Happy Christmas – Complaint #48

Sometimes the best Christmas presents are the ones you give yourself. In this case that would be Complaint #PSB16-0048.

See, when you submit a complaint to the FPD about an incident that involves their personnel’s abandonment of policy, they do respond in writing. Here’s the response to the complaint filed by Travis Kiger about the behavior of the FPD cops who dealt with the Joe Felz incident in the early hours of November 9, 2016 in which Felz jumped a Glenwood Avenue Tree, ran over a tree, and attempted to leave the scene of the accident; all we know is that the doughty minions of the law confronted him in some as yet unknown manner, smelled alcohol on his person, declined to give him a Breathalyzer test and drove him home. We also know that the watch commander, the egregious Andrew Goodrich, and the former police chief Danno Hughes were in communication, a fact that most certainly never would have happened had you or I been the motorist. In fact, Goodrich would no doubt have our pictures in the next morning’s early editions.

Now, as to the content of the letter, notice how now the FPD has now decided to do nothing until the DA figures out what to do. It’s hard to see how this is anything other than temporizing, given the need to at least pretend to some proactivity on the matter to show the public – in a “timely manner.”

Of course we were also promised some sort of “independent person” report too, by our estimable City Attorney, Dick Jones, that seems to have vanished into the late December air. But a civilian investigation is important too, given what might be an overly charitable adios to Mr. Felz by sympathetic council members.


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  1. It appears that the Breathalyzer test is not applicable to club members….This must be the longest DUI investigation not involving fatalities in Fullerton’s history. A very difficult case!

  2. The question to be asked is who shall be the recipient of disciplinary action. Who???The officers not following the ordinary field procedure or the HIGHER UP POLICEMAN WHO GAVE THE ORDER to the officers to give Felz a pass???

  3. Prediction: Goodwench will take a timely retirement before the “Professional Standards Bureau” takes any action. Maybe the new acting/interim chief will hold the door open.

  4. “and if Fullerton PD said they were investigating in conjunction with the DA”

    They DID say that. Can’t you read? Don’t answer LOL!

  5. Agree with FFFF that an independent civilian investigation is needed. Otherwise the Felz episode will always be simmering below the surface. It becomes one more reason to not trust the city and its police. This may not be Chicago, but the reality is our city and polce are controlled and run by a machine.

  6. Yes, Travis has a wife. A very nice and attractive lady, too, I’ve heard. And smart kids.

    You, Patty O’Malley of the Pomona Police Department’ have a dog. And I feel sorry for that dog when he is alone with you on your previously owned (twice) boat. LOL!

    But hey, it’s all good if that’s what you’re into, right? LOL!

    Even your “friends” on the force – the ones that hate you for trying to be smarter than they are – feel sorry for you: alone on Christmas. Again.

      1. Doggie bugger. Sick LOL!

        Google hits follow. The guys at the station are gonna love that. Even they hate him.

        1. Grossly overpaid? Of course. They all are. This one thinks he’s being clever to rub our noses in his theft. But then he also wants to be taken seriously, like a real authority on something instead of semi-literate grifter with a high school diploma and a trail of abused detainees. LOL

          Not gonna happen.

      1. Woof woof. LOL

        Patrick Bernard O’Malley. The nuns whacked your pee pee so many times it just started to shrivel up, lol!

  7. There may be crooked cops on the street letting drunks drive away, but we can’t investigate until the DA changes our diaper!

  8. Make sure when they release the body cam video they include the audio. I “hear” there’s interesting commentary towards ones(Felz’) guilt.

    1. And here you are playing with “3 people” LOL!

      You need a girlfriend. And it can even be that doll you keep in mommy’s basement! LOL

    2. Typical. You hate us but you can’t resist. Like others, I suspect.

      While you were unwrapping your new truncheon we had 1000 visitors. Thanks for being on of them.

  9. Fullerton has a “Chiefs Commission”. It consist of Ed Dahms, Tony Package and Tom Knowl. I understand they are all decent and honest people. The Mayor should request these men convene with the officers who were present that fatal night for Mc Sappy and ask a simple question, “what really happened”? A simple solution to a simple problem.

    1. The chief’s stooges aren’t going to get to the bottom of anything, and nobody trusts them to blow the whistle.

    2. The Commission has 0 powers. I don’t see what makes you think the Chief’s account will match the true events. He has all control over what to show and hide. what to tell and omit.

  10. Santa Ana, Anaheim, Cypress, Buena Park, and the tiny beach town, Seal Beach, city managers have masters degrees in public administration, finance, or business to qualify for their position as city manager. In contrast is Fullerton’s city manager, Joe Felz, who holds a bachelors and masters degree in sociology. With a strong background only in Fullerton’s parks and recreation department, “rubber stamp” Joe Felz, since 2005, has financially finessed what for the good people of Fullerton? Outrageous salaries and pensions for Fullerton’s police and fire departments while the pipes for this city’s water system rotted away. Correct me if I am wrong on my assumptions of the responsibilities of a city manager because like Joe Felz, I don’t have a degree in public administration, business or finance. The complaint about FPD preferential treatment of Felz is not the big complaint, it is how he became city manager of Fullerton.

  11. What we know so far about the Joe dude:
    1. He is a disliked Pomona Police sergeant
    2. Thinks FFFF site is crap ,even though the posts here many times a day
    3. He likes picking on marriages/spouses
    4 His ideology conforms with neo-Nazi extreme views

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