Friends Around the Country: What Happens in Arkansas Stays in Arkansas. Or Does It?

Diamonds and chickens…

When people bother to think of Arkansas at all, an image of Ozarks hillbillies plucking Tyson chickens springs most readily to mind. Apparently folks there also seek opportunity by digging up diamonds out of the dirt; in fact the old state nickname was “The Land of Opportunity.”

There are all sorts of opportunities in Arkansas, I suppose, although not all may be of the sort one would want to share in their origin narrative with others. Of course the same thing could be said of California, too.

11 Replies to “Friends Around the Country: What Happens in Arkansas Stays in Arkansas. Or Does It?”

  1. Funny during the 1940’s Fullerton was known as little Arkansas due to the large amount of resident that were originally from Arkansas

        1. nobody wants to stop that guy from leaving. not around these parts. the day he went after jung over the power authority he was doneso. this site is wrapped around jung’s little finger. think about it why is he leaving? guy was one of the friends and is being priced out of town despite the friends being the toy of one of fullertons developers. they want him gone which is great because so do most of us.

          1. Not close at all. Jung is no fan of the man but Ahmad knows his landlord. You idiots are being outmaneuvered a year ahead of time and can’t even see it.

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