More Bad News For Fullerton Taxpayers; Another Lawsuit Against FPD and Manny Ramos

The bloated Ramos. Hard to tell where the cop ends and the night begins.


UPDATE. From KNBC: “Sgt. Jeff Stuart, a Fullerton Police Department spokesman, did not return a call seeking comment.”

Now that’s not  very good way to improve communication with the community, now is it?

– Mr. Peabody

Over at the OC Weekly, ace reporter R. Scott Moxley has written a post detailing an incident between Fullerton cop Manny Ramos and a 58 year old disabled guy named Mark Edwin Walker. It appears the gist of the thing is that last June 21, two weeks before he instigated the Kelly Thomas murder, Ramos, without provocation or cause, confronted Walker outside an Albertson’s in Fullerton, threw the man to the ground, stomped on him  and tossed him in jail, charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, or some other such nonsense.

Subsequently a judge threw the case out and Walker lawyered up. Of course this is all Walker’s story and it may be self-serving; but it also sounds a heckuva lot like the Veth Mam case. Who’s a jury going to believe now?

Ca-ching. The Culture of Corruption marches on.

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  1. Nothing like a fat pig armed, fed, paid and pensioned to the hilt brutalizing the weak, handicapped and defenseless. Oh yes yes yes “to protect and serve” in his black uniform-to protect and serve lucifer is what this creature did and probably still does. Your austere master awaits Mr Ramos and oh so patiently does he.

  2. I’m glad these things are coming to light, but I don’t gloat or rejoice in the fact that tax payer’s money goes to settle these suits. There does appear to be a very evident pattern of police misconduct and brutality.

    1. I’m pissed off. McDickhead hired and “trained” these goons. Hughes was their boss.

      We pick up the check.

  3. You guys just don’t know the kind of disabled ANIMALS these poor officers have to deal with. It took all his strength to subdue the raging quadripalegic who was obviously high on bath salts! It was a close one but luckily Manny pulled through OK, though he did suffer a severely contused toe from kicking the crip, uh I mean suspect’s teeth out.

  4. One more low life wanting to capitalize on this. One year ago and he is now suing. Like I said, an ambulance chasing attorney that thinks this is not best thing for him since sliced bread. What a pity. Walter go back to your whiskey bottle and SSI checks. We will wake you when this is over.

    1. “One more lowlife who wants to capitalize on (the Kelly Thomas murder). This happened a year ago and now he is suing? Like I said, an ambulance chasing attorney thinks this the best thing since sliced bread, what a pity. Walter, go back to your whiskey bottle and SSI checks, we’l wake you when this is over”

      Mr. Doe, when you’re speaking about a specific incident, it’s best to refer to said incident in the first sentence, lest you confuse those reading your comments.

      Also, please remember basic sentence structure rules. You seem to be afraid of using commas. They can be your friends! You should also be mindful that when asking a question, always follow it with a question mark (?).

      One final note, lowlife is one word. If you insist on making it two words you can always hyphenate it as so low-life.

    2. I second that. People are always trying to come up, and OBVIOUSLY this man os dpoimg EXACT;Y that. Let’s check his backgroung????

  5. GP..If you are following the blog, smart people would figure out what I am talking about. (the topic here)obviously you don’t .You appear to be a little colorful,(comma) you know swishy? Get with the program and stop being such a sissy.

    1. I’m sorry – I didn’t understand a thing you said.

      GP – please intepret.

    2. “GP, if you are following the blog you should be able to figure out what I’m talking about, but obviously you don’t. You appear to be a little colorful, even swishy, you know what I mean? Get with the program and stop being such a sissy.”

      Mr. Doe, in regards to our organization being ‘sissy’, I can assure you we are no such thing. We work in a dangerous world of spelling, grammar, and syntax mistakes and I can guarantee you our jobs are thankless ones at best.

      You need to learn to communicate effectively if you want people to listen to you. It seems that the majority of FFFF’s readers don’t acknowledge your comments based on a lack of the aforementioned grammatical errors. We are here to help you. We are here to protect and serve. We have a tough job and would appreciate some respect from you and other serial offenders.

      Thank you for your time Mr. Doe, we hope we don’t have to continue to cite you for much longer…

        1. We are an organization Mr. Doe, not a romantically involved couple. We are growing tired of receiving complaints about you Mr. Doe, and warn you, again, to please watch your grammar.

        2. We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files.
          We’d like to help you learn to help yourself.
          Look around you, all you see are sympathetic eyes.
          We wish you weren’t so damned stupid is what it is JD.

        1. Thank you for your support Mr. Sipowicz. Please tell your friends that we are the real ones out here “protecting and serving”

          1. Out there on the front lines, battling crimes against the language, you are our true unsung heroes.

            You toil day in and day out for purity of the King’s English, the language of Milton and Shakespeare!

            You are sacrificing all that we may live better lives. It’s a thankless job, a job no one else will do; but, it’s a necessary job.

            God bless you, one and all.

    1. “Well that’s your problem! It’s not my fault THAT you are stupid.”

      Mr. Doe, there is no need to apologize after a statement like this. You aren’t sorry, because it is in fact not your fault. Don’t worry about it.

      Please take note that you need a determiner in between ‘fault’ and ‘you are’. In this case ‘that’ would suffice. Please utilize this tool in the future.

        1. Mr. Doe,

          Only the first ‘blah’ needs to be capitalized.

          Also, our previous advice on the use of elipsis seems to have slipped your mind. Please remember to use three periods, not two.

          1. Dear Grammar Police,

            I feel safer knowing you are here to protect and serve the bloggers of FFFF. I admire your commitment to upholding all that is grammatically correct and consistently, yet gently, confronting the grammatically incorrect in our midst. You are my heroes!


        2. JD,

          Come on son, The Grammer Police has kindly corrected all your blundering comments on this blog and you still screw up your words.

          This is why no one responds to your comments. We are all caring folks here and understand your condition.

          Just trying to help. Now get the fu*# out of here.

  6. John Doe is disabled. He suffered traumatic brain injuries while struggling to subdue a suspect, 2 year old Laney (last name witheld by request), who jabbed him in the eye with her baby thumb when he was searching her stroller. Laney was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest. John later received a “metal” for bravery in his apprehension of this dangerous felon.

    John later reinjured his brain when struggling with a vicious though unarmed quadruple amputee parole violator. For his valor in the fearless pursuit of this legless but lethal predator he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

  7. My mommy always said I was never like the rest of the boys but at least I am concistent in my grammaring errors, so ha ha.

  8. “Sgt. Jeff Stuart, a Fullerton Police Department spokesman, did not return a call seeking comment.”

    Okay, not good, but Goodrich would have made up a story about how the handicapped dude broke two of Ramos’ bones.

  9. I admit I am loud and obnoxious!! I can’t help myself!!!! I thought being in my 40s would get me a job at the City of Fullerton. I suppose Joe Felz laugh himself out of his seat when he read my resume, or else why wouldn’t he hire me??? After all my one and only real job I had was working in Irvine for a company that rented office space to companies! I had to answer phones, show potential clients the rooms, fill up water bottles and the most degeneration request of them all was, wait for it, wait for it, wash my bosses dishes!!!!!!!!!!!! All for $10.00 an hour!!!! I deserve more money!!! Think about it, I have an eight grade education. What more do you want?

    1. I’m sure you meant to post as Flunky not Spunky…and we all know whose flunky you are.

      Yes on the Recall.

  10. OC Weekly story has been updated. Mox now says he’s skeptical this happened. The plaintiff’s lawyer isn’t returning phone calls.

    It sounds plausible, but I wouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    1. Well, something happened on 6/21/11. No incident no lawsuit.

      Of course we could soon see a rash of phony lawsuits banking on the unbelievability of the FPD. More fallout from a Culture of Corruption, as Mr. Peabody notes in his post.

      1. Dismissed charges against the person filing the lawsuit. In other words yet another false arrest.

        One of FPD’s specialties. Along with assault and battery.

      1. “JHJ, it figures The OC Weekly would spew shit out of their mouth before confirming it”.

        Mr. Doe, please remember to use proper identifiers when making statements.


  11. FWIW, besides his prior DUI conviction he was also cited for driving with an open container in 2010 and he paid the fine without fighting it.

    There seems to be a theme here and the charges all pertain to alcohol.


  13. A pattern of abuse emerging by this ramos character? Contemplating his booking photo and cauliflower left ear, perhaps a kid who was yanked around a lot by a drunken dad or stepdad or many “uncles” and developed an FTW outlook. Someone who was at his pre-trial posted that they were “…Suprised by the comparitively small size of his feet, when compared to his girth” He can’t grow taller, lacks the dicipline to get big through weight training, lacking self esteem, became a wide body to fill out his costume, and fit in with his cronies.

    1. Nomad..It is really funny how you bad mouth Ramos so much. Talk about being jealous of the guy. Sorry that you couldn’t be a cop, which was your life’s dream. Some have it some don’t. And you.. don’t. To bad.

      1. Jesus, how does anyone not become a cop if they wanted to? You don’t exactly have to be a pole vaulter to get over that bar.

  14. I’ve heard that Manny’s time spent in Pop Warner football league also has something to do with it.

    1. LOL. I was actually referring to the bullying that reportedly took place back in the days when Manny played Pop Warner here in Fullerton, however you may be on to something.

    2. Yeah, he played football. I know you couldn’t your mommy didn’t want you to get hurt. Poor little baby.You little sissy. So you had to play your violin and look at the kids outside playing sports. So now all you can do is have hate for people that had a life growing up and now all you do is hang around this blog and sound important..Sad life.

      1. Yeah, fat, high school dropout facing second degree murder charges.. Man I wish I could have been that guy.

        1. If he was a high school drop out he couldn’t be a cop. Common sense. Don’t hate him cause he is chubby. He is a jolly guy.

          1. What the heck are you talking about?

            Former acting OCSD Sheriff Joanne Galinsky was a HS dropout who only had a GED. And she rose to the top of the turd pile. The entry educational requirement at most local PD’s is a stupid GED! You could have the brains of a doorknob and be a cop today! The most important qualification is to have a tight insider connection on the force. That’s a sure bet.

              1. Where is The Grammar Police?

                JD, you need help. Were you part of the No Child Left Behind?

        1. I think we make a mistake in psychoanalyzing these guys or attributing their homicidal behavior to physiological factors such as concussions from playing football, obesity, or steroid use.

          These is something terribly wrong with police culture in this day and age. Fullerton just happens to be a particularly bad example. And I’m getting the feeling Southern California in its entirety is a bad example. Maybe our blog readers from Texas and elsewhere in the US can chime in, but I suspect there is a history of abusive policing in SoCal which is so deeply ingrained that the LEOs and their families and supporters just think of it as normal behavior. Which is what is truly pathological about this situation.

          1. All those little kids that play football are psychopaths? Takes one to know one. You are laughable..poor lost soul. I think You are the one that was dropped on your head as a kid.

            1. John, we realize that reading comprehension is not your forte. I was actually saying that we couldn’t blame your psychopathology on head injuries. Its your culture that makes you abusive and homicidal maniacs. And our tolerance of it.

            2. PHYSICIANS ALERT! All children who are playing youth football and are taking violent hits to the head risk ending up sounding like John Doe.

              Is that what you want for your children?

              1. John Doe’s condition is complicated by the fact his mother dropped him on his head frequently too

  15. Oh, oh! lead in story on KLSX news radio “More bad news for Fullerton cop accused in the Murder of Kelly Thomas” manny you got some splaining to do…..

  16. Well, I have been outed by a resident yip yap, so I will come forward and admit that I am musically inclined and cultured, my beloved Mother did indeed love me and never wanted to see me hurt. I do have disdain in my heart for those that would hurt and or Murder those that are weak or ill, and the fact that you refer to me as “baby” and that you think I “sound important” tells me a little bit more about your sexuality, than I, and dare I say, anyone else, wants to know………Not that there’s anything wrong with it!

  17. Walker’s got a couple of booze related citations.

    I also noted that the presecuting DA was one Rebbecca Reed, who prosecuted the ridiculous Veth Mam case.

    So that’s a wash. Pile on the pile Ramos and who ya gonna believe?

  18. It’s becoming pretty clear to me that Ramos was a bad-ass loose cannon on the streets. He was allowed to push his weight around and nobody in the department put the reins on him. Consequently, the taxpayers are going to get screwed bigtime on multiple cases. The money doesn’t come out of FPD’s budget of out of the paychecks going to Ramos, his supervisors or the chief. It comes directly out of the taxpayer’s wallet. If I lived in Fullerton I would be livid.

  19. JustUs :It’s becoming pretty clear to me that Ramos was a bad-ass loose cannon on the streets. He was allowed to push his weight around and nobody in the department put the reins on him. Consequently, the taxpayers are going to get screwed bigtime on multiple cases. The money doesn’t come out of FPD’s budget of out of the paychecks going to Ramos, his supervisors or the chief. It comes directly out of the taxpayer’s wallet. If I lived in Fullerton I would be livid.


    1. If you don’t live in Fullerton you must not have a life if you are getting in business that isn’t yours. What don’t you go screw around with people of your own town and leave us alone.

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