Not For Sale? Yeah, Right!

The abode of F. Paul Dudley, possibly designed by Mike Brady

The anti-recall forces keep chanting the mantra that Fullerton is not for sale, despite all the obvious evidence to the contrary, and that under the Jones, Bankhead and McKinley regime, Fullerton has been very much for sale.

Here’s a picture of an anti-recall sign in the front yard of former Development Services Director, F. Paul Dudley, the man who, for over twenty years, participated in a series of calamitous boondoggles, oversaw the over-development of downtown Fullerton, the cookie-cutter development of Coyote Hills East, and the fake New Urbanism of Amerige Heights. F. Paul Dudley is the man who gave the Florentine family a permanent building on a public sidewalk. Apart from being a dyed-in-the-wool arrogant bureaucrat, Dudley is also a happy member of Fullerton’s $100,000 Pension Club, pulling down a whopping $139,420 for doing nothing.

The original, and the best.

But get this: Dudley now peddles his relationship with the Three Hollow Logs acting as a lobbyist for developers! So you see, for Dudley Fullerton is very much for sale. He and a small handful of people like him need a compliant majority on the council so that they can get massive entitlements and stick the rest of us with the impacts.


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  1. I wish local races had some of the same rules as Federal Races. The anti-recall campaign would go bye bye.

    I wonder how much Bankhead and Jones will spend to save their reputations?

  2. With a $139,000 annual pension weez, this guy should be donating more dough to the anti-cause.

    Why so cheapskate?

  3. Actually we should be glad this master of disaster is only costing us $139K a year. If he were still there he’d be costing us a lot more.

    Count yer blessings!

    1. Careful. $139,000 sounds like his base pension pay and not the gross compensation which would include lifetime medical.

  4. Most of it has already been sold out from under us by the old tools and their ilk. I’m curious about the style of Dudley’s house. Fake brick for everyone else, but not for him?

  5. On closer inspection, that might be some fake brick on the left. I guess they’re still working on it.

  6. Fullerton is not for sale? really? What does that mean? It seems to me it was sold a long time ago to one or all of the 3 clogged sinks, their Guvernment buddies and whatever business man gives them/family/friends. freebies.

    I guess thats the point- they want this orgy to continue and a recall would ruin it for them.

    Thus the overkill signage

  7. We need a list of all sign bearers and those who finance the anti recall who benefit (past, present and future) from these three staying in office.

    1. Vernon, I am aware that he is calling himself a “consultant.” But in reality he is pitching his access to the three dead stumps, which is why I referred to him as a lobbyist.

      1. Consultant/lobbyist: wasn’t that the distinction claimed by Dick Ackerman for his work for the corrupt OC Faor board?

      2. Oh, I know. I was mocking his report as useless consulting work that a city staffer could have accomplished just as easily without Dudley’s involvement.

        Look at the pile of trash he submitted. He wrote a few letters and summarized the research handed to him by the CSUF Anthropology Dept and Fullerton Public Library. I guess it’s too much to ask for City Hall employees to walk a couple hundred feet to the library or contact CSUF on their own.

        So, yeah, Dudley’s nose is awfully brown trying to remain accessible to his pals at City Hall.

  8. The 3 retirees have been selling out Fullerton for decades in one way or another. I have to laugh everytime I see one of those Recall No signs. The people that have them are clueless as to how badly our town has been sold out.

  9. Some good ol conservative ideals at work here. You take the money and you allow development for just those who you know and contribute to your campaigns. Start on a city council, get on a community college district or water district board, and move on up! All the while, the money flows into your campaign coffers and you “modernize” the city, or county or whatever.
    In Robert Caro’s first book on Lyndon Johnson it showed how he got in good with George Brown of Brown & Root and steered state then federal construction contracts for buildings, roads, infrastructure until Brown & Root became the largest of the many Federal contractors. All this started during the Great Depression. Now we have the Great Recession and the three Jurassic Dinos who date from the Great Depression are using the old LBJ system to stay in office and pad those pensions.
    Isn’t politics great?!!

  10. Go back to basic political science. In the free enterprise system, individuals and corporations provide goods and services. Government has a legitimate roll in regulating the system; to reward those who do good and punish those who do evil.

    When government steps into the role of providing goods and services, it invites favoratism and corruption to gain a foothold in the decission making process over market forces. It also inhibits the legitimate regulative roll of government, in that one can not discipline nor prosecute those one has chosen to favor.

  11. You know, is it just me? Does $139,000 A YEAR pension not just sound criminal? Really? You have 15 or 20 guys under you for 30 years and you get a six figure pension for the rest of your life? No risk. No investment. Just show up to work a fraction as often as private sector employees do for a few decades and you’re fat city for the rest of your life? You know, Paul is a nice enough guy, but how could he not be? At least have the dignity to not rub legalized theft in our noses with a sign supporting your accomplices.

    1. Pensions are criminal.To take money you did not earn. At the worst, the system should pay back only what one was forced to put into it . There is no personal responceability any more or incentive for it when the govornment decides to assume the liability of its citizens. What this system is really doing is redistributing the money to help a select few more than the rest in an unequal way. ” The curse of mankind – those who would make their own life easier at the expence of others.”Abraham Lincoln~This is Obamas philosophy— “Take from the rich , give to the poor.”Take from the hard worker give to the lazy man. Make everybody equal. Isn’t that the idea behind communism?

      1. Obama’s philosophy may be what is preached and practiced by our own county and city government liberals; its not chairty , its parity. what is odd it the people who espouse theft from those who earned their money, is parity equates to putting tax dollars from the poor and working class into public servants pockets who already earn a comfy middle to upper middle class income.

        1. Their thought process is that they are only being treated fairly and everyone should be treated as they are. Then they look to the wealthy, ignore the work and qualities that produces wealth, and blame the wealthy for not giving the private sector workers what the public servants have.

          So they find ways to tax wealth creation and at the same time take more and more into the “fair” public sector.

          In the end, they cause economic stagnation and inflation, while never blaming themselves. This is Greece. This is California.

    2. the sickest part of it was that Dudley and his fellow department heads beneficiaries and that supreme M F’er Armstrong ( not to mention Mc Pension) were all there telling the Councilmembers how desperately they needed those pension spikes in order to attract and retain all that quality.

  12. And the pensions will be taken away by the criminal finance oligarchs who have traded away their dignity for a seat in the bunker. Sorry Charlie.

  13. “While the form of treachery varies slightly from case to case, liberals always manage to take the position that most undermines American security.”

    “Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America’s self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant.”

  14. Dudley became upper middle class not due to his hard work or his education. He is not a self-made man but a snivel servant who abused the power of big government to bully the private sector masses into paying more taxes to support development schemes that personally profited the few in Fullerton’s government more than it benefited the good people of Fullerton. Dudley’s closwe to a million dollar home in the upscale neighborhood in Fullerton was paid for by persons who would never be invited to Dudley’s house or welcomed to drive through his neighborhood. Like all levels of government today, Fullerton’s municipal government is too powerful and it is controlled by a group of men and women who lack sufficient intelligence and morals to be entrusted with the responsibility of fair governance. Recall’s definition is to summon back to awareness an event that stirs persons desire to restore the event. Fullerton’s recall is not a political power play. It is the good people of Fullerton’s desire to restore its municipal government to a representative entity that seeks to always first protect the individual rights of its people not protect a police force that abuses individual rights, not illegally tax persons to fund silly development schemes and pay off victims of the fullerton PD, not to spike fullerton’s public servants salaries and pensions.

  15. So if I want to know where the whores are that stole my money, I just look for the houses that have Anti Recall signs?

  16. “Government of People, by the People, for the People” -Gettysburg Address

    Democrats are the party of Slavery in Americas past, they are also a major reason why America needed the Civil Rights movement against their policies.

    Its Ironic how they are the supposedly the Champions for the masses, and oppressed. Limo Liberals and RINOs are corrupt or fools.

  17. At least when Dudley was on the inside of the counter everyone knew that he was f-ing with you personally. Now that he’s on the outside, he is f-ing with the entire city. If Zalinka had any balls he would ban his staff from working with that bastard.

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