The Crazy Tale of JP23 Urban Kitchen

Why crazy? Well it’s not really crazy at all if you’re “Jacob” Poozhikala, the scofflaw proprietor of the notorious downtown gin joint at Harbor and Commonwealth.

JP23 is just the sort of place that the creators of DTF’s nightlife economy didn’t envision and yet have done nothing to stop.

Mr. JP (left) gets a good guy award from some Supervisor Shawn Nelson drone.

Mr. JP has been in violation of conditions placed on his permits seemingly forever, and the City government just can’t seem to screw up the courage to tell Mr. JP to go screw himself once and for all. The list of violations over the years reminds me of a lurid passage in a Dickens novel – occupancy violations crowding, cover charges, illegal occupation of substandard spaces, illegal site use (shipping containers!), etc. Even the minor requirements laid upon Mr. JP, such as exterior lighting have just been ignored.

Friends may also remember JP 23 from the incidents involving a woman who claimed she was drugged in JP23 and raped in the nearby City-owned parking structure. When protesters pestered JP23, Mr. JP’s immediate response was to sue the woman for slander and libel. He was even accused of assaulting protesters.

Without delving into the details of that awful story I will only say that the patrons of the place probably don’t exercise the greatest judgment in the first place.

Ima hit that…
Student nite at At JP23…

So what’s the latest?

Last week the City Council received an update on the status of this enterprise. Apparently, Mr. JP says he has been planning to sell his business to an eager young nephew, a gambit that has gained even more time for Poozhikala to evade making the remedial requirements demanded by the City. The alleged nephew-sale was supposed to happen last November, but still hasn’t been consummated. There are still the outstanding deficiencies to be rectified, and then there is the looming problem of the all-important new entertainment permit that has to be approved.

“You have remedies”

Our old pal, handjob lawyer Gregory Palmer stood up to bring the Council a status update on the whole affair. It was like watching an old jalopy lumber down the street. It was painful to watch this cut-rate pettifogger trying not to say things that were spelled out in the staff report, the funniest of which was:

It was very clear to all of us in the room with Mr. Pathiyil that he was nothing more than a “straw man” put up by Jacob Poozhikala to avoid his responsibility, and that Mr.Pathiyil was not a bona fide purchaser.”

In their communications, Mr. JP has declared to the City that apart from “training” his young protégé on the intricacies and mysteries of saloon owning, he will have no interest in the ongoing business. The City staff report laconically informs us that:

The purchase price for all of the business equipment, inventory and packaging; books, records and files, trademarks and trade names, as well as goodwill, was zero dollars ($0.00).

However, for some unstated reason, Mr. JP intends to remain the principle tenant of the building and supposedly collect rent from his nephew.

I’m not voting yes and you can’t make me…

Mayor Jung correctly observed the unlikelihood of Poozhikala letting go of the reins. It does seem pretty likely, as the staff report warned, that The Pooz is using his nephew to act as a decoy so a new business can be established with a new entertainment permit, unsullied by the business’s long history of bad behavior.

Finally, the report was received and filed, the issue of the permits still in the works.

And so the saga of JP23 sags along. And aren’t law-abiding citizens, taxpayers, and the owners of legitimate businesses indeed justified in calling this never-ending pas-de-deux with Mr. JP what it is? It’s crazy.

14 Replies to “The Crazy Tale of JP23 Urban Kitchen”

  1. The boobs who created this culture were (or pretended to be) outraged over what they let DTF become. But in the end they never did a thing. And all the boobs that followed have been too afraid or too bought off by people like Florentine and Jerm Popoff to do a damn thing. And on top of this steaming pile off shit that costs the rest of us 1.5 mil a year is Mr. JP – poster boy for greedy self-interest and damn everybody else.

  2. This is a comedy. Young Pooz can’t close the deal without an entertainment license because without it he just has a bar and a fake kitchen. And he can’t get an entertainment license until he gets an ABC license, a business license and a completed sale.

    This Catch 22 means that lawsuits are a-comin’ once again.

    1. That’s a good point. In the meeting Pooz’s laywer said something about the entertainment ball being in the City’s court, which even handjob attorney Rosy Palmer said wasn’t true.

      This isn’t going to end well for the Pooz Family, or, I should say it shouldn’t, except this is Fullerton – where no bad deed goes unrewarded and no fuckups ever end.

    1. Not yet, they didn’t. There’s still the matter of the entertainment permit. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

  3. There once was a barkeep named Pooz
    Whose patrons were addled with booze.
    They fought and they shot,
    The floozies weren’t hot
    And now Pooz is off on a cruise.

  4. Good grief, Ms. Pink Big Butt’s tights are so tight we can see her cellulite dimples. And if the skirt on Ms. Middle were any higher, we’d be seeing her lady parts.

  5. Whatever happened with the frivolous lawsuit JP filed against the poor guy protesting JP23 while standing on the public sidewalk?

  6. Handjob lawyer. Now that’s funny, Maybe he deamand a retraction and you can tell fuckface he has remedies.

  7. Fullerton’s City Council is filled with asses, Fullerton’s bars might as well be filled with (sexier versions) of them too!

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