The Dead Budget Society

So I’m watching the Fullerton City Council meeting the other night and a funny thing happened. There was actually a real discussion and no Brown Act violation bullshit.

“What’s that, Joe?,” I can hear you asking.

Apparently the age of miracles is not over, for our council actually staked out their positions and made lots of motions, seconds and votes. At issue was how to make budget reconciliations and how to spend all the Biden Bucks coming our way. And no motion got three votes.

Naturally, the dumbasses Zahra and Quirk-Silva decided that no more staff cuts were in order; spouting public employee union talking points. Whitaker and Dunlap proposed various budget reduction amounts. Fred Jung held out for a lower percentage of reductions and wouldn’t budge.

I’m not voting yes and you can’t make me…

So the issue went ’round and ’round, until Whitaker gave up, and as Mayor, moved the meeting on, discussion to be continued.

It was actually enjoyable to watch this sausage in the making even though in the end there was no casing to cram it into. And it will be more interesting to see how an accommodation between Jung, Dunlap and Whitaker will be made. Maybe it will even be made in public.

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  1. Any discussion on low hanging fruit like contracting out EMS to the private sector for instant multi-million dollar annual savings? Restructure the Fire department if you want real cost savings.

  2. New park lighting, solar panels and EV charging planned in Fullerton to save energy and raise money

    Each year, the amount saved through reducing energy and maintenance costs is expected to exceed the debt payments for the work. And over the 25-year life of the upgrades, the savings are expected to total roughly $2 million, city officials said.

  3. What a breath of fresh air. Finally, a council majority that thinks for itself. No more City Manager and Department heads pulling their strings all to advantage their coworkers. The real benefit of District elections is this new independent power structure brings critical thinking to government, not the racist theory that we would be better represented by our own “ethnic” types.

    1. Wait, didn’t you hear?

      Ethnic groups only vote for people that look and sound like themselves. If they don’t, that’s irrefutable proof of racism.

      It’s only those silly supremacists who believe America is the only place on earth where you can vote for someone who doesn’t look or sound like yourself and still have representation and rights.

      Tribalism is clearly the only way to go.

  4. Is it possible for a disabled Asian man to be a bigot? Good public comments from the caller calling out Bernard. If that’s his actual name????????

  5. If, in fact Kitty Jaramillo was selected to be on Fullerton’s redistricting committee, she needs to resign.

    Influencing, bullying, promoting an opinion, peddling an issue, they all have the same result. An obvious conflict of interest, the appearance of one is clear as daylight.

    She’s currently circulating a petition, that would, if successful, allow a certain number of marijuana dispensaries in Fullerton, she’s also working for a well known marijuana lobbyist. Not a good start.

    Fact: Councilman Zahra’s a big marijuana advocate. If he appointed her to the Committee, he has a serious problem. The conflicts apparent. All it takes is for one to count to three.

    1. Kitty Jaramillo was appointed to the redistricting committee by Ahmad Zahra. Jesus Quirk Silva appointed Jody Vallejo.

    1. Pathetic to watch Whitaker participate in this bullshit. If there ever was anything there it’s long gone. Sad.

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