Did the FPD Hand Out a Phony “Life Saving” Medal?

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FFFF just received a comment from a Friend unhappy at the notion that the FPD falsely awarded  the heroism of one of its own, when the true heroes were a couple of civilians.

Here’s the comment:

#4 by Anonymous on July 27, 2012

Who gave the (2) policemen Medals of Honor ????

Read the following from a Fullerton resident.

“As a lifelong resident of Fullerton, I continue to be astounded at the Fullerton Police Department’s utter lack of ability to tell the truth about anything.

Recently, Corporal Mike Bova received the department’s Lifesaving Medal for supposedly rescuing a woman passenger from a burning car (see Fullerton Observer story below). That would be great if he had actually saved anyone from a burning car. The fact is, (2) citizens Dominic and Ruben Carnesi saved that woman from the burning car. Officer Bova did not show up to the scene until well after both the elderly driver and passenger of the car had been rescued.

The mother of the (2) heroes was outraged and contacted the Fullerton Observer to let them know the actual story. The Observer subsequently printed the actual version of the story (also attached below). While the Fullerton Police Department will now be honoring the (2) heroes, I notice in the updated Fullerton Observer story that there is no mention of taking back the medal that Officer Bova disingenuously accepted. I am left to shake my head and wonder how in the world a man with any honor stands and accepts a medal that he knows he did not earn. Does Officer Bova have no integrity? Is there anyone in the Fullerton Police Department worthy of the trust and respect traditionally bestowed upon police officers? Sadly, it appears that the answer is no.”

Fullerton resident

From the Mid-June 2012 Fullerton Observer – Page 8 (http://www.fullertonobserver.com/artman/uploads/fomidjune.pdf)
Four Exceptional Police Officers Honored
On the evening of February 5, 2012,
Corporal Mike Bova was dispatched to a
call of a traffic collision in the area of State
College and Bastanchury Road. While
enroute to the call, he was advised that a
passenger in one of the involved vehicles
was possibly trapped in the windshield of
the car. Upon his arrival, he discovered
that due to her extensive injuries which
included a broken hip, leg and arm a
female passenger was still trapped inside
one of the cars and the engine compartment
was engulfed in flames. Without
regard to his own safety, Mike, along with
his brother Patrick, who was on a ridealong,
and two other unknown civilians,
managed to remove the victim from the
wreckage of the vehicle and move her to a
safe location. According to Fire personnel
on scene that night, Corporal Bova’s quick
actions resulted in the passenger’s life
being saved. For his actions, Corporal
Mike Bova is being awarded the
Department’s Lifesaving Medal.

From the Mid-June 2012 Fullerton Observer – Page 3 (http://www.fullertonobserver.com/artman/uploads/fojuly_001.pdf)
HEROES: Carnesi Brothers
Save Couple from Burning Car
The Mid-June Observer (page 8) carried
a story about Officer Mike Bova
and his brother Patrick who were honored
for saving the life of a woman
caught in the wreckage of a vehicle
involved in an accident. Two
“unknown civilians” were also credited
for helping to remove the woman from
the vehicle, which was engulfed in
flames, and moving her to a safe
place. The proud mother of those two
individuals contacted the paper and
offered the photos above of her sons,
the other set of brothers who were the
unidentified heroes in the story.
“It was Super Bowl Night and my
husband and two sons, Ruben and
Dominic, witnessed an accident at St.
College Blvd. and Bastanchury. They
were the first ones at the scene. They
got the woman, who was trapped in
the car, free and safe of the burning car.
When they got home they had red eyes
and soot all over them.”
Dominic described the scene. “The
accident happened right in front of us.
The engine compartment of the car
was on fire and smoke was filling the
car. My brother and I could see immediate
action was necessary. We first
helped the elderly man driving the car
to a safe place. He was in shock but he
could walk.
The woman, however, was trapped
by the dashboard and the passenger
side door would not open. My brother
Ruben tore out the dashboard freeing
the woman, who was already disabled
with a broken leg, so that we could pull
her out of the driver’s side of the vehicle.
My brother told her, “this is going to
hurt.” She said, “I don’t care please get
me out.” The car was filling with
smoke. We got her out and were
helped by other bystanders to carry her
to a safe location away from the burning
vehicle. Meanwhile, other
bystanders were trying to put the
engine fire out. It was a group effort,”
said Dominic.
Then the police arrived with fire
dept. paramedics following. The officers
asked us what happened. We told
them and pointed out that the driver
and two passengers of the vehicle that
had hit the couple’s car had taken off
running. Police later caught two men
and a woman at the Summit and
arrested them after we identified them.”

Okay. It sure looks like somebody is not telling the truth. The FPD storys claims that Corporal Mike Bova pulled the woman out. The brothers’ tales makes no mention of cops showing up until after the rescue was effected by them. 

The council should demand an inquiry into this, pronto, so as to clear the good name of Mike Bova and the FPD!

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  1. Hi Hughes. WTF is going on? Did Bova pull a person out of a burning car or not? Which is it?

  2. The one thing no one can disagree with is that the City of Fullerton is a source of one hell of a lot of drama!

    1. The article said 4 people helped get the victim out of her car. Two were unidentified. Ruben and Dominic Carnesi are now identified. Ruben a parolee with 20 plus felony convictions might not have wanted to stick around for more cops to show up because he had an active warrant for his arrest.
      It’s nice to see that Ruben did something positive for his community.
      So spin Tony spin.

      1. Tony didn’t write this post, I did.

        And I want your department to have the opportunity to clear its good name from the impugnment leveled by our commenter.

      2. So is Truth trying to say that Ruben was not worthy of being praised for his heroism because of his warrant?

        Just like a “one of them” cops.

        1. Well if you leave before the cops get your name it’s difficult to give you praise. Only mentioned as two unidentified citizens

          1. Sure, which makes it easy for the cop to take credit where he didn’t deserve it, if that’s what happened.

          2. According to his statement he ID’d the other driver, later. So FPD very obviously knew who they were.

          3. and the truth is the cop took credit cause he thought he could and the truth is he didn’t “rescue” anyone and the truth is FPD is scrambling for respect. got it

      3. “Hughes will honor the two brothers with an award for heroism.”

        Hmmm… Why is Hughes giving an award to the two brothers if the cop was really the hero?

      4. What does any of that have to do with the corporal accepting a medal he didn’t earn having arrived after it was all over? There were other bystanders, it’s not just the word of one against the other.

      5. Wow, a multiple felon was more heroic than FPD? Is that what you’re saying?

        And no giant pension, either!

  3. July 27, 2012


    PRIME DIRECTIVE: repatriation and acculturation to tolerance of ritual human sacrifice and predatory preoccupation with BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment via SSO indoctrination, the debauchery pledge, legislative sedition and treason what impact on the public is subordination of liberty and freedom to occult government.


    1) Formation of legislation which circumvents indigenous government and sets an international legal precedence for resourcing kidnapping for torture with products acquired in the US. This is why they are circumventing the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Virtually ALL neopoliticians are a party to repatriation.

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    America is on it’s knees holding prayer vigils looking for salvation, which is absurd. The bible is their game. Their organization wrote it (Council of Nicaea/325AD; Bilderberg/1954). You were programmed to believe it so they could perp on your children via mystification. They no longer need the Bible, so they are fading Christianity from the mainstream. In this process you will learn how the Catholic church, Mormons, Baptist and Nazarenes have been participating in these macabre circumstances. Legislation FEMA, the PATRIOT Act/DHS and S.1867.1021 having set a legal precedence for occult rendition, they no longer need the Bible. America is Simple Jack. This ma ma makes everyone haaa-ppy, except the victims of ritual human sacrifice.

    Our only hope of surviving this is a unified 2nd Amendment. Pass this entire blog along to everyone you know.

    1. Knights of Malta? I haven’t heard that, but do know about the Freemasons and their occult/deviant practices…. every us president is one, hmmm…. and many many other world leaders are as well…. it’s a big plan, and they’re working on it, but we must stand our ground. Pedophilia is very common among the leaders of this planet, sad but true…

    2. Have you been to a mall lately,it’s STEPPFORD WIVES. all over the place. Shopping will make it all go away. Let me buy that $500.00 coach purse,while half the world makes less than $5.00 a day to live on. I totally support a strong 2nd Amendment. However I think the Holy Bible especially the New Testament is the greatest book ever written,and they “The Bilderbergers might be trying to interpret the Bible for us, but they did not write it. Jesus Christ loves us, and is my salvation. Your post is provocative, compelling, and thought provoking. It is deep and Secret Societies are rampant in this country and Internationally and they do unspeakable harm and are treacherous and criminal. The NDAA,section 1021 and everything you are saying about it is true.Thank-you for your post.

  4. The phony award to the phony cop was a PR stunt trying to polish the image of FPD after their outrageous and criminal behavior was exposed. They’ll be looking for any and every way to appear virginal, saintly, even trustworthy, when in fact they should trade places with most of the folks at San Quentin.

  5. I believe the citizens of Fullerton deserve an official explanation from our Acting Chief of Police, Dan Hughes as to whether or not Officer Bova did help save that couple’s life.

    This obvious conflict can and should be cleared up by our police department sooner rather than later.

    We need accountability from our Police Department.

    1. I believe the citizens of Fullerton deserve an explanation from a council candidate who may have had some financial problems. We need accountability from our council candidates

  6. Someone needs to find out if Officer Bova was up for a promotion or performance review that would prompt him to get the award = bump in raise/salary!

  7. Just read about the LAPD police Sgt./Fullerton resident being convicted of harassing an ex-girlfriend. Still I think cops should be required to actually live in the town and/or county they work for.

  8. Someone needs to find out if Officer Bova was up for a promotion or performance review that would prompt him to get the award = bump in raise/salary!

    The winner of the lifesaving award receives a 25k award and a special parking space just like private industry.

  9. If the gist of this story is true it’s abominable.

    Again, was the cop compensated with taxpayer money in conjunction with this award?

    That’s what I want to know.

  10. @Shimon Mendel Masons subordinate to Knights of Malta.

    You apparently think that because you haven’t seen this information before it’s not true, or you’re a liar and working this site to prevent this type of information from reaching the public in connection with Kelly Thomas’ curbside summary execution.

    Either way, you think you’re special and that the world revolves around you, which the lesson for those who are reading your blogs are getting an education in provocateuring.

    The founders were US Masons and believed the occult features of their craft should subordinate to freedom and liberty. That’s why they gave us the Bill of Rights, and in particular the 2nd Amendment. The federalist papers were an attempt to prevent this.

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    We know they are perpetrating horrific crimes in the US and throughout the world in an attempt to acculturate all people to BSDM/pedophilia mitigated ritual human sacrifice for entertainment. People are confused about this, and yet they are surrounded by these circumstances not understanding them. this is an explanation of those circumstances.

    In reality, the EU Masonic Union split their power structure with the US in 1888 (Whitechapel) at what time what likeminded Masons in the US began harvesting UIS population for ritual human sacrifice via the Mormon church. The victim numbers are astronomical, young women and children in hundreds of thousands since 1890 and the year the EU masons made their first presentation in US administration. The Civil war, reconstruction Amendments, the Fed, CFR, Bilderberg, FEMA, the PATRIOT Act, S.1867.1021, Obama ANAI are all Knights of Malta enterprises.

    We are under siege from Britain, and unless people begin vetting routing the monsters that are fomenting US collapse our repatriation is assured. Kelly Thomas was one of 300 similarly summarily executed individuals across t he US in 201.

    This is all reality. There isn’t any part of this that is refutable as a conspiracy theory. The challenge will be to wake up to these circumstances and assert the Bill of Rights against a virulent and tyrannical UK legislative sedition cohort, or capitulate. There is no middle ground with the Knights. they are on a mission in perpetuity, and you have to be ever vigilant to this to prevent this organization from seizing total control of the US.

  11. Chief Hughes –

    Be a damned leader and address this story.

    If you fail to do so – you are just more of the same…..not part of the solution….part of the problem.

    1. Call Thompson and ask him to get the info from Hughes. He and Hughes might still be at lunch together.

      1. Yeah. Where is Thompson and why does he appear to play both sides against the middle?

        Why isn’t Thompson calling Hughes out here?

        This is a perfect story that demands an immediate explanation from the Chief. This is why he gets paid the big, big bucks.

        Come out of hiding, Danny. Be a man and be a leader. Earn your taxpayer funded paycheck. Address this subject and DO IT NOW!

  12. @JustUs He will not respond. He’s part of the problem, and he’s letting everyone know it. You have to recall him, elect another and move on. People taking the quick and easy way out of this in not the solution. Once these monsters present you have to get them out of office. Local sheriff was involved in Haslam’s death in Sacramento. No response there, either. They are not going to give you satisfaction. They don’t have to. Recall and re-elect and be sure to vet the replacement. Again, you folks are wasting your time waiting out accountability. not happening. Repatriation is coming to a neighborhood near you soon, and guess who’ll be leading his police troops into battle with the public?

  13. Im Dominic Carnesi. We did stick around and rode with the police to identify the hit and run driver and his passengers. We gave them our names.

    1. So Domonic, you deserve the award, not the police corporal who showed up after the incident, then drove you around looking for the hit and run driver! I hope the City of Fullerton gave you a cash award.
      And I ask Police Acting Chief Hughes to investigate and if necessary, take back the award from the police corporal who showed up after the accident. The City Manager also needs to look into this mess to assure citizens that no city funds were given to a policeman for an award based on something that he did not deserve. Would be good to see Mr. Felz do something positive for the city.

      1. I think I know what Dominic is probably thinking. His reward is that the passengers are alive due to the fast and selfless actions of he and his brother with the help of many other civilian bystanders who sprung into immediate action. He doesn’t need any awards, God is watching.

        The police and fire arrived on scene after the two elderly folks were taken to safety and the others fled on foot. To give them a medal for heroics and worse yet, for them to accept the medal is unforgivable. The police knew the identity of the two brothers all along but didn’t think anyone would notice if they doctored their story. God again knows that the FPD is no beacon of virtue and can use any good news they can muster. That includes fabricated news.

        Officer Bova, you know the truth. Speak up. Don’t expect anything from the police chief, he will remain silent.

        Can anyone say “Stolen Valor”.

    2. You and Ruben are the heroes here, Dominic. Not the cop who allegedly tried to steal your thunder. Thanks for being engaged citizens willing to put your lives on the line to save the strangers. If this story is accurate it’s reprehensible what that cop did. And it’s the Chief’s responsibility to investigate and report his findings to the citizens. Thanks for bringing this story to light, Dominic. You sound like a good dude. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. I’m really curious to see the police report. I would assume it’s illegal to falsify a police report. If the police report wasn’t falsified, then the paperwork submitted for the award would have been. Seems like that might be fraud, particularly if there was any monetary compensation associated with the award.

    1. Good point.

      The police report would have to support the story that justified the award, right?

      There must be some sort of incentive for such an award, eh?

      Where’s Paul Harvey when we need him? We need the rest of the story and it needs to come from Hughes. The buck should stop at his desk. Where is he? Hiding underneath it?

  15. Dominique and Reuben earned the award. The cop gets the credit. Reality is fantasy. Fantasy is reality. Thesis= pay the boss. Antithesis= Loss of dignity if you do not. Synthesis= capitulation. This is MK/ULTRA. This is what they attempted to do to Kelly Thomas and would have swept him under the carpet had his father allowed them to. You are wasting your time. While you are fighting the Kelly Thomas issue, they are lofting yet more provocateuring on the double bind causing YOU folks to chase your tails. File an ethics complaint. You have to sue them to promote reality. they are programmed on non-reality, which is how they are getting away with this in the first place. Take action. Stop acting like a bunch of Happy Jacks!

  16. Look… Ethics is morality applied. You are stuck with this issue as a moral argument. It’s beyond this, but you aren’t willing to step up to a fight having allowed these cons to spin this so it rewards them instead of the true heroes. It’s also fraud on the department’s part, but you are missing this completely, because you aren’t willing to think or fight to promote reality. Their position is one of predation. Yours is prey. This is MK/ULTRA. In these circumstances, if you are willing to give ground to fraud they are going to perpetrate on you. They are atramental, which is the ABSENCE of morality or ethics, which is why you are having this problem in the first place. You sound like a bunch of cackling hens. Ethical people would sue the department for defrauding the public. Also, recall and re-elect your chief. There’s something wrong with him.

  17. The article reads,

    Two “unknown civilians” were also credited for helping to remove the woman from the vehicle, which was engulfed in flames, and moving her to a safe place.

    It should have read : Two “unknown Civilians” led a larger group of concerned bystanders in saving the lives of two elderly citizens by acting in a heroic manner and then helping the Fullerton Police in locating and identifying members of the other vehicle who fled the scene on foot.

    The first article is incredible and totally indefensible. I have to agree that we need to hear something from the police chief and other city leaders in getting to the bottom of this convoluted story. Especially if a monetary award was given to the “So Called” police hero who had nothing to do with the rescue.
    I wonder what he tells his family members such as his siblings, spouse or his children. How does he explain to them the meaning of Valor or Integrity when he has no idea what those terms mean.

  18. If, in fact, the cop embellished or outright lied about his participation in the emergency call (as this story seems to allege) how could the general public have faith and confidence in his ability to be a police officer? Police officers must report their observations and interactions each and every day as part of their official duties. For society to function in an orderly, just and civilized manner we rely on police officers to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when reporting their daily activities. When the citizens receive public reports that give rise to suspicion that a police officer may have been less than honest about his participation in a lifesaving emergency event that lead to the presentation of a coveted award – IMO it calls for an immediate and swift investigation into the allegation(s) to protect the public trust. IMO the investigation of the allegation(s) should be overseen by the chief of police since the integrity of one of his officers is in question here. As it stands right now there are apparent significant discrepancies in the stories provided by the police officer and the percipient witnesses who responded to this injury accident and assisted the victims. Please, Chief Hughes, if there is any honor, integrity or respect for the truth left at FPD – this situation demands your immediate attention for the sake of the public trust – and concerned citizens should be privy to the findings of your investigation to ease whatever anxiety they may have about those who are assigned special police powers in our society.

  19. Oh Man, you folks are so morality bound it’s going to take another crisis to to get you moving. You are barely abuzz on Thomas talking over THIS issue ad nauseum ad infinitum, and it is going nowhere. Hahaha. YOU_HAVE_TO_SUE_THE_DEPARTMENT_ TO_GET_ ATTENTION_ON_THIS_FRAUD_ISSUE. You aren’t special. The world does not revolve around your moral sensibilities. the chief is not going to talk to you personally to make amends. Confidence perps DO NOT EVER acknowledge their issues. OMG, you are so Simple Jack, and of course this is why they are getting away with this in the first place. There’s no honor here. It’s business, and according to the entity that’s controlling this, they own you anyway. Didn’t know THAT did you?

    1. Yeah, you’re probably right, LDX. But I’m trying to act civilized. The problem is that when civilized folks get repeatedly shined on it’s not good for the health of our society. If the ones in charge act uncivilized while demanding the little people to act civilized – well that turd don’t float in the long run. If you got to run to a judge to get the ones in charge to act civilized – we just don’t live in a decent or civilized society anymore. And the rot spreads from the head downward.

      1. I know. Thing is litigation is all they understand, so you have to go that route to hold them accountable. The OTHER part of this is people have got to start thinking more about who they are electing. They aren’t vetting these sociopaths, and so victimization will naturally issue in these circumstances. They are playing a con game on the public, and people are reciprocating this by getting something cheap and easy which turns out to be a bad product, if that makes any sense. Still though you have to do fraud on these carnies, because they are now going to own this. They are evil. Second guess their motivation and it’s a trip out of Eden.

  20. Ldx you need mental help. Please seek out a doctor before you hurt yourself or others. Please take care.

  21. @Grace Could you be more specific, dear. I’m kind of in the dark with your one liner. I can understand how this information may seem a tad challenging for the uninitiated, but it would help nonetheless to understand your comment if you could point to the part of this that has piqued your concern for my mental health. On the other hand, you may be too normal to see or think outside the box. Maybe there’s a middle ground? Or are you convinced of your own solvency with this issue? I’m open to a conversation. T-H-I-N-K about it. = )!

  22. LDX, one needs to have standing to sue. Truth is both an end in its own right and a tool to achieve greater ends.

    It is possible Bova perpetrated a fraud. It is also possible that brass wanted to use Bova for their own PR benefit. The first step would be a Freedom of Information Act request for Bova’s innitial report and then follow from there.

    1. “It is also possible that brass wanted to use Bova for their own PR benefit.”

      Yes, that is quite plausible, given what we already know about the untreated Culture of Corruption. The next council meeting should be interesting.

  23. Mike bova involved in Murder of Kelly Thomas, involved in cover-up of murder of Kelly Thomas, guilty of stolen valor. What a sorry excuse for a man, oh, and your brother too!

  24. I don’t recall seeing the the name “Mike Bova” mentioned in relation to the Kelly Thomas Incident.
    Please explain the relationship and/or circumstance.

    1. Ah, another special person with a special idea about how special innocence is. With Bova it’s guilt by association. He’s a member of a department that perped a curbside summary execution of a mentally handicapped individual and was going to sweep this under the carpet. Following this incident, Bova himself is involved in fraud. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Do you think that when they captured and convicted Richard Allen Davis they got him on one kidnapping issue? Klass was one of MANY of his victims. SHE got him caught. He’s probably kidnapped untold dozens of others in his affiliation with Pete Wilson. You didn’t know about THAT did you? Did you know also that the California death penalty is partly being dismantled to keep this monster alive? NO? I thought you were special? He was raptor perp. He worked for a handler that was networked with Pete Wilson. Wilson was and still is occult and is responsible for over 30 such kidnapping/murders form the Linden.San Joaquin area. Who do you think Wilson’s assets were? P-O-L-I-C-E. NOW do you see why Bova is such a problem? You know what stupid is? It’s blind trust. Genesis 3. Read it.

  25. You have to have an attorney process this, otherwise they will put you off for years while they loft this fraud on the public. Nothing worse than a cop that lies. They’ll do anything they are told, including kidnap children, which is probably what this monster is being trained for anyway. Assets go through this training process, and in this case they are doing it in full view of the public. Thomas is the new standard, so you are wasting your time talking this over as a moral dilemma. I don’t mean that disrespectfully. I am just saying what I believe reality is. A decade ago a teacher in SF put a kid who suffered a severe asthma attack in a closet in the back of the classroom and took her students to recess. The kid died, something like that. Anyway, the parent buried the kid and the district refused to discuss the issue further. It took a year for the grieving parent to realize she needed an attorney to battle with these monsters, THEN she got satisfaction. We’re not a moral OR ethical society any more. You are dealing with the scum of the earth. human life is a business to them. They’ll do anything for a buck, and they lie the same way you breath to stay alive. That’s it. You can do moral argument ’till you are blue in the face. They don’t care, which is why you have to recall these monsters and prove fraud wherever culpability raises it’s ugly face to the crowd. Yes, freedom of information will eventually get you something, but they are already doing fraud. What do you think they’ll do with the original document? This corrupt policeman gets his bonus. They move on. Kids start disappearing. hahaha Get an attorney on this.

    1. Attornies have their place, but it is much easier for an attorney to serve a good client who has done his homework.

      BTW, is it not easier for the “system” to control an attorney than an independent common citizen?

      1. Depends on the character of the attorney. Some live to be rewarded with status. Others will use their God given talent to fight. I say if you build a warship put it to use, or it’s a complete waste of resources.

    1. Don’t want to talk, eh? Feeling a bit of the queen, are we? You’re special, so they should censor my posts to aggrandize your comfort needs? They might, but where human life is concerned, and particularly that government activity that is directed at wanton killing of it’s own citizens, conscionable press will allow this information to issue against pernicious interference from provocateurs, so you’re kind of spitting into the wind, Grace.

    2. Wait wait wait… You’re making a death threat! You’re talking about Alex Ben BLOCK in connection with Julia Davis, Matthew Judd and Brittany Murphy. Took this a few minutes to sink in. Keith Ledger was somehow involved as well. What your are ALSO doing is letting these readers know we dead center on your operation in this discussion, which this will fly right over their heads as they are not prepared to process this level of corruption in connection with Kelly Thomas. The thing is you’re monitoring this blog for public conscience. Hahaha You monster never quit. Sacrifice a child and you are a zombie forever.

  26. Even if Bova didn’t falsify his report and the PR’s spun the story, he still stood there and accepted a medal for something he didn’t do. Pathetic.

    1. Even if? OMG! That’s like saying the guy that held the murder victim didn’t actually participate, which is propaganda. You’ve been vetted!

  27. levelthefield :I don’t recall seeing the the name “Mike Bova” mentioned in relation to the Kelly Thomas Incident.Please explain the relationship and/or circumstance.

    For a complete list of those present refer to People vs manual ramos & jay cicinelli case 11cf2575 By now everyone is familiar with the main perps that committed the MURDER: kenton hampton, kevin craig, manny ramos, james blatney, jay cicinelli, joe wolfe. Here are the names of the costumed thugs that were on scene and are guilty of aiding and abetting in the Murder/Cover-up: tony rios,lloyd white, jonathon munoz, john ema, mike bova, jose torres, david mcshane

    1. Excellent work! I had to interact with a fellow like these sociopaths once. They’ll sit there oblivious to their crimes, and when they get prosecuted they don’t know why. They are predators. This is natural for them, and they believe everyone should go along with them, or they kill you. These are local assets in the neo abduction/rendition matrix. They are being exposed, and yet people will react diffident like they don’t care when the correct response is outrage!

  28. This is what the FPD fears having thier criminal activities and names to go with them made public, they prefer to accept bullshit accomadations for acts of valor they did not perform.

    Wanted for the MURDER of Kelly Thomas:

    Manny Ramos
    Jay Cicinelli
    Joe Wolfe
    James Blatney
    Kevin Craig
    Kenton Hampton

    Wanted in connection to the MURDER/COVER-UP of Kelly Thomas:

    David McShane
    Tony Rios
    Mike Bova
    Lloyd White
    John Emma
    Jose Torres
    Jhonathan Munoz

    Known Sexual Predators:

    Albert Rincon
    FPD Ofcr. Wren

    Personal property thief (Ipod) FPD Ofcr. Mejia

    and I am guilty of allowing the names of the FPD Ofcrs who stole drugs from the evidence room, intentionally damaged evidence in connection to a murder investigation, stole funds from the explorer program slip my mind. This is what they hope for, this is why they drag these cases out in the hope that the public will just forget. I’ll have to look those cases up and post the names from time to time so we dont forget just who is “serving and protecting” us

  29. Wow! Fullerton is kind of the model for what’s going on throughout the state all the way up to the governor’s office. By the way, California is known as the little EU in Pelosi’s circle of friends, which t his should give you some idea of what’s going on with neopolitics and their Nationalist Socialist Corporatist movement in the US. Police corruption that gets out of control like this bonds these criminals to parent SSOs that use them to perp matrix crimes. you can catch them raping, torturing and sacrificing some child and they will throw it off as a mistake and misunderstanding. THAT’s neopolitics! Atramental in perpetuity, and people give up and stop fighting them, because they can’t sustain the constant pressure of dealing with their constellation insurgency against the rule of law. then again, when you DO nail them you can route them IF you stay on it.

  30. I hate to get too personal about this but after alot of thought-if there were two bigger douchebags in high school then these glued-at-hip brothers,I never saw ’em.Every,and I mean every sports award ceremony these two stood up to take awards as team assis(mascots)The whole assembly would role their eyes as in -have you no shame?.Apparently,nothings changed,although I thing he is in a little better shape than when he was in high school:)

    1. “Team Assistant”? What exactly does that mean? You mean the guy who hands out the sock, jocks and t-shirts? When I was in HS we had ‘team managers’ – the guys who couldn’t throw or catch a ball to save their lives but who liked to hang around athletes (for whatever reason).

      Who paid for those flowers the cop is delivering to the patient?

      Once somebody vandalized my property. The cop who investigated never brought flowers to me.

      I want my f..ing flower too!

  31. Forget all the high school stuff. Taking an award for being a team assistant is a far sight different than accepting an award for a Heroic Act that you know you didn’t perform.

    He stood there and with a straight face accepted an award that he full well knows he didn’t deserve.
    How in the hell does he sleep at night or look family, friends or neighbors in the eyes knowing what he did ??

    This tells me a lot about his character. Incredible!

    I am waiting to see what our newly elected council does about this travesty, especially if he got a monetary award from the taxpayers.

    1. The Council needs to discuss this topic on Tuesday night. A citizen needs to bring it up during public comments if they try to avoid it. A citizen needs to look Hughes in the eyes and demand “We want answers”. And a citizen needs to attend every subsequent meeting and bring it up until the matter gets addressed publicly.

    2. Hahaha You go ahead and demand justice. I’ll be good entertainment for the rest of us. People don’t get it. They think the world revolves around them. It doesn’t, but it makes for god theatre to watch the drama unfold comedy and tragedy inexorably linked in a fatigue battle for supremacy of the ego. = )!

    1. Actually, Drac is a good description of these monsters, because the polcy making they subscribe to is Draconian, hence Drac policing.

  32. #91 above, I couldn’t agree more! My gosh, this is pathetic!!!! We are here AGAIN!

  33. I heard Bova just got invited to join the USA mens basketball team as a replacement for Kobe Bryant. When the US committee found out that the MVP of the NBA last year wasn’t on the team, they rushed to get him on. How could last years MVP and hero in Fullerton not represent the USA. Further, when they found out he got (2) Purple Hearts in Iraq, well, that did it.

    I think he will be in the starting lineup tomorrow in the USA teams’ first game against France. I’ll bet he scores 40 points and will be a fan favorite.

  34. *** NEWS UPDATE ***
    London, England

    It was first thought that Ryan Lochte of the USA won a Gold Medal in the 400 meter swimming event, but later it was learned a mysterious swimmer from Fullerton really won and will be accepting the Gold Medal. Fans of Lochte were left stunned and amazed.

    More to follow……

  35. How many other awards are in this guy’s jacket? And what were the stories behind those? Did he ever have to wrastle a grizzly bear or a crocodile that was getting ready to attack a small child while on duty?

  36. Ah, we’re being hit with disinformation provocateurs. This should be interesting. this will tell us if 4F is in the tank with these buggers. It happens. If they are, the provocateurs will press the discussion into oblivion. If not, the moderator will censor them. We’ll see what happens. Allowing this will be a sign 4F’s in t he tank with the city council. Sorry. I call it like it is. Come people like truth. I like reality. Waiting.

  37. assistant=towel distributor,yes sir.varsity letter in almost every sport.I first became aware he was a cop watching a Cops episode that took place in Fullerton,didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  38. That’s how the state department promoted Cheney. He was actually an idiot but lettered in status junkie, which his area of specialization (proxy) made him very popular among the elite, that and the fact that he was willing to perp 33 kidnappings for torture to prove his worth to the Iron Triangle. If you remember Ted Bundy, you know how this works. 2KEWL!

  39. Dominic – have you been approached by the FPD to make arrangements to give you and your brother your medal?

  40. Dominic — has the FPD contacted you in order to present you and your brother your recognition?


      You have no clue do you?

      It could also explain why everyone is having trouble with police, coast to coast.

      So close but yet so far off. I’ll give you a clue, it’s not the “jews” or the “liberals” or the “blacks” or the “homosexuals” or the “mexicans” or whatever your little pea brain fears.

      Racism, religion and politics are tools to keep simple minded people like you blissfully ignorant.

        1. You’re either a Jew or you didn’t read the article. Which one?

          Spoken like good little brain washed cultist. Sadly there are so many people who want to belong to something and once they are “in” they will do anything to defend that position or point of view no matter how wrong or distorted it happens to be.

          Usually when they are confronted they can only give an irrational response like: “Its the jews!”, “He should of complied if he didnt wanna get his ass kicked”, “next time don’t run from the police”, “their just a bunch of illegals” and so on.

          You get these types of people in churches, police departments, prisons, political groups, etc and sadly they can be easily manipulated to do anything including killing without conscious.

          1. If all you people complaining are fellow “chosen-people” then I understand. But none of your complaints has a thing to do with the article… to wit, that the ADL is training local police across the country. Don’t take me word. Go Goggle it. It’s all over the internet. Many articles have been written about it. The Jew complaining about cult memberships has nothing to do with anything.

            1. I did not read the article, but losts of people train the police. Rusty Kennedy has been training the police al over Orange County.

              1. The Rusty Kennedy name doesn’t mean anything to me. However, if Rusty has an underlying agenda, Rusty should also be a concern. Please do read the article. A firefighter wrote it and he talks about the noticeable change in police conduct over the years and how he has been forced to cope with it.

            2. If all you people complaining are fellow “chosen-people” then I understand.

              Thanks for proving my point.

              the ADL is training local police across the country.

              Sadly you are utterly incapable of seeing the bigger picture because your racist point of view has absolutely clouded your judgement and reasoning.

              Lets just put it this way, while the rest of us are looking at Jupiter and beyond, you’re still looking gazing at your stucco ceiling in awe.

              1. Yeah, I get it.
                The Jew says “Move along folks, there’s nothing here to see”.

                1. Yeah, I get it.

                  No and you never will until you wake up and see the world beyond your ceiling (ie your racist views). You will find that world is a lot more complex than just “us” vs. “them”.

                2. Actually, I do have the bigger picture and your obvious concern is that I might spread this “heresy”. Jews are the most racist people on earth and, therefore, have a definite agenda. You haven’t once denied that the ADL is training local police coast-to-coast, nation wide. Should the 97% non-Jew population be concerned over this? You bet.

                3. I do have the bigger picture

                  Seeing and Having are two different things but I’m nitpicking.

                  and your obvious concern is that I might spread this “heresy”.

                  No matter what I say, his responses are going to be race based and irrational. He cannot see beyond that and unfortunately there are so many people like him who desperately want to belong to something. If it wasnt racism, it would be politics or religion (or as Joe pointed out, sports).

                  The only reason why I engaged him in any dialog was to satisfy my own curiosity.

                4. “No matter what I say, his responses are going to be race based and irrational. He cannot see beyond that and unfortunately there are so many people like him who desperately want to belong to something. If it wasnt racism, it would be politics or religion (or as Joe pointed out, sports).

                  The only reason why I engaged him in any dialog was to satisfy my own curiosity”.

                  I feel truly blessed that vastly superior being, such as yourself, would stoop so low.

  41. Anonymous :Even if Bova didn’t falsify his report and the PR’s spun the story, he still stood there and accepted a medal for something he didn’t do. Pathetic.

    This incident could prove quite valuable in examining the mindset of the FPD. Hands are so tied in examining shootings, beatings, and other malfeasance by police. Some is legitimate; allowing due process, letting the appropriate investigators do their job unimpeded, and the protections of POBR, which has its pluses and minuses.

    This incident probably does not involve criminial conduct. The brass will be forced to either declare that criminal or internal discipline is in order, and refer the case up to the powers that be that are currently investigating the department, or else simply expose the embarrassing or non-embarrassing details to the City Council and to the public.

    So Dan Hughes, FFFF and The Fullerton Observer are both interested in this issue. What are you going to do? Simply tell the public the truth about how this issue ensued, or are you going to make it a federal case?

    1. I would have to say that this incident on its own does not involve criminal conduct. You are right about that. But, it does involve a police officer on the FPD of such low moral standard that he would lie about his involvement in a situation such as this and even accept a medal for actions that he knows he did not take.

      Frankly, this incident scares me. If this officer would perpetrate “Stolen Valor” in this case, what else is he capable of. What else has he done in the past. Now any report he has written prior to this comes under scrutiny. I can’t believe that he would have given a written statement of his participation in this incident or further, be willing to publicly speak about the actual role he played.

      He did not arrive on the scene of this accident until the couple was already in a safety position and then said he was the one who delivered them there. He did not and he knows it.

      I believe the chief of police owes the citizens of Fullerton an explanation of what really happened and explain why an officer would pull such an underhanded and dishonest move. I hope the city council takes this up at the next meeting. Better still, have Officer Bova appear before the council meeting and assure us Fullerton residents that contrary to other accounts, he did indeed save the life of the couple. I don’t believe he will do that. I also don’t believe that the chief of police will make any statement and then do what is right, take back the medal and discipline this officer.

      Time will tell.

    2. If the evidence shows that the cop willfully falsified the facts to get the award and was renumerated as a result – that is the acceptance public funds under false pretense – which is a form of fraud. If that is not a crime it certainly should be. This is why Dan Hughes needs to initiate an investigation which should take no longer than 2 weeks. The witness statements, the police report and the dashcam video should be sufficient to prove the case one way or another. Merely lying about something of this nature should be a fireable offense. The word of a police officer should be above reproach. Anything less should not be tolerated. Right now all we have is suspicion. The cop may be completely innocent or he may have concocted a story. That is why Hughes needs to take the lead here and be transparent with the public. This is a PERFECT opportunity for Hughes to show the people that the citizens of Fullerton and their best interests take priority over playing the coverup game. Step up to the ‘higher standard’ plate, Chief Hughes. Show the people that you are the real deal. Show them you aren’t ‘business as usual’. The eyes of the Fullerton citizens are upon you, Danny. Whatcha goina do? Stand or fold?

      1. Kinda like all the sluts that Wren touched. They were meth heads and long rap sheets. So now a car burns and a cop and 2 parolee brothers see it. Who is telling the truth? Ask your mom.

  42. LDX, I have heard stories of systematic child abuse syndicates reaching to the elite for many years. Heck, I lived for eight weeks in the basement room of Cameron House, San Francisco, if you know the significance of that.

    I understand the formation of secret societies from silly college fraturnaties to elite groups within other organizations, to intelligence organizations, to organized crime, to secret alliances between governments, and all permutaitions and combinations of the above.

    I understand the difference between globalism and nationalism.

    However, you seem to be centered on child rape and murder. In this thread, you have presented only a few dots. To date, the dots have not been connected.

    1. You’re superficially educated on the occult. Sacrifice is focused on children in the necromancy ritual, child sacrifice debauchery ritual and child sacrifice globally. It’s a preoccupation with BDSM/pedophilia, and the occult does this for entertainment masked noble SSO. Satanic rituals are nothing more than a clever way to attempt to shroud these individuals in mysticism making it difficult for people to perceive reality of their desire to fuck children. They use the sacrifice to destroy evidence, and elite organizations have engineered legislation setting an international legal precedence for resourcing these macabre activities with products acquired in the US. THIS IS R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. Your version is truth, which can be manipulated to diminish shock and awe.

  43. There may be no policy prohibiting posturing as a hero, but the idea of this is offensive nonetheless. Also, the connection to criminal conduct is the civil process in which the TRUE heroes were denied the benefit of their actions through pernicious interference of a police officer whose records falsely recorded their role in saving this woman’s life, which means the officer lied. In the one hand you have a police officer that cannot be trusted with authority nor to provide testimony in court, which in and of itself aught to get this individual fired. In the other you have individuals who were denied due recognition on false written testimony of a public official who redirected this attention to himself for profit, which is fraud. The pathetic OTHER issue is there’s not only no case without a written complaint, there’s no oversight to make this process automatic corruption thus assured it’s place among the elite minded sociopaths who rule tyrannical against very little odds of ever being held accountable for their crimes.

  44. I think your comment was not to my last, but to my previous. Lying is always offensive on the face of it. It is assumed to be corrupt automatically.

    There are constructs where lying can be construed to be the lesser of evils, such as a police officer lying to a suspect about leniency in order to induce a truthful confession. But these are complex constructs that have to stand up to proof.

  45. If one of you lie to a cop that is a crime. In many cases you would be arrested for such an offense. Yet the generally accepted rule is that cops are held to a ‘higher standard’. Ok. Fine. Let’s start the investigation and get to the bottom of this. We have at least two percipient witnesses who say the cop didn’t participate in the extrication of the injured victim from the burning car. That appears to directly contradict the storyline used to justify the presentation of said award. So let’s get the show on the road and do the right thing. You out there, Chief Hughes?

  46. @Brow/JustUs Hahaha The person that can actually do this hasn’t yet surfaced, and CH certainly isn’t going to risk a statement here unless it’s backed up with LDS visiting your neighborhood around 3:30 AM looking for people to talk to. It’s spooky just THINKING about taking this monster on, but it can be done. In the meanwhile, until an attorney DOES show up, local folks should and aught to start the recall process to rout CH, because his diffidence is about an arrogant statement as you are going to get from him on this or any other such issue. He doesn’t care. If he leaves there will be a separation package. His bills will be paid. He is NOT worried at all. Hell, the county can pay any amount of damages imaginable on Kelly Thomas were the parent willing to take a settlement, but that would also put a price tag on occult rendition which can be negotiated down in subsequent executions. HUGE snake there. Is there a superman in the house?

    1. LDX, I believe that the Counsel has more power than you give them credit for. I believe the Counsel can pressure the Chief to take action and initiate an investigation. And it’s up to the Fullerton citizens to pressure the Counsel to get it done. I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill. I’m surprised that you aren’t claiming that it takes an executive order from the POTUS for FPD to launch an investigation on one of it’s own. This must be accomplished from pressure from the bottom up. It’s up to the citizens to start the ball rolling. All of them claim that they are starved for change. Fine. Here is your chance to participate in change by demanding it.

      Oh, and it’s my understanding that CH was appointed – not elected. So how the heck could the citizens start a recall on CH? You make no sense. Recalls only happen with elected officials.

  47. Casey Anthony’s Discount Childcare :
    Actually, I do have the bigger picture and your obvious concern is that I might spread this “heresy”. Jews are the most racist people on earth and, therefore, have a definite agenda. You haven’t once denied that the ADL is training local police coast-to-coast, nation wide. Should the 97% non-Jew population be concerned over this? You bet.

    This is what you’re looking for:

    Now go away.

  48. Casey Anthony’s Discount Childcare :
    “No matter what I say, his responses are going to be race based and irrational. He cannot see beyond that and unfortunately there are so many people like him who desperately want to belong to something. If it wasnt racism, it would be politics or religion (or as Joe pointed out, sports).
    The only reason why I engaged him in any dialog was to satisfy my own curiosity”.
    I feel truly blessed that vastly superior being, such as yourself, would stoop so low.

    Even our resident cop trolls, whom I most recently characterized as akin to stoned baboons, are vastly superior beings to you. Scurry on back to your hole now.

    1. Designed Implosion = The Fullertonista?

      All this is typical and what I would expect from a Jew. It’s common Jew propaganda. Such as:
      *Attack the messenger, ignore the message.
      *And, of course, a Jew favorite, the ubiquitous ad hominem attack.

      So far, you have yet to discuss one thing regarding the original subject. Once again, should anybody be concerned about the Jew funded and organized ADL running training camps for local police?

      1. Nope. The Fullertonista is just an occasional blogger on this blog which for some reason you think might be interested in your racist inanities. Admin doesn’t often ban people but you seem like you might just end up being an exception.

        1. I just find it rather odd that the DESGNED IMPLOSION postings ceased at the exact same momment that the FULLERTONISTA postings began. And, of course, they both have the exact same POV and tone. But, never mind, I’m sure it’s pure coincidence.

  49. The Fullertonista :

    Casey Anthony’s Discount Childcare :Actually, I do have the bigger picture and your obvious concern is that I might spread this “heresy”. Jews are the most racist people on earth and, therefore, have a definite agenda. You haven’t once denied that the ADL is training local police coast-to-coast, nation wide. Should the 97% non-Jew population be concerned over this? You bet.

    This is what you’re looking for:http://www.stormfront.org/forum/
    Now go away.

    Here we go! Now were getting to it! the Fullurtonista has exposed these cop trolls for the hypocritical, mouth breathing, racists that they are

  50. The Fullertonista :
    Nope. The Fullertonista is just an occasional blogger on this blog which for some reason you think might be interested in your racist inanities. Admin doesn’t often ban people but you seem like you might just end up being an exception.

    Oh boy! I love threats. First diversive propaganda and now threats. When you’re getting exposed, I guess you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Is that it? Got anything else?

  51. List the ID of provocateurs and post often as they appear. Looks like their are about six on this blog so far. Iw would be interesting to know if they are FPD. If we can identify we can forward their comments to the city council, for starters.

    By the way, Nelson Mandela is Obama’s real father.

    1. Just by comparing the side-by=side photographs of Obama II with Obama Sr, the father certainly wasn’t Obama Sr, There are NO facial similarities at all. Not one.

      The most commonly suggested biological fathers are Malcolm X and Marshal Davis. There are many logistical problems with Malcolm X. However, there are stacks of circumstantial evidence that support the famous poet, Marshal Davis. Briefly, Davis had means and he had opportunity. Also, Obama II had a strong relationship with Davis in his teen years. Obama II wrote a poem for Davis titled something like “For Poppa”.

      I’ve never before heard of anyone suggesting Mandella. Was he even free from prison in 1962?

  52. Slow your roll 88, march yourself back to the Kessel, in case you don’t read that was a lil’ redoubt just outside a city formerly known as Stalingrad, oops. How did that work out for ya?!

  53. Hey Justus just a coincidence that you are posting #88 my reference to 88 was to a German anti- bomber weapon, later used primarily as a tank “Killer”

  54. Try this for deep.

    In a constitutional republic, the rule of law is guided by the Bill of Rights. In a corporatist scheme such as National Socialist Corporatism (Nazi Conservative or Liberal) behavior is guided by business policy.

    Any government entity that subscribes to or redirects to policy in defense of some oversight issue in competition with the Bill of Rights is a corporatist scheme. These issues are often referred to as mistakes and misunderstandings, because they intentionally subordinate the Bill of Rights to policy that otherwise makes the business entity a government unto itself, which this is the nature of international corporatism in the US.

    Moralizing and ethics discussions fall on deaf ears when you are attempting to address issues with the IC. It works for IC officers, or it doesn’t work at all, which is why you have to use attorneys to fight them, or the 2nd Amendment. Obama and Romney are both is NSC/N.

    For this to work you have to define boundaries between manufacturer and product which in this case is done by elevating the corporation to preeminence (policy) and subsidizing human resources as products or disposable units (bill of Rights), hence people in this scheme are corporate, which explains Kelly Thomas. You will recall the cover up. this is a feature of the new disposable community. Lying is not an issue, because although the IC has the same rights as a person (thank you 13th Amendment) products do not, which is why corporatism defines people as disposable units. Thomas’ settlement will establish a price on outdated commodities.

    Outdated or defective products get discarded. It works. People are missing the bigger picture. Dad will eventually be compensated for his loss in the same way an insurance policy pays a claim. This process will be automated and set a precedence for destruction of human life. The settlement amount will eventually be mitigated and the recycling process begun folks thus acculturated to this macabre science on a corporate scheme precipitated by shock and awe, summary execution and human sacrifice.

    Corporations periodically destroy outdated materials to make way for new more efficient products. They’ll stop stocking the old stuff, warehouse and eventually recycle it for use in more economical products. In our case, this standard of recycling will be FEMA camps, our bodies put to use for human fertilizer to feed an algae project they have planned for the Gulf of Mexico, all legal under NSC/N. Those casket liners will hold several decomposing human bodies that fed through a separator will produce fertilizer. They have already perfected the procedure on meat separators and have been feeding you products manufactured from human remains for the past decade (pink slime). McDonald’s advanced the art to manufacturing value meal products form pureed human fetus.

    Read in disbelief if you like. It’s all true and correct to the letter, and people will line up for theor Big Mac nonetheless, because they rationalize this is impossible, that people have a conscience. they would never do this because it’s inhumane. Folks, was Kelly Thomas’ death humane? What are we dealing with here? His father will eventually take a settlement. That will settlement will be a price tag on human life.

    AMERICA RESPONDS provocateuring, being clever, dismissive and argumentative, but in no way do people deal with the problem, because they are addicted to the IC, it’s products and services and being told how to live their lives.

    There’s your depth.

    1. “In our case, this standard of recycling will be FEMA camps, our bodies put to use for human fertilizer to feed an algae project they have planned for the Gulf of Mexico, all legal under NSC/N. Those casket liners will hold several decomposing human bodies that fed through a separator will produce fertilizer. They have already perfected the procedure on meat separators and have been feeding you products manufactured from human remains for the past decade (pink slime). McDonald’s advanced the art to manufacturing value meal products form pureed human fetus.

      Blink, blink. My eyes hurt from reading that.

      That is some crazy stuff!

  55. Somebody open a window! There is so much smoke in these comments that methinks there must be some fire in the original post.

  56. Such a fire that originates from Hell itself, not surprised about the smoke. It’s found it’s way to civilization, and people are standing around gawking at it like it was some kind of entertainment. The only thing we’re missing here is deep breathing exercises to get us used to auto-immolation via walking talking Wicker Men. Do get used to it. It’s state of the art occult politics AND our future!

  57. What? not enough information for an argument, #156? How about this:

    Salem Communication Corporation
    Genesis Communication Network
    Council for National Policy

    Stuart Epperson
    Tim LaHaye
    Cleon Skousen
    Paul Weyrich
    Phyllis Schlafly
    Robert Grant
    Howard Phillips
    Richard Viguerie
    Morton Blackwell
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Stan Monteith
    Michael Coffman
    Larry Pratt
    Phyllis Schlafly
    …Alex Jones, yep!


    CNP is identified with Atramental Lodge 23, and with Pastor Steven Anderson coming up on the radar in connection with Alex Jones, it is a forgone conclusion that GNC, CNP, Fundamentalist Evangelical Baptists and Mormons are in the tank with the State Department, The Knights of Malta (UK) and MK/ULTRA (US) in attempting to formulate legislation which sets an international legal precedence for kidnapping for torture to resource ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US, which would thoroughly explain Jones’ preoccupation with and access to CNP, Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg. FEMA? The PATRIOT Act/DHS? S.a867.1021?

    Notwithstanding, Alex Jones is playing carnival hawker to the main attraction in these macabre circumstances astroturfing an audience to ritual human sacrifice thus acculturating the US to necromancy, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual, child sacrifice and human sacrifice globally. Individuals like Kelly Thomas are staging shock and awe to get people used to summary execution the likes of which will issue as collective discipline on exposure of this corruption. The other part of this is it takes people who are willing to abandon their oath of office and the constitution to participate in these events, which I guess the reality here is people are motivated more by debauchery perks than character, the former presenting in unchecked access to money, drugs ands sex, the latter three ALWAYS in competition with self-mastery.

    Add to this an administration promoted via identity fraud, election fraud and legislative fraud and Fullerton makes perfect sense!

    Come on SA, be a clever genius again.

    1. Thanks. I know many of those names and have had many personal conversations with Steve Anderson.

      Hint: you cann not refer to above comments by number because the numbers change as people insert replies.

      1. Also, Bova IS a conspiracy project unto himself. I don’t see how you folks can miss this.

        The rule is, and I know this is offensive to people who are woefully and blissfully ignorant on the subject, but conspiracy virtually ALWAYS follows on the heel of a sociopath in the same way occult organizations will virtually ALWAYS follow on the heel of man, which by the way heel in this example is man’s children.

        This is the Genesis protocol, but again, people are just ma ma making themselves haa-pee at Disneyland and are too preoccupied with their Happy Jack selves to figure this out.

        Occult reciprocates occult. You’re programmed to believe the Satan, Molech and Lucifer are real and at the same time that you are powerless to stop them. People are subordinated to Jesus, a myth, and prize in this mystification game is child sacrifice, but we only entertain this as a conspiracy theory, because to do otherwise upsets the status quo and it’s preoccupation with BDSM/pedophilia.

        The problem is people don’t do reality. They do trust. Mom says to do what you are told. The coach says fight back when grabbed in an abduction attempt. The child fights back against her assailant and survives (Los Angeles). Which model do YOU follow? Do you teach your children to turn the other cheek? I arm mine.

        When doe a priest raping a child transform conspiracy to a criminal act? When the Vatican changes it’s views about what constitutes the priest’s wrongful conduct. In the meanwhile, conspiracy issues on denial by a police administration corrupted by it’s Catholic employees all the while child after child gets it in the ass by some smiling pedophile whose proxy diplomatic immunity presents he having the power to do whatever he desires to his flock, because he’s empowered by God to do so, again according. Charge the SOB and it’s a conspiracy.

        Bova’s a fucking pervert. You people are talking around this issue like he was a priest. Truth be known, if he’s SSO pledged, they’ve told him he IS a priest. Now how often are you going to let this monster show up an a abduction scene and NOT check the trunk of his patrol car?

        You people thrive on being victims. You are pathologically culturally wired helpless in these circumstances, and you’re too damned stupid to salvage reality to save yourselves.

  58. @JustUs In Fullerton’s case, Mayor Jones was elected with support from the Fullerton Police Officer’s Association. The idea is get him out and you will be able to rout Capt. Dan Hughes. Jones is a brooding paedomorph. Hughes is his lackey. Also, some jurisdictions do elect their police chiefs. Regardless, the idea is to get him out, because he’s corrupt. You’re too status and process dependent to deal with this well. Grass roots to protest to complaint to lawsuit. Good God, they are performing summary execution on your citizens. Wait this out in council and it will never get dealt with. You are profoundly wilfully ignorant.

    1. WTF are you talking about, LDX? Jones is gone. CH is still in charge. You okay, man? Take a break and go get some sunshine.

  59. Right out of Genesis 3. Mom accepts a pay off leaving dad in the lurch in the battle of his life over the death of his son at the hands of a satanic brutal cop.

    WTF doesn’t work for me, JustUs. Use your brain, or donate it to Mt. Sinai. Next step, Hughes. If they leave Jones lackeys in place there will be hell to pay. Have to clean the wound AND remove the scab. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

    All eyes are on Ron Thomas. If he capitulates as did X we are back to square 1, and Genesis will flow with casualties. He’s got nothing to lose by waiting this out, and at that time X will be on her own with her conscience. That can be a painful experience to someone whose got a price.

    Eve was naive, which the predictive intelligence on this issue is reflective on whether Ron’s got a will of his own and a desire to use it or follow his X and eat the fruit.

    This Silly little moral dilemma’s got to be driving you up the wall. I say Thomas will fight. You?

    1. ” If they leave Jones lackeys in place there will be hell to pay. Have to clean the wound AND remove the scab”

      For God sake’s man. They just recalled the 3 stooges and replaced them with candidates who attacked the old guard like junkyard dogs in their election campaigns. Do you have a clue about what’s happened in Fullerton in the last several months or are you just blowin’ gas to waste time?
      Btw, 3 is a majority on the City Council. And incumbent Whitacker is a solid member in their club. That makes 4!!!

      I’m telling you, dude. There’s a good 4 hours of sunshine left outside. Go get yourself some. Vitamin D is a necessary element for good health!

      1. I don’t discuss flatulence, ever. Intelligent people will usually avoid this. On the other hand, you will learn that half effort restores your corruption issue. You are dealing with occult government… in perpetuity. They’ll fall back but they will never go completely away, which is why knowing Hughes is corrupt you are making a mistake leaving him in place. Your win is temporary. There’s is in the future. I assure you that when Thomas capitulates for a price your troubles will just be starting. for the time being Fullerton is grabbing some of that sunlight you are describing, but remember, occult is forever,, and to throw this off you have to be constantly vigilante to corruption, and Hughes is going to rake you over the coals soon as he has the opportunity, by mistake and misunderstanding of course. He’s a thug. You’ll send him on his way or learn to appreciate his hand in local affairs of state. Hughes (thug) and Stuart (happy idiot) were promos. Not a good idea to assign a couple of assets when you’re trying to clean up a corrupt police department, but you already know this. You can’t will, wish or hope these circumstances normal. You are a barking dog. You need to be a lion to do this right.

  60. With all due respect to you, I have no idea what you are trying to convey. Some parts of your posts are able to be followed, but then you go on with other parts that frankly make no sense. Maybe you know what you are driving at but I for one don’t.

    Sorry if that offends you but I just had to say it.

  61. No offense. It’s like some people can do simple math and others can barely recognize numbers. Variations in intelligence makes us an interesting species. You may want to ask for clarification, but I understand how that TOO can be mental calculus for people who are profoundly ignorant. It’s okay. I understand. Don’t give up!

    1. Dude, could you please go spread the Icke weirdness someplace more appropriate? We have enough problems to deal with here without the anti-Semitic crackhead (no offense to my crackhead friends) and the lizard people shit. I doubt you even live in SoCal. Please work on the British royalty/Malta/space demons angle by yourself for a while, and maybe post a link once you’ve got it all sorted out.

  62. The world revolves around you, eh? You are no doubt special. Well, one we agree on. David Icke is a fraud. I don’t do mysticism, but I DO educate people on affairs of state, particularly STUPID people who seem to favor getting high and watching soccer on television to learning about the politics that are shaping their lives while they sleep. You come across more Puff the Magic Dragon than activist anyway, so what’s your problem here? Gay maybe? Wouldn’t that be an issue for another blog?

    1. A homophobic cop troll pretending to be an activist. Get lost. We have actual problems to solve and you aren’t helping.

      1. Ewe. Not me. Anyway, who’re the we you are referring to, or were you just “refering” that thinking you were doing something great with your mind? I am part of the solution, by the way. so stop blowing weed and pay attention, er, ah…DUD.

        1. Look, I’ll even grant you the Knights of Malta stuff (Seymour Hersh’s article anyway) but the rest of it is half-baked stupidity. And quit putting down the herb, asshole.

          1. I think you’re loaded. Go to rehab, junkie. Knights of Malta is the 2nd tier of the Vatican. Vatican, KM, Templar, like that. KM still functions as the administrative arm of the Vatican and serves SSO interests world wide, hence the senate is overwhelmingly populated with the Knights, and not exclusive of the Mormons church. It w as for this reason the Catholic faith was prohibited in the US by the founders. the economic entity they warned of was the Vatican. GOD you’re grumpy when you wake up! One other thing while were on it. Catholics, Mormons, Baptists and Nazarenes all have one thing in common. One guess. If you get this wrong you’re an idiot for life.

            1. LDX, I don’t censor comments here, unless, on a rare occasion, somebody tries to hijack the thread.

              The only real offense on FFFF is irrelevance.

    1. No kidding, and how and why did he FFFF now is what interests me. Maybe he is in the middle of a manic episode.

      cg :
      Where’s Stanley? He would get it.

      Now that, is funny.

  63. Make that six idiots for life. At least y’all will have company! IQ for sale down the street, BTW. Back door, immediately left, then left again. Ouchie!

    1. Just leave!!!!! The six idiots will just sit and wonder “WHAT HELL YOUR TALKIN ABOUT” but that’ OK, in your world.

  64. Here, see if this helps.


    The connection to Kelly Thomas is this individual was assassinated. This was an occult summary execution. You aren’t going to get away fro this pretending it’s not there. You’re entire governmental system in Fullerton is corrupt Anaheim’s a rising star in these circumstances. you think if you conform it won’t touch you. You need to wake up.

      1. No. He’s borderline retarded. He’s a raptor within the dept. They matrix field aspect director, asset, handler and raptor perp on the same model the state department uses. He’s a paedomorph. You can spot them on their appearance. They’ll do anything for the boss, even murder and assassinations. The occult feature in these circumstances is this is largely mitigated by SSO organizations that subordinate to Atramental Lodge 23 in DC. The US is under siege from Britain and has been since the civil war. Neopolitics is repatriation, which this flies right over thee heads of most people, because they have to think to understand this and don’t want to. Occult government in the US is precipitated by involvement with the Catholic and Mormon Churches, the former of which was created by the council of Nicaea (325AD) and the latter of which was Britain’s first repatriation project in the US. Both are Knights of Malta organizations. The Illuminati is the Vatican.

          1. Eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, these are raptors, and they hunt for a handler. They’ll quarry prey and hold it down for their handlers. Where the handler is remote they’ll use an asset to recover the prey. This is coordinated by a field aspect director. Richard Allen Davis was a raptor. He told Polly Klass and her friends he was doing this abduction for money. He had a handler. He never raped or killed Poly Klass. The night he was alleged to have been questioned by police he handed her off to those individuals who transported her to the field aspect director or this individual’s designee, which in this case was Pete Wilson.

            Pete Wilson is Bohemian Grove, and it was HE who tortured raped and sacrifice Polly Klass. Pete Wilson is responsible for the Drac bone yards in Linden and San Joaquin. This is how Bredesen perped Megan Maxwell. His handlers are known to TBI/Fusion Center. They don’t do law enforcement. They do the king’s bidding, which in this case they are running cover for Bredesen, Schwarzenegger, Soros and Obama. These monsters perped Natalee Holloway, Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Crystal Hall, Robyn Gardner and Karen Swift. THIS is your occult government at work, and people ignoring this and poking fun at it they are looking at their own future magnified. NGA sponsors field aspect directors. They are State governors.

            Raptors are stealth flight predators, typically abduct at night, and today they use satellite cell phone technology to stalk and abduct their prey, hence Jessica Haslam and Sierra Lamar. Those two were Cheney victims by the way.

              1. You must have grown up surrounded by Suzie Homemaker toys. Get out and do your own proofs. I do occult forensic research combing through thousands of pages narrative data which profiles this crap. If you want to understand this at it’s source, look for the constants. Then dump your little resource treasure on any fool that demands to know the truth. You’ll get the idea that people are pretty immature, yourself included.

                I will tell you this, and I am sure you will find a way to argue about this, too. In the UK, human rights and democratic process subordinates to the occult. That occult is led by the Vatican and Knights of Malta. the US the occult subordinates to the Bill of Rights. We are occult by nature (Genesis 3), just in the US we were supposed to have been able to control this with self-mastery. In the UK, the Vatican and it’s lackey monarchy is your master, you are their products and your children are their BDSM/pedophilia entertainment resource. GOD people are woefully ignorant!

                God says: What, you are telling me something I don’t already know here?

                #201/Occult says: WHERE’S THE BEEF!

  65. Dear Mr LDX,
    I might be picking up a little of what you’re laying down. Let’s go back to the pink slime. You’re saying pink slime is human? What would be the source for human pink slime? That is, where did the flesh come from?

    Also, I would appreciate it if you could spell out your accronyms at least once. Many I can solve. Some I cannot.

    1. Pink slime is a food product manufactured from human remains acquired by the tonnage from India and China. Human remains are thus mixed in a meat separator combined with trace amounts of farm animal meat by-products which allowed the FDA to hide the real source of this foodstuff. We’ve been eating it in fast food products for a decade, particularly McDonald’s hamburgers. McDonald’s also pioneered value meal products manufactured from puréed human fetus.

      SSO is secret society organization. The US is currently ruled by them in connection with the EU masons. The knights of Malta is the alpha.

          1. @plain glazed Yeah, and this stuff will be processed in FEMA casket liners, mulched into fertilizer and fed to an algae farm in the Gulf of Mexico when this project gets fully under way. You are a profoundly ignorant fool, BTW.

              1. Actually you’re getting close to reality! Hollywood DID sponsor Obama’s make up party. If you juxtapose soliloquy with Planet of the Apes you get Benjamin Harrison prophecy. Do something clever with that, dumb fuck.

  66. 1st Amendment issues don’t qualify you for a state hospital, and if they did, do you think they would resource an alleged mental health issue? Although I know how the thought of this probably ma ma makes you haa-pee, simple Jack!

    I am out of here for the night. I will punish you again tomorrow.

      1. Sweet dreams? Stop acting like you care, Glazed. It makes you look weird. Can’t hide that behind a badge, eh?

        1. At first I thought you were a cop troll, but you’re too insane even for that. Continue to post yourself into irrelevance.

  67. Just so you know Joe, I posted a link to this story in another post a week or so ago when I spotted it in the Fullerton Observer.

    I thought that it was egregious of the FPD to not make any mention of these brothers heroic contributions, whilst awarding themselves with medals they never earned.

    Sort of reminded me of the Cowardly Lion getting that BS medal by the Wizard at the end of the Wizard of Oz.

  68. You’re making progress getting out of bed, FL. OZ is the Vatican. Know this and you are on your way back to Kansas. You will eventually realize that propaganda (tornado) lost you and that Auntie Em is in fact the US masons, an organization that the Kight’s of Malta have yet to to learn won’t tolerate them much longer. Long live the Queen, eh?


  69. Ruben… Let me help out here. Respond, I’ll redirect to your education. You’re rightfully on fire, but there’s a better way to fight this.

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