The Missing Monica F.

The smile was wearing thin…

Back on September 20, 2020 Fullerton 5th District Councilman Ahmad Zahra was arrested by his own cops. Subsequently, the DA, Todd Spitzer, charged Zahra with battery and vandalism.

This spring it seems that all traces of the case vanished into the ether. At a council meeting, Zahra said the charges were dropped by Spitzer and that he was exonerated, and that he and his mother were themselves somehow victimized. Then a story from a DA employee leaked; and the tale was not one of exoneration, but of a guilty plea, some community service and a petition by Zahra and accepted by the court, to expunge the record of his malfeasance completely.

Enter “Monica F.” Or to be precise, re-enter.

This woman was named in the original charges of both the battery and vandalism ascribed to Zahra. Zahra claimed at the council meeting he had never met this person who showed up at his mother’s abode scaring the poor woman. And that’s it, a half story that may contain some elements accuracy, but that may also be irrelevant to the charges, per se.

The other day FFFF noticed that somebody had anonymously requested records relating to Zahra and a specific address on Foxborough Place on 9/2/20. The City responded with the precise language they used to blow off a FFFF PRA request on the same case. So the City acknowledges that the address in question is related to the charges filed by the DA. Oops.

Sure enough, a quick internet search revealed the house on Foxborough Place as the home of the Farias family, one of whom is named Monica. A coincidence? Well, maybe, but that would be pretty hard to invest any credulity in at all.

What is Monica F’s relationship to Zahra and/or his former husband? Who knows? But when the cops on are called and somebody is charged with crimes by the District Attorney, everybody has embarked on a serious path. And the public has the right to know what the hell is going on, especially when that somebody charged with crimes is an elected representative of the people.

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  1. There is no effing way that a Republican gets absolutely no media coverage after charges are filed relating to HITTING A WOMAN.

    This whole thing stinks. Badly.

    Release the report and release the tape. If the City Council can do it to Berry Levinson, they can do it for Ahmad Zahra.

  2. Not only does Monica know what happened, I assure you she knows if the DA dropped the charges or if Zahra pled the thing away.

  3. The whole thing was probably just a nasty little catfight with shieking, a push and a snatched cell phone that was thrown against the wall. The participants would probably all like to make it go away – for one reason or another.

    Unfortunately, (for them) charges were pressed and the Fullerton cops actually did their jobs.

    I don’t think the truth of it is going to come out now that the City gets to hide it. But there;s an election in 2022 and Zahra gets to defend his title. The campaign consultants aren’t going to be forgiving.

  4. Congratulations on outing Monica. Did you ever think to try to contact her and ask if she minded being publicly identified? This blog’s desire to find out what happened does not trump Monica’s or any other victim’s or witness’ right to privacy.

    1. Her name appears on public records relating to the crimes attributed to a councilman.

      Zahra claims that he is exonerated meaning that somebody is a liar and that she, or somebody connected to her filed a false police report. As you may know, that is a felony.

      Just more sloppy work by the FPD? Maybe. But we deserve to know that, too.

    2. Well, we can be sure that, with Zahra as the perp, we are not talking about any white spots on her blue dress.

  5. I have NOT read the police report. Nor do I have any “inside information”. With that said, I am a lawyer, a blogger and a Democrat. Therefor Ahmed can NOT be guilty.

    Just like Josh Newman, My fellow blogger Vern and Julio Perez. Zahara CAN NOT BE GUILTY. Simply because he is liberal. Progressives don’t behave this way.

    Now if you want to talk about beating the shit out of poor immigrants woman, just ask Chris Norby. I heard from a friend of a friend that somebody who was told that.

    Put that in your pipe.

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