Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds

A Friend sent in a copy of a letter from Daniel S. Franco of the City of Fullerton, requesting/demanding weed abatement per the Municipal Code. Supposedly the letter was instigated by a complaint. That may be a true story; or not. Here’s the letter:

Now, this isn’t all that unusual except that the irony of the City making a private citizen do what it will not is pretty rich. What am I referring to? Why, the Trail to Nowhere, of course, the City-owned former UP right-of-way where lately a handful of people, offensively masquerading as “the community” demanded a recreation trial. A quick look at the current situation along the abandoned strip reveals the City in severe breach of the rules it feels compelled to apply to the populace.


Oops, again.

It’s pretty apparent that the City of Fullerton can’t take care of its own property. Or maybe by neglecting this property the City is offering up a big FU to the “community” it pretends to care so much about.

In any case the question of our town’s ability to maintain its property brings into focus the question of maintenance costs for new facilities – like the sad proposal of the Trail to Nowhere.

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  1. Phase 1 of the trail was so successful (LMAO) the City needs to see Phase 2 to fruition to show the Orange County how stupid Fullerton really is. Time to admit the entire trail to nowhere was one of the stupidest things (well next to the fake second floor at the S.E. corner of Harbor and Commonwealth) Fullerton’s wasted millions of dollars on in the past. Good thing we have a sensible council majority.

      1. Our guy is a leader. Jung’s not running again our guy will be mayor and these weeds will be beautiful trees and a trail. You guys are jerks.

  2. If only Measure S had passed, the added and disproportionate tax on my Latino homies would have paid to clear this mess. We could hire local boys so they wouldn’t have to pull weeds up at the mansion. They could do it for the City.

  3. It’s not a trail to anywhere or nowhere, it’s not a trail at all. It’s not a park. It’s a empty lot.

    It’s not by my house like the neighbors that let their yard go blocking up the sidewalk.

    Actually make it a trail then it’s a different story.

    1. I think the point that’s being made is that Fullerton can’t even fix its streets or anything else for that matter yet it wants to add another maintenance burden (that no one is asking for) to the inventory that will go neglected and unmaintained until more magical grant dollars are allocated a few years later to repair and “improve” the stupid fucking trail you couldn’t afford to build in the first place. Don’t think too hard, Hoogerbooger you’ll hurt yourself.

      You’re a dumbshit.

  4. I’m a complete loser. My family decided they don’t like being around a drunk like me.

    The only thing that makes me happy is filing code enforcement complaints.

    The last time I purchased a cell phone, I made sure the code enforcement number was added to speed dial no. 1.

    1. I can attest that this is not my former mistress. By 9:30 she’d sleeping it off, clutching that damn broomstick.

  5. These trail posts are redundant and just embolden Zahra. Stop feeding the beast and protect your council majority. They go. You go.

    1. ” protect your council majority”

      FFFF essayists (and I use that term as loosely as possible) would never admit to this being their majority. That would mean giving up their license to whine.

      1. I’m going to keep drinking wine despite Dr. Schwartzman saying it’s no good for us. And no, I don’t need a license.

  6. Rules for thee but not for me! Thou shalt not kill doesn’t apply to the City of Fullerton either. I know this from personal experience.

  7. The issue of governments demanding that the citizenry jump through hoops while it gives itself a pass is a serious topic. It happens all the time in land planning situations and in lots of other areas, too. Like the use of water. The City of Fullerton gets its free from the Water Utility – an enterprise fund. And because nobody is accountable you have fiascos like the massive Laguna Lake leakage that cost the water ratepayers untold amounts. That was a form of thievery that none of our electeds gave a damn about.

    1. Right. Xeroscape. Experimental garden. Better than the Trail to Nowhere and it don’t cost a dime!!

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