The Fullerton Police Academy – Pervy Incubator

Lookin' out for the luvly ladies, oh yeah!

Uh, oh. More bad news for the Director of Admissions at the Fullerton Police Academy, that institute of higher education where Pat McKinley, who held the Albert Rincon Professorship in Women’s Studies, did some of his best work.

Well, those ladies weren’t like you…


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  1. Jebus Crisco, how low are their standards? That guy could have been a Fullerton cop. How many Rincons are they spitting out?

    1. The Police Academy is run by the Community College District, and has no association with the Fullerton PD. Harpoon should have stayed in the Sea of Japan,

  2. I’m not the least bit surprised. And I’ll bet that creep got over the wall on the obstacle course – which is more than I can say for Goodrich or Coffman.

    1. Why, cause they’re so petite?

      Chrimeny-what the hell do they learn at that SS camp? Tasering and molesting “those” types of women on the sly 1A and next semester False Arrests-2A

  3. A little follow-up from the last blog.
    Just same thoughts as to how culpable McKinley may be held accountable for some of the items of failed leadership that will be addressed in forthcoming report.
    How big of role/influence did he impart in selecting Sellers as his replacement ?
    McKinley is destined for a very, very hotseat in the the future, a sudden serious condition of dementia and alzheimers disease would be most convenient.

    1. and don’t forget McKinley’s sidekick, the CEO of the Orange County Human Relations Commission and long-time Fullerton civil rights activist, Rusty Kennedy.
      Then Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley was the law enforcement member on Kennedy’s Orange County Human Relations Commission, a government funded commission committed to protecting the OC’s civil rights against police abuse of their civil rights.
      Obviously, these two, Kennedy and McKinley, did a great job protecting the good people of fullerton from civil rights abuses from their hometown’s police force

  4. Homebaseump, you hit one out of the park!!! (pun intended).

    That would seem to be the only convenient ‘out’ for McKinley once the fire gets too hot to handle.

  5. Wow, you guys are really reaching on this one. How long before you blame McKinley for the Kennedy assassination?

    1. Since you brought it up, McKinley is a traitor to his country like Lee Harvey Oswald was.

      We’re used to hearing about rapist corrupt cops in 3rd world nations like mexico not here in america but thanks to good old McKinley he’s imported that corruption and sadism here.

      You see, men like Oswald and McKinley kill the spirit america one life at a time.

      1. Of course, Oswald claimed to be only a patsy. Thank God the Dallas cops surrounding Oswald did not prevent Ruby from killing Oswald. We would not have wanted to hear all of his lies spouted in a court of law.

    2. Nah, JFK’s murder was too long ago. I’d say that McKinley’s MO is more like Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick, you know…going after attractive women and getting away with it.

    3. Why what do you know? If you follow this guys career its like the handbook of what not to do..we dont blame the guy for killing baby jesus…but I do hold him accountable for; his work in LA, rodney king- maybe you remember him? Or the fact that the same player from the rodney king beating are showing up and defending the PD..cmon the third time I bit by the neighbors dog- either Im gonna keep away from the fence or thro over hamburger with anti freeze…I figure the vocal avoidance of this man..rather than the other..frankly Im better than they restraint.

  6. WOW! KTLA says serial rapist in Orange County attended the Fullerton Police Academy under former Chief Pat McKinley! Fullerton needs to clean house and that includes city hall as well as the FPD. No wonder Rincon thought he could get away with anything in the back seat of that Fullerton Police Vehicle!

  7. I betting the homeless serial killer Itzcoatl Ocampo is somehow tied to Fullerton Police. I wonder if he applied for any law enforcement agencies once his military obligation came to an end.

    I didnt post anything but at first I thought the serial killer was a Fullerton officer trying to send a message to the homeless population in Orange County.

    1. Ocampo operated in a very tight area that did not include Fullerton. Although the area spanned three city borders, all known activity was included in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District. All known locations were likely hangouts from elementary school to present day.

      The key to understanding Ocampo is to interview his old teachers and friends in the neighborhood.

      1. Of course he wouldnt operate directly in fullerton. There are cameras everywhere especially in the downtown area and the police is on “high alert”, it would be too risky for him to go on a murder spree there but I do find it weird that he suddenly started killing homeless people exclusively months after the Kelly Thomas murder.

        My gut tells me he is somehow connected in some way to Fullerton or what happened may have influenced his actions.

        1. His father was a homeless man who lived in fullerton and got a place to sleep in a truck sleeper cab here. Also helped to fix the truck(s).

  8. Boys will be boys!

    I’ll bet that’s how the recruits are treated by McKinley. You know, put his arm around them and give them a noogie.

  9. if not for the charitable efforts of FFFF, i would have been shocked by the fact that this serial rapist is a graduate of Fullerton Police Academy.

    Criteria for admission to the Fullerton Police Academy; if a potential candidate believes in upholding and enforcing the law, in protecting and serving the public, telling the truth and exercises morality and ethics, then you will not be one of the few chosen to enter our academy.

  10. This time you have gone too far. The Fullerton Academy attracts the cream of our youth – it is the Harvard of police academies. You should be ashamed to disparage the future cops who will put their lives on the line, outgunned and overmanned. battling the evil-doers for your property and even, maybe your life!

    1. At this point, yes, I’d say it was a toss up whether the evil-doers or the cops took my property or life first.

    2. Really “the cream of our youth” I’m sorry really. Why do you make it so easy?

      This must be why there are some many problems in FPD.

    3. BTB- It is not I who needs to be ashamed- its those good police officers that havent stood up- against bad officers..they should be ashamed- I do my job- I get paid for one has to lick my ass to say OOOOO good job..I have cops in my family–even they say the worst BRO cop station..NO one with any worth wouldnt come over here..HArvard..that is funny..

  11. I think Harvard would quite resent the comparison to an institution that attracts psychopaths, rapists and murderers to their institution that attracts great thinkers and scholars. Harvard of police academies…so how are those Slidebar thug cops compared to a Harvard Masters graduate? Enlighten me, BTB….

  12. Back The Badge :
    This time you have gone too far. The Fullerton Academy attracts the cream of our youth – it is the Harvard of police academies. You should be ashamed to disparage the future cops who will put their lives on the line, outgunned and overmanned. battling the evil-doers for your property and even, maybe your life!

    My first question to BTB might be, is your IP address the same as Reality Is’s IP address?

    My next question would be please give us some names of those fine cops who have made the grade after graduating from this fine academy?

    Sorry I had to ask another germain commentary like all the others who attempt to defend something or someone.

  13. My analysis on BackTheBadge is that he won’t be responding to any of our ‘what the hell are you talking about you ‘jackass’ questions’.
    He enjoys making derogatory remarks against anything FFFF posts that exposes the dirty laundry of Fullerton’s dirty pigsty.
    Very much like a regular commentor, RI, who throws in his sly and smirky comments with his creepy smiley face.
    At least RI responds.

          1. He loves it when we talk about him; it feeds his already gigantic ego. He gets bored when he runs out of the donuts with the sprinkles on them and then he gets really grumpy when he’s not the center of attention. If he can’t post on here very much, then, at least, he hopes we won’t forget about him. lol

  14. The Fullerton College Police Academy has nothing to do with Fullerton PD. Any student can enrole in the program even people like Ron Thomas and Greg Seaborn. Because you enrole in the program doesn’t make you a cop. In fact most Fullerton cops graduated from the Orange County Sheriff’s academy.

    1. Thanks Jeff for completely missing the point.

      The point is Sellers and McKinley are professors emeritii of this proud institution. And Jose Capacete is an alum.

  15. In fact most Fullerton cops graduated from the Orange County Sheriff’s academy.

    THIS would then explain why FPD is and has been completely out of control.
    Some officers were trained by McKinley and his fellow thugs of the day and the rest were trained by the OC Sheriff’s department.
    The Corrupt leading the blind.
    And out of all this, we are supposed to get LEOs that will protect and serve us?
    Come on Maaan!!!

  16. A young boy says to his father, “Dad, I want to be a Fullerton Police Officer when I grow up.”
    Father replies, “I’m sorry son, but you can’t do both.”
    “…..then I want to be a Fullerton cop,” responds the little fu#*!

  17. I read and heard on news programs that in a lot of small towns in America, the Police are the troublemakers.

    An important criteria in Security, Policing, and in life, is your attitude, are they out there to pick a fight, help, just slack off, or etc.

    A lot of the problems I see are caused by people who want you to be stupid. And this is the City leaderships M.O. ( “mode of operation”.[1] The term is used to describe someone’s habits or manner of working, their method of operating or functioning.)

  18. By Desiree Eaglin@DesireeEaglin

    Founded in 1887 and named for George H. Fullerton, the city of Fullerton is a mixture of deep-rooted Orange County history, modern urbanization and a rich night life culture. Set amongst gorgeous blooming jacaranda trees and surrounded by the decadent smell of the jasmine flower, the city of Fullerton is a mecca for residents, industry, education and pop culture alike.

    Downtown Fullerton

    Harbor Boulevard

    During the daylight hours, downtown Fullerton is picturesque to shop and leisurely stroll. However, downtown Fullerton comes alive at night time. Set amongst 1900’s historical architecture is unique mixture of hip modern urbanization and historical landmarks. Upscale condos, boutiques and hip eateries like Hero’s Bar & Grille make downtown Fullerton modern. While historical landmarks like the Fox Theater Complex establish downtown Fullerton in history …(Continued)

    1. Hmmm, no mention about the aroma of gutter vomit and urine on the DT’s business doorways and back alleys. Id imagine that was an important feature to mention.
      What about the drunk-girl-high-heel-shuffle commonly seen about 2:15 am on weekends? Photo worthy sight, that. Best yet is the belligerently loud slurring arguments over which “dude” is least drunkest and ok to drive the crew home.
      The lovely perma-etched window graffiti? (AKA “street art” if you spin it right…) No mention? Interesting.

    2. Hmm! Mrs. Eaglin is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton. I can’t help but wonder if someone on city council slipped her a buck to write that article.

      “the city of Fullerton is a mecca for residents, industry, education and pop culture alike.”

      Wow! I smell major bull… errr… ummm conflict of interest here but maybe she’s talking about Fullerton Nebraska.

  19. Anaheim PD’s prime suspects? FPD
    While chief welter was looking in fullerton a homeless man on the streets of Anaheim was being stalked.John Berry , the last slain homeless man even filed a police report regarding being followed. Is it possible to get access to that police report about being stalked? Did he give a discription of the person who was stalking him? Several people also saw a man that was stalking him. The Anaheim Police admits they didn’t even see that lead which was pretty serious as this particular homeless man was only a couple miles up river from another recent victim.

  20. Well I always liked Fullerton except for the smell of vomit, etc. near certain bars. Other than that, the nightlife is cool. However, the fact that there are 135 poorly trained, poorly supervised, lying, theivin, perverted boys and girls in blue at the good ol police station, it pays to steer clear of Fullerton nightlife!

    How much business has been lost to Fullerton in the past 2 years due to the actions of Fullerton PD? Its unfortunate that public servants have reduced sales tax revenue to the city while they demand a year off at full pay for mental disability. How long will the citizens of Fullerton be the patsies here paying out Fullerton city dollars to “those kind of girls” $350,000 because our new chief of police (acting) allowed officer Rincon to stay on the force under his command as a Captain even though he had a dozen sexual perversion complaints. I can go on and on but the fact is Fullerton citizens are being played as a bunch of dummies.

  21. Oh by the way, Fullerton still does not allow AAA to fix or tow your car when you call them for Harbor Blvd in Fullerton. They are not the official towing agency who provides political contributions to the 3 dead dodos on city council who I guess need the extra money. Pensions up to $245,000/year are not enough.

    1. Fullerton still does not allow AAA to fix or tow your car when you call them for Harbor Blvd in Fullerton.

      I wonder why the AAA rolls over and just takes this crap from Fullerton.

  22. Id like to see a follow up post by Joe Sipowitz (sp) in the search for more information on the identities of Brady Cops here in orange County.

    1. out of all the cops that responded at least one was honest…. it seems the rest were ready to let him go. He was shooting at the cops but they held fire….. Kelly had no weapon at all and he was beaten to death.

  23. Thank god I post anonymously, I caught myself about to post something on here that had the potential to blow up in my face.

  24. I have connections in Sacramento and I can tell you the eyes and ears are paying close attention on the corruption. It is notice that LEO’s have gone overboard. Stay tuned..

  25. To have had life long association with SUPERB individuals and organizations in military and law enforcement and “public service” (broadly, that is to say, I consider private industry employment, wherein one strives and provides excellent products and services, to be in fact “public service”), I find this utter low life corruption, this THUGGISH – UNION THUG garbage coming out of and/or associated with our very small and BLESSED city’s police department to be so utterly criminal and depraved that I hope every single individual who is connected with and responsible for this catastrophe (that certainly includes former Chief Pat McKinley) gets sent to jail for a century.

  26. He is so creepy.

    He is SO CREEPY.

    That icky photo says everything.

    I would never allow my mom, my daughter or my girlfriend anywhere near that creepy freaky monster police wierdo. Never.

    That nasty photo is so telling.

    “Central casting; send us a creepy freak.”

  27. 20 bux says…if you roll up the sleeve ( good luck with that one) on Goodpig’s chubby little baby huey arm…he already has a tattoo of his hero..he-bear-mc-fuck-nut.

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