Chaffee Screws Pooch

There are two kinds of lame-duck, termed out politicians. There are those who no longer care to appease the rubes who elected them and let their real character come out. Then there are those who maintain the same fat-headed, dissimulating personas that they always carried about with them.

An especially small hat was located…

It is rare indeed to find the sort of swine we have in County Supervisor Doug Chaffee – an individual who has left a remarkable slime trail in his wake. Chaffee seems intent on combining the two elements described above, and that ain’t easy.

But no pot of gold…

A week or so ago Chaffee voted with his colleagues Don Wagner and Andrew Do to oppose hoisting the Rainbow Flag at the County, the flag a symbol for all non-hetero folks to feel some sort of pride in whatever sexual orientation they have discovered for themselves. This has been a sticking point for the new right for a long time as they fight a rear-guard action in the culture war they have already lost.

Apparently, Supervisor Wagner got his political start as a Bible-thumping school district member. And Supervisor Do is just another sleazy mid-County scumbag trying to hang on to what’s left of the Viet-Republican coalition. So why did Chaffee side with this pair of trogs against the two Democrats on the Board of Supervisors? Same old garbage peddled by his intellectual forbearers: if we let them do it we’ll have to let the Neo-Nazis raise the swastika over public buildings.

I’m sort of sick and tired of this sort of disingenuousness on the part of our “honorable” politicians. But I got sick of the Chaffee crime family a long time ago and like many other obnoxious problems, we’re just stuck with this on for another two and a half years.

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  1. Whether you agree or disagree with Chaffes vote, you know the Slimeserver won’t put this fact in print. They won’t allow facts to get in the way of the truth.

    Thanks 4F!

  2. Chaffee is now trying to give a county park away to a for profit travel baseball or travel soccer business. Guy is the worst stupid-visor we’ve ever had. Worst!

  3. I’m gay, and the whole flag thing has gotten completely out of hand. Government buildings should not fly any flags other than US, State, County and City flags. No more POW/MIA flags, either, not very relevant in these times. Competition for flag pole space becomes petty and political. Our elected officials have far more important things to focus on rather than which flag of the month to fly.

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