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Believe it or not, the other day the Liberal OC blog actually provided useful information that you won’t find anywhere else. Why? Most likely because the Democratic Party of OC is so lame it can’t maintain a decent website.

According to the Liberal OC the OC Democrats have come out in favor of the Fullerton Recall. Good call, Dems. Although they probably think getting rid of three Republicans is some sort of political accomplishment, the Republicans in question are so addicted to wasting money, giving the public employee unions everything they want, and generally demonstrating the drunken sailor behavior we normally associate with the Dems themselves, it wouldn’t seem like much of an accomplishment.

Still, it could be that the County-level Dems actually want to get rid of the creeps who cultivated a Climate of Corruption in the FPD that has seen a conga line of felonious behavior on the part of the cops, culminating in the beating death of a helpless homeless man last July. And that’s a good thing, especially since the Old Guard Democrats in Fullerton have been tomb-like in their silence in the wake of the Kelly Thomas murder and the series of civil rights abuses perpetrated by the cops that have come to light.

The Dems did endorse replacement candidates, too: somebody called Glenn Georgieff, a Paula Williams (neither of whom I have ever heard of before) and of course Doug Chaffee – the man who has been somewhat humorously referred to as the Fence Sitting, Cardboard Candidate.



  1. Dems support the recall but the unions are against it? The bilateral disdain for the three bald tires has created an interesting political dynamic.

    1. The Democrats are not, as Will Rogers famously said, a…

      No, I should start over. I don’t belong to an organized party, I’m a Democrat.

      Think I’m-a write a response piece to this, over on the OJ. “Peabody Marvels Needlessly at Democratic Support for Fullerton Recall.” All of y’all commenters will be included.

  2. A lot of Republicans have been wrongfully informed that the Recall was pushed by the Democrats when it was really a Libertarian-leaning Republican. Glad to see the Dems actual do something useful.

    By the way, on the topic of dems doing something useful… Why is it I see a LOT of Chaffee signs next to the Recall No signs? Is Chaffee really campaigning with the message “Vote No on the Recall and Yes for Chaffee”? That sounds like what the RINO in the Jones race was saying yesterday.

  3. They obviously cant stop the recall so the very least they can do is dish up some lackey teat suckers that they hope they can slip in. Good luck with that one. No trojan horse can fit through the gate now.

  4. Typical. A day late and several dollars short. Now that Chaffee has been given his opinion by his party maybe he can answer Ryan Cantor’s questions now? Probably not. He will fein it off as “not mudslinging” to avoid answering an honest question. Sort of like saying “I can’t answer because of legal considerations and my lawyer told me not to.”
    Kind of lets you know what kind of councilman he would make. Doesn’t it? The kind that is being recalled.

  5. I have to think there is a political motive for waiting 8 months to support the recall.

    I fully expect them to use the recall as justification to vote for SHARON in November. They will say she stood up against evil Republicans who destroyed Fullerton. They’ll probably point to the fact she wasn’t recalled as evidence she is a good politician.

  6. The democratic party has rented the store front that use to be the print shop right next to FPD. If anybody has questions about the party they should hit them up.

    1. My question would be: “Where were you guys after that mentally ill homeless dude got killed by government employees?”

      1. Oh yes, Lovey. Where were we again? Damned inconvenient, all of this outrage we are supposed to express.

  7. With the Democratic party being a wholly owned subsidiary of America’s public employee unions, and with the generosity granted to Fullerton’s unions by the current council majority, one would think that they would actually be sending checks to the No Recall campaign. However, these guys probably believe that this is their best chance to replace reeps with dems. They might get one, but what they are mostly going to get is a council majority with the backbone to put taxpayers first.

    1. Chris,
      There are a great many people like myself in Fullerton who clearly don’t identify with any one particular political party, have never attended a party meeting, and have instead chose to vote our conscience with whatever the issue is being decided.

      The truth of the matter is that the powers that be in the Republican Party are the ones that chose to endorse these three candidates who were also wholly supported by every public employee union in Fullerton.

      We are referred to as No Party Preference or simply N.P.P. in the most recent Voter Information Guide just in case you’d like to join our ranks in the next election.

      1. Party affiliation is worse than useless. it’s actually dangerous. Dems can be counted on to be Dems; most Republicans can be counted on to be Dems.

        Consider Blankhead, Jones and McPension. Their backing by the union was much more telling than their party registration.

  8. Anyone got recommendations for a good, CHEAP fleabag hotel or slum apartment within the Fullerton city limits? Things are getting a little hot for me over here in Anaheim, so I’m looking for another city where I can ‘live’ and run for City Council …

    1. Yes amazing isn’t it. Tony is just taking out the trash. The rest is up to the democratic process.

  9. Anonymous :
    There are a great many people like myself in Fullerton who clearly don’t identify with any one particular political party, have never attended a party meeting, and have instead chose to vote our conscience with whatever the issue is being decided.

    For those of you who are not aware (and care), the DPOC by-laws prohibit endorsement of any candidate not registered as a Democrat. It’s not at all shocking that their endorsements fell on the only 3 candidates with a (D) next to their name and not next to the best individuals for the job. Not that Matt’s campaign sought or will seek an endorsement from any political party, it’s significant to note that no one from the DPOC submitted a question, picked up the phone, or showed any interest at all.

    This is in very stark contrast to an article published on MSNBC today: http://nbcpolitics.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/04/27/11430105-democrats-republicans-put-stock-in-new-generation-of-combat-vets-seeking-public-office?lite

    As always, we at Rowe4Fullerton encourage every voter to vote their conscience. It’s what candidates DO that matters, not what club memberships they have. No candidate deserves a free ticket to your vote. Make ’em earn it.

      1. Janes good but her green party platform and Go Green at All Costs just aint cuttin it. But good luck.

  10. Who gives a rats ass what party they belong too. If they don’t give us the right answers, their out. As far as I can see right now there is not a single party working for the people or addressing problems, that need to be addressed. Just people spewing crap out of there mouths.

  11. Voting one’s conscience/opinion is the backbone of the open primary concept – personal opinion! I registered republican some years back to support someone I knew and whose views I supported; I have also registered democrat also.

    Open primary allows me to support candidates who have the same views/beliefs as I do.

    I just wish the alternative parties (Libertarian, Green, whatever) were more viable 🙁

    Ed Rooster got his signs up first in my neighborhood – did he hire someone to post them 20 feet up on street signs? Have now seen Jay Chen and Todd Spitzer signs at a lower level (physically)

  12. Hey there, I live in Fullerton and have supported a recall of the council members! Us liberals tend to be drowned out in the Conservative OC. That’s okay though because we will keep fighting for the little people. PS – I read this blog before I ever started reading theirs.

    1. Hey Vern I really enjoyed your post / article! I especially liked the term “the Ackerman acolytes”.

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