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  1. wholesome, family fun and how much did this flotilla cost the coffers of city of Fullerton? Probably nothing.
    The good people of fullerton don’t need government sponsored “bread and circuses” all at cost to the tax payer to have holiday fun.

    1. “how much did this flotilla cost the coffers of city of Fullerton? Probably nothing.”

      Yes, and it was worth every penny of that price.

      Five or six dimly lit participants going around in circles with great bravado. Kind of like the FFFF blog, don’t you think.

      1. …or I guess you could look at this flotilla and say that it’s kind of like the FFFF blog…

        “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine”

        1. “So join us here each week my friends,
          You’re sure to get a smile,
          From seven stranded castaways,
          Here on ‘Gilligan’s Isle.'”

    1. But he may be back. A man of integrity and principle: and that scares the hell out of you sad gang of FPOA thieves and goons.

      Go steal a computer. Or drug money. Or foolish sobriety checkpoint OT.

      Hahahaha! I’ve got you pegged!

    1. Amen. I’m thankful we finally know the low, low, low calibre of our GED police department led by a GED chief of police.

      We will never stop watching you, now.

  2. I’ve been off-line for the past week and just learned Dam Hughes IS the official COP of FPD. If that’s the case, we could only hope that Benjamin Lira would produce some hard evidence of corruption or even incompetence commited by Danny or other cops on Danny’s watch.

  3. I love the fact that my earlier post was deleted!! It goes to show what poor sports and the double standard u fffers have!! U got kicked square in the balls and now you can’t handle it! That is why this blog, bitchala, c Thompson, Kiger and Whitaker are a f’ng joke! That is why you all were just a fad and no one gives a F what u think or say!!!! Merry Christmas! The best gift is knowing u all are miserable in life and will never be happy!!!

    1. The aforementioned didn’t get kicked in the balls, the taxpayers were kicked in the balls and castrated. They will grow back however and like a grove of ficus trees, cuttiing them back just makes ithem root deeper and all the more vigorous. The best gift we have all been given is the birth of Jesus Christ. The second best gift having been bestowed on us is knowing that the truth will set you free. The lies have it right now but not for long. Good ALWAYS wins in the end, even in the movies.

  4. ts, Please explain to me why it is ok for this blog to sensor the posts? U ffffers weren’t sensors when u were acting like complete morons protesting! So how is sensorship good??

    1. FFFF is a privately owned internet blog. I believe that censorship is employed far more often and on a much larger scale by the Register and the Fullerton Observer than by FFFF. May I suggest you contact the editorial board of both of these so called journalistic endeavors and ask why the fluff, and smoke and mirrors all the while Rome continues to burn. If it was your son or daughter that was publicly executed in the streets by agents of the state, you would feel compelled to ask the ed boards of these yellowing rags why they referred to what happened on July 5th 2011 as an “incident”, “altercation”, “scuffle”, a “violent encounter” or a “confrontation” instead of calling it what it was-a murder. The people of Fullerton have a body, audio, video, eye witness accounts and charges. I feel as if the censorship so carefully employed and the propagandizing by those rags have become so morally bankrupting that it virtually goes unchallenged by so many who claim not to be morally bankrupt themselves and that is appalling.

      1. “FFFF is a privately owned internet blog”………. Hmmmmm

        Are you sure about that?

        In any event, privately or publicly owned should be no issue as to upholding the 1st.

        Both entities, private and public are the congress represented in assembly via the elected proxy aka assemblyman.

        Since the people are largely moron mongoloids they think that only assemblymen form the congress, therefore, they falsely believe that 1st applies only to assemblymen as stated “Congress shall make no law (…)”

        This false believe is the key element as to why we are in a deep shit today.

        Somehow we must realize that we all are Congress (we the people) and act accordingly.

      1. Stanley, stop posting on Pedroza’s blog as “White Power.” Not much may be beneath you, but I’d like to think that that is.

        1. If you wouldn’t be Jew and Tatar you would know that that was response to Pedroza’s posting under “Chicano Power”.

          But Fiala all Jews, Latinos, Chicano, Blacks can use word POWER, however, [not] you white nor gentile can.

          Here you are ripping WHITE MAN you Jewish hater!


          You have titled it “Are White People Going Crazy”?
          How about “Are Jewish People Going Crazy”?

          No Fiala that is anti-Semitic.

  5. No one is censored here. You may want people to believe that, but it’s not true. The only exception is someone who uses racial slurs, etc. I prefer that person be banned instead of censored.

  6. Haha I love how you morons get so angry over spelling! You focus on that and not the content! Just goes to show how idiotic you poeple are! I spelled that incorrect for you ffffers so you will have something to talk about!! Haha talk about GED!! Did I spell that correct??

    1. Love how the headline bears no relation to the text. Typical.

      Chieff Danny has a plan that permits him and Joe Felz to select the members of a toothless paper tiger committee that won’t “oversee” anything. Who will be dumb enough to go for that for appearances sake: Flory, FitzFlory, and Chafee.

      Poor Jane R is still in there pitching. Too bad the game’s already over and the bleachers are empty.

        1. It’s not gutted yet. It’s actually smart for them to have a strong (but not stacked-to-be-antagonistic, which is probably their concern) commission.

    1. Local Policemen are one rung up the ladder over those rent a cops or security guards, they get incredible pay and benefits because of the Public Union infrastructure, monies, and Political Cronyism and Corruption. Actually the “Local Policemen” are, and can be The’ problems in many many cities. Also probably because they are far more likely to commit suicide then being killed by the enemy, their cars are the most dangerous to them, to me also a form of suicide or self destruction. Damn I wouldnt feel safe driving a Ford let alone a 15 year old beat up Crown Victoria at normal speeds. (I know a lot about cars)

      The Feds are very few in numbers and can only do so much. A city needs to know how to deal with its own problems, just like how I learned that the Feds State or Locals would not help me when I was in early grade school.

      Did you know the Boy Scouts of America are also a paramilitarly group. 🙂

      There are many judges looking at Fullerton right now. Some of them can be your best friends.

      Im very concerned that even with the Ex OC Sheriff Mike Carona in prison and The City of Bells fiasco, local attitudes have not changed. Below is a recent link highlighting Fullertons sucsess’. 🙂

      #237 by Office of Sadistic Review on December 26, 2012
      Recall-mania: Why American voters are increasingly eager to oust lawmakers 12-26-2012


      “…Outside of Wisconsin, the most prominent set of recalls in the country were of three councilmen in Fullerton, Calif. They were removed from office after a homeless man was allegedly beaten to death by police. Fullerton offers a stark illustration of one of the major reasons why the recall has grown so popular. If it wasn’t for technology to help spread the message and the outrage, the Fullerton councilmen could probably have weathered the storm. Instead, their opponents organized online, where they could easily share video of the alleged incident of police brutality. Politically, this was incredibly effective…”

  7. 12/19 Transient Problem – A man is sleeping in front of the building on 105 W. Bastanchury Road at 9:59 a.m.

    12/20 Transient Problem – A woman says she is afraid to walk to her car because of transients sleeping in the stairwells on 122 E. Wilshire Avenue at 10:30 p.m.

    12/20 Transient Problem – A caller says a white man is sleeping in the elevator at the Sunny Hills Insurance Agency on 111 W. Bastanchury Road at 7:37a.m. Police arrived and talked to the man.

    12/20 Transient Problem – A caller wants police to move along two men who are sleeping in the parking lot on 1203 E. Chapman Avenue at 3:01 p.m.

    12/20 Transient Problem – A caller wants an officer to move a man who is asleep in front of Dr. Aston and Dr. Baugh’s office on the 300 block of W. Bastanchury Road at 6:54 a.m.

    12/20 Transient Problem – A caller wants police to do something about a man who keeps returning to the restroom on 130 E. Chapman Avenue. Security keeps asking him to leave.

    12/21 Transient Problem – A man and his son got into a fight over a tent at the Hunt Branch Library near the dog park. The son was evicted from one tent and sent to another shortly after 1 p.m.

    12/23 Transient Problem – A caller asked police to remove a man who was sleeping in front of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church on 1231 E. Chapman Avenue at 9:43 a.m.


      1. One of my biggest concerns is the history of Fullertons redevelopment, and that it may have strong connections to organized crime. The Feds take a very very long time to investigate and take action.

        “You need a liscense to paint stucco on outdoor foam and get away with it” 🙁

    1. I love Fullerton PD!

      Whether its bones found or a rape, they always wait a week or 2 before going public with the information.

      God bless them!

  8. I really enjoyed this movie, McKinley called some of the FPD, aliens on TV News.

    Vince Vaughn
    Ben Stiller
    Jonah Hill, 21 Jump street, Superbad, Get him to the greek,

    The Watch, 2012

    “Four men who form a neighborhood watch group as a way to get out of their day-to-day family routines find themselves defending the Earth from an alien invasion.”

    Click on play trailer, Amazon Instant

  9. The worst part about this string (and others) of comments is that 90 percent of them are not even about the topic. The people at the Muckenthaler had a fun idea, to put on a landlocked boat parade. After the first 11 comments it all goes negative and off topic. Blame yourselves commenters, you can go on many other posts on FFFF and talk about Travis or the FPD but no, you have to show your bent toward negativity and ruin the fun. If this were my blog I would delete you all. Stay on topic or your comments are gone.

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