The Return of Dr. Ott

Friends, it’s been a very long time indeed since we called upon the kind offices of our in-house psychiatric consultant, Dr. Reinhold Ott, professor at the esteemed Intsitut für Psychologie Schwabische at the University of Tubingen.

The penetrating gaze of Dr. Reinhold Ott, M.D., Ph.D

We here at FFFF were wondering just what sort of personality is behind the arrogance of carpetbagging, and worse, the theft of property in the manic pursuit of elected office. Of course we are talking about the egregious Paulette Marshall Chaffee, the Fullerton City Council candidate who cooked up a phony residence in District 5, and who was very recently busted on video stealing an opponent’s campaign signs.

And so we reached out to Dr. Ott to get his professional take on Mrs. Chaffee. Here is what the good doctor had to say:

Thank you for providing what appears to be an interesting case. As always, I must preface my comments with the disclaimer that I have not interviewed this subject personally. Even so the evident behavior of this individual provides sufficient information to outline a fairly reasonable psychological profile.

There is a species of profound megalomania that is, unfortunately, not uncommon. This personality disorder renders its possessor unable to realistically place himself or herself in a world with other sentient beings. Others merely serve as tools or objects that exist for the glorification of the subject. While almost everyone suffers from a mild ego-driven solipsistic outlook, the severe narcissist (for so we must describe our subject) has become conditioned to project this outlook into a permanent and malignant personality.

Examining the behavior of our subject, one quickly recognizes ultra narcissism in the blind self-absorption that renders one incapable of realistic analysis of the world about oneself. The individual in question has determined that the best public good is perfectly congruent with her own interest of political aggrandizement. The fraudulent creation of a domicile in an area in which she does not live is consonant with the personality type we have observed above.

The idea of self-entitlement that accompanies the severe narcissist explains this individual’s theft of property that publicly challenges her behavior and that, therefore, must be removed from public perusal.  The problem of personality disorder is thus compounded by moral and civil dereliction that, ironically, accompanies the subject’s protestations of desiring the “public good.”

The resignation statement offered by our subject to her followers is not atypical of the megalomaniac. It drips with self-pity, righteousness, and of course paints the perpetrator of misdeeds herself as victim. The embarrassed withdrawal is described as a righteous sacrifice made for the public welfare of the community.

It is important to stress that the symptoms of narcissism may often be confused with mental debilitation caused by the onset of deleterious effects of various species of dementia. Often these effects are compounded by both physiological and psychological causes working in tandem.  

In closing, I feel compelled to reiterate that the personality revealed by our subject is not rare. The political sphere is viewed as a particularly suitable stage by this type, since it often offers effusive public praise and generally requires no particular ability. 

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  1. Dr. Ott, We also observe similar behavior in ersatz humans that have descended from ancient extraterrestrial astronaut beings that visited Earth in millennia past. Could it be possible that this Chaffee clan has interbred with actual humanoids?

  2. Speaking of long time, has The Fullerton Harpoon extricated himself from the bowels of the Leviathan? Are we to expect more bile gurgling up from the depths of Neptune’s lagoon? Does he have his acerbic sight set on another creature? Is it human? Is Dr. Tsoukalos correct that Doug actually has Martian blood? If so, will a wooden spear be the deadly projectile? Will he need a LAZER lance to slay the alien freek? Does he have his prong poised to penetrate Paulette while Doug watches in sadistic pleasure? I suggest we stay tuned…….Channel 11 Fox News tonight at 10:00.

    1. ktla was reprtingTony Bushala & Paullet tonight…
      Here is my analysis ~ Paulette ~

      You are positive, self-assertive, and independent.

      You can be creative, inventive, and ingenious in practical matters, such as handicrafts.

      When you have the opportunity to pursue your own goals and interests free from interference, you can feel very agreeable and express a buoyant optimism.

      On the other hand, you can be impulsive and forceful when opposed, and act without due forethought and discretion.

      Hence you have many bitter experiences and generally rather unsettled conditions in your life, with little progress and financial accumulation.

      You cannot tolerate any domination by others, or circumstances that restrict your freedom and independence.

      You are inclined to make changes abruptly in your life as an escape from such conditions.

      When annoyed or offended, you can be very candid and sarcastic in your speech.

      Many disruptions in friendship and association have thus resulted.

      Verbal expression is difficult for you, and you can be forthright in situations requiring delicacy, even though it is not your intention to be.
      Health Analysis

      The intensity of your nature would cause you to suffer in the senses of the head, as well as with digestive problems. You also would have a sensitivity in your solar plexus. In extreme cases, mental turmoil, major stomach operations, and accidents of a serious nature could occur.

    2. The Chaffees are not extra terrestrials, just screwed up humans. They do consume earthly nutrition and they probably excrete waste product.

    1. FFFF please try to locate former Troy exchange student Barney Wewak. His insights into Fullerton were always spot-on. And he was a terrific point guard despite only wearing a loin cloth.

  3. The psychological profile fits to a tee. And so it is very FOOLISH to believe Paulette has actually quit. Her signs are still up, she’s on slate mailers, and her name is on the ballot. She’s just gone to ground to avoid publicity and ride it out. She’s still hoping to get elected, pay some piddling fine for a misdemeanor and be D5’s council person.

    I guarantee it. 100%.

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