commenter. The post says nothing about “murder.”

      However, the press release already exculpates the cops involved: the suspect “suddenly ran at officers…”

      How about the FPD press releases just omit that sort of thing until it is substantiated by body cam footage.

      If it’s not too much to ask.

      1. “was one anonymous commenter.”

        Like 3 posts in a row right before it. I guess you can read, but can you count?

  2. CCCB in an ideal world, I’d agree with you. The problem is we live in a world in which the speed by which contemporaneous video is released directly correlates to how exculpatory it is.

    The officer who shot that girl brandishing a pretty realistic looking fake gun? Released in a week. The video that made Ramos look even more guilty than he already did? Almost a year. The Joe Felz DUI video? 3 years and only because of an FOIA lawsuit. It definitely looks from our side of the fence that this is intentional – and increased suspicion of every shooting, whether ultimately justified or not, is the inevitable result.

    1. The police want us to always give them the benefit of the doubt. But they sure haven’t earned our trust. Those examples you cite are just the very tip of a big ice berg.

      1. We are hero. We never do wrong. Citizens bad. Cops good. Now pay us our extortion money or something bad will happen to you and your city!

    2. “The problem is we live in a world in which the speed by which contemporaneous video is released directly correlates to how exculpatory it is.”

      Source? Because that sounds like bullshit.

      1. Clear examples given in the post. As usual, JRH doesn’t bother reading and understanding before jumping to his preferred conclusion proving, once again, why he is an insufferable twat.

        1. ” the speed by which contemporaneous video is released directly correlates to how exculpatory it is”

          You made a general falsifiable claim and the onus is on you to back it up. Obviously anecdotes cannot prove it. Further even if you could, which I doubt, it’s not obvious how it applies in Fullerton. How often does Fullerton release bodycam video? What is the process for releasing it? Does it use the same process as other cities? Has Fullerton been showed to release video slower or faster for incidents involving a death depending on how it looks for the department? Who makes the decision? Who are you talking about? Are you reasoning from other PDs to Fullerton? Are you mixing up incident involving a death with unrelated kinds? Are the circumstances similar?

          What “conclusion” can you show I’m “jumping to” other than asking YOU to support what YOU claimed?

          1. Just look at how fast the FPD released embarrassing (and unsubstantiated) stuff about Chris Norby (including an embarrassing photo) – same day. Then compare that to the effort to protect the Felz video. Years.

            Booger strikers out again.

                1. Nope. He’s Dunning-Kruger personified. I never figured him for a defender of cover-up cops, but there you have it.

              1. The “anecdotes?” Idiot. Even know how to search for stuff? Use the little magnifying glass.

                1. Point is anecdotes don’t/can’t prove anything. They don’t show how the process of releasing body cam video works or how it is supposed to work in Fullerton which I think is necessary to making the claim that BECAUSE we haven’t seem body cam video THEREFORE video is being withheld that shows the police acted improperly.

                  I have no idea if they did or didn’t. All I have is the news accounts.

  3. A steak knife and box cutter? We’re they afraid the victim was going to hijack a plane? Maybe they we’re afraid he would injure himself? Maybe he was going to hold himself hostage?

  4. It has been confirmed that two cops shot rifles at the victim. We are not sure how many cops watched.

  5. Hogerhubris, you’re not a young man anymore. You’re gonna throw your back out if you keel trying to move those goalposts by yourself. Just take the L and move on with your life.

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