Banners expressing love for Fullerton draw praise…

Makes ya feel good. Oops, watchit there, just step over the bodies and the civil rights!

Thus spaketh Lou Ponsi who seems to be doing his level best to avoid real news and even to parrot the nonsense peddled by the anti-recall crowd.

Ponsi seems really impressed with banners stating how much folks love Fullerton. Ponsi doesn’t seem interested that the operation is the brainchild of downtown businesses who have profited off of the City Council’s crazy wild west show; nor in the irony that these essentially anti-recall messages are hung on public property. No, that would take independence and intelligence, traits that Ponsi simply doesn’t possess.

Of course Ponsi echoes the notion that the one and only problem is the minor altercation last summer that left Kelly Thomas’ brains in a Transportation Center gutter, and of course he ignores the reality a phone call made by – a downtown business, that may very well have an I Love Fullerton banner in front of it.

Really? I don't know anything about that stuff. Wow!

Lou must have a short or self-serving memory if he can’t remember:

FPD cop Todd Major – convicted of fraud, 2011.

FPD cop Kelly Mejia – plead guilty to grand larceny, 2011

FPD cop Albert Rincon – accused of a dozen sexual batteries while in uniform causing a rebuke from a federal judge and a $350,000 settlement (so far), but actually “separated” for something else (jeez how bad could that have been), 2006-2011.

FPD cop Vincent Mater – “separated” after destroying evidence in a Fullerton jail suicide, identified as an untrustworthy “Brady cop” and suspected of a roll in the false identification in the Emanuel Martinez case. Charged by the District Attorney,2011.

FPD cop “Sonny” Saliceo who through laziness or malice, permitted or encouraged the mis-identification of Emanuel Martinez who subsequently spent five months in jail.

FPD employee April Baughman who was recently arrested on charges of theft from the FPD property room over a period of two years. 2012.

A lawsuit by Veth Mam against the police department and FPD cop Kenton Hampton for a laundry list of civil rights violations and false prosecution. 2011.

A lawsuit by Andrew Trevor Clarke against FPD cop Cary Tong and half the FPD for a laundry list of civil rights violations. 2012.

A lawsuit by Edward Miguel Quinonez against the FPD and Kenton Hampton for even more civil rights violations. 2011

And let’s not forget the eventual civil and civil rights suits against the balance of the FPD Six (including our old friends Kenton Hampton and Joe Wolfe). 2011.

Then in non-police matters there’s the little problem of the City Council giving away land worth millions for free to campaign contributors; and giving away huge subsidies to the bag man who runs the anti-recall campaign. 1996-2012.

And finally let us recall the biggest scam of all – the perpetuation of the illegal water tax for fifteen long years that went, in part, to pay the salaries and pensions of the very city council that looked the other way year after year. 1996-2012.

Hey, Lou? Any of this ring a bell? What a punk.




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  1. Maybe I’ll sponsor a banner or two with each FPD crook. That way as they arrive to court on the jail bus they can get the proper recognition that each crook so richly deserves.

  2. Some sponsors of the banners are businesses that chose to picture their own storefronts. Isn’t this just an advertisement? Can anyone place an ad on a busy Fullerton artery for $300?

  3. That’s what I love about this site, Tony, Travis Kiger The college drop out and Chris Thompson.

    Everything in the City of Fullerton sucks except for some piece of shit old shack Tony and George slapped together to pack in some more wetbacks.

    1. A little sensitive aintcha porky? How a about a “we support the crooked police union” in front of FPD.

      Oh, wait…

    2. Your posts are all a festering stink pile of crap logic written by someone who sounds like he actually managed to fail his GED multiple times.

      Thankfully the cops in my city aren’t sad dropouts with permanent inferiority complexes cuddled by their union gangster boss.

      Grab a sense of morality at church or at least some place besides the TV you rot your overpaid ass watching between your desperate internet equivocations.

  4. These are totally anti recall messages! Tommy Lasorda is going down with the 3 dinosaurs now!

    I hate the love fullerton signs, therefore I love Fullerton more than anybody! Duhz!

    1. Yeah, really. What in the hell does Tommy Lasorda have to do with Fullerton? He owned some bedrooms here for awhile.So what?

      An obvious diversion tactic. And I agree with Mr. Savage. Some of this crap is just advertisement for businesses.

      I wonder how many Jack Franklyn and the douchebag Jeremy Popoff bought.

  5. With the banners selling for $300 a sign with 100 sold, I wouldn’t be surprised if the profits were actually being used for the anti recall campaign.

    1. The banners are nothing short of fantasy and manipulation that gloss over the darkest years in Fullerton’s history.

      Somebody, somewhere, is hoping these happy images will help us forget all that is wrong and corrupt with this city. This is the perfect storm that invites voter apathy in the wake of a very important recall election.

      By the way, wasn’t Sharon Quirk one of the masterminds behind this stupid idea?

      1. Common Vernon… Is the City to suspend all promotional activities? Lame.

        I agree with Joe that Ponsi is milk toast when it comes to being critical of the RINOs or LE. But I don’t think these banners will have any affect on the recall. It is being done by local businesses to beautify their area. It has been done in the past as well. It’s nothing new… move along….

        Vote YES on the recall! Kiger for CC!

  6. Its one of the last gasps in a toppled, crumbling Regime. It just might make them a little collectible.

    Recall the 3 MIDDLE FINGERS and their Crew, Regime Change YES?

  7. I think you guys are missing the point here. Me and some friends bought one to put up and were really excited about the idea. I don’t think it’s in any way tied to the anti-recall, I think it was a way to let everyone know that the citizens of this wonderful city love where they live. I would have loved to see more private parties get involved but it seems only businesses took them up on the offer. Just my two cents, but I really do love Fullerton – and I think everyone here does too or else we wouldn’t be fighting so hard to fix it. If anyone sees our banner “The Super Best Friends” let me know where it is because I haven’t found it yet…….

    1. Hello Andy.

      No, the motivation of the banner campaign or even its content weren’t the main point of the post. The main point (and I do have to admit, it hardly needs reiteration at this juncture) is that Lou Ponsi dedicates his “journalistic” efforts to advertise an obvious feel-good campaign and relates it to a single incident – the Thomas murder.

      In fact, Ponsi (and his editors, too, I presume) can only be described as willfully negligent in failing to report, follow up on, and stitch together the serial crimes of the FPD, the Redevelopment scams, and the illegal water tax as the sclerotic tissue of incompetence, corruption, and unaccountability that it is.

      P.S. Ponsi also swiped the original Kelly Mejia story from FFFF and put it under his own name without attribution.

      And, yes: vote recall!

    2. Andy I think what you said is absolutely correct. If I had the money I will buy one. Let the citizens of “Fullerton” take their city back.
      “NO RECALL”

        1. It’s nice to see you are finally correcting your own spelling errors, John Doe.

          Glad we could teach you something here. 🙂

          1. The only thing you teach me here is to hate…NO thank you. If I catch it I correct it, if not..oh well. The big deal.

            1. We didn’t teach you to hate homeless people. You did that all by yourself. That’s why your brothers in blue murdered Kelly Thomas in cold blood.

      1. Would you buy a banner with the image of 6 bloated FPD swine beating Kelly Thomas?

        We Love Fullerton! Booyah!

          1. The Manson family murdered 9 people and they are still alive.

            Kelly Thomas murdered 0 people and he is dead.

            Here’s a little Sesame Street game for you……Which of these cases is NOT the same?

            1. Manson dead people didn’t run and fight? But Kelly did? But in both cases no one would have died?

              1. Kelly didn’t run and fight. He was legally defending himself from illegal intimidation and aggression. Kelly did not strike the first blow. He was a defenseless person who was trying to get away from threats, and he was MURDERED by six overweight cops who didn’t know how to arrest someone without killing them.

                1. While you were there did you actually see that all six cops were overnight? I’m surprised they caught him since they were ALL so fat. Hmmmmmm

                2. That’s why they used their batons and tasers. And, that’s why they ganged up on Kelly, crushed him, collapsed his lung, and then bludgeoned him to death AFTER he was already unconscious. They were SO AFRAID of an unconcious man.

                3. In Reality, who cares what diploma mill they got their GED or degree from. The Reality Is, they FAILED as cops, they FAILED as human beings and they MURDERED an innocent man.

                4. Incorrect. Kelly was moving away from Ramos when Wolfe hit him with the stick and then the two fat fucks piled on to him.

                  He wasn’t even defending himself.

                1. LOL GED. That’s dumb. That’s all you have after a year? How about this. Tell me how many of the fat 6 cops had only GEDs?

              2. I see that “John Doe 1-10” went off duty, and your shift has begun…quick, grab some donuts and Starbucks and begin blogging!

                1. So…if it works so well for you…maybe you should just go back to being quiet???

                2. I’m at Starbucks right now..and joe. The 2 fat fucks couldn’t restrain the crazy smelly dude cause of his smell.

                3. No I’m at Starbucks now..And Joe two fat fucks couldnt control a crazy smelly dude. They probably couldnt stand the smell.

      2. What I meant was, let the citizens take the city back from corporate interests and unadulterated greed. I say Yes on the Recall….remember, Fullerton isn’t for sale for people like Ackerman, Bennett, and Ellis

  8. Intended to be all inclusive, the “we” on the Fullerton banners. “We love Fullerton” actually is the majestic plural. The “we” that sponsors these banners are our corrupt city council. their banners are nothing more than propaganda intended to buy the majestic plural and their cronies who feed on the crumbs thrown to them by Bankhead,McKinley and Jones positive spin. Those who truly love Fullerton fight on for the recall,of the evil triad from our town’s government, Jones,Bankhead and Jones.

  9. Would FFFF mind sponsoring a banner with Albert Rincon’s picture on it?

    That would be true community service.

    1. No, the banners are not being installed with taxpayer money. The $300 cost includes putting them up and taking them down. The city council has nothing to do with them. You can have any (tasteful) Fullerton image on the banner.

      1. “The city council has nothing to do with them”

        Incorrect. They are hanging from city property for which a city permit must have been approved. No getting around it.

  10. LOL, Lou says Fullerton’s “reputation” was bruised.

    Lou, what are you getting for trying to be Fullerton’s PR man?

    1. Actually it was deeply wounded. But rather than clean and dress the wound the old guard and their lackeys would prefer to slap some makeup on it and call it healthy tissue.

      But I do wish FFFF had gotten a banner for somewhere on Harbor: We love Fullerton. Elect real leaders.

  11. This Ponsi character is obviously just a shill for the established (dis)order. But that’s the way it’s always been.

    Remember Babs Giasone and Jackie Brown (shudder).

  12. IMO, If the banners are exclusively for the edification of Fullerton, then Kelly Thomas wouldn’t have even been mentioned so detailed in the article, evidenced by this Lou Ponsi quote which links you to other OC Register articles about Kelly not of “cool” articles regarding Fullerton-of Kelly Thomas,

    “The campaign aims to remind the public about the endearing qualities of Fullerton, which has had its reputation somewhat bruised following last summer’s death of a homeless man, Kelly Thomas, after being detained by police. Two officers face trial and have pleaded not guilty.”

    Im just sayin.
    And, BTW, what IS the connection of Tommy Lasorda to Fullerton?

    1. Merijoe,
      Tommy Lasorda has lived in Fullerton since around late 70’s when he became the Dodger manager. Other ex-Dodgers are or used to be Fullerton residents like Mickey Hatcher (the current Angels hitting coach) and at one time Kirk Gibson.

      But really, BFD to the whole thing!

      1. Well, I agree, this is a community thing isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be in a community type paper? Nothing new, but, I wonder real hard about this Lou Ponsi and his connections to certain Fullerton members now.

        1. Agreed.

          I just noticed this from ACU above:
          Lou, what are you getting for trying to be Fullerton’s PR man?

          Bingo! His bank account could very well be where some of Fullerton’s residents overpaid water bills sit; which is probably why he never discusses the water tax issue.

          1. Or Lou’s boss is in bed with the corrupt ones, and Lou is being told what he will and will not print, what questions he will and will not ask.

            We see that up here with our biggest paper, selective reporting at it’s finest. Or next largest paper NEVER prints any scathing articles of government corruption.

            The question begs to be asked when you see some of this stuff being ignored by the OC register. Their follow up to most of this just SUCKS!!!

            When Lou did his first major article on FPD or one of them, it was the pictures and story with Hughes and the inside of the station.

            That seem to set the stage from that point forward, and we have seen little since.

            When you see people’s civil rights being violated, people dying, being incarcerated without just cause, and all you get is pictures of the Chief and his police station. LAUGHABLE!!!!

            1. If that’s the scenario, I don’t care who’s pulling strings and making demands…Lou is a grown ass man, somethings are more important than a job, for those who have any ethics, morals and character, that is.

              Culture of Corruption

  13. Guess what?

    We bought a 4F banner, that’s what.

    Now let’s see where they’re going to put it. Any guesses?

    1. They actually sold you one? gadz-did they gag?

      Who did you pick for the picture?

      Oh, they choose where it goes? My guess, it will be scheduled for placement at the Circle K in Big Bear

        1. Place the banner Under the Fullerton Train Days banner at the train station.
          “May 5 & 6 Railroad Days”
          ” May 7 Kelly Thomas trial”

  14. I used to love Fullerton. Now I am embarrassed to tell people where I live. They usually ask if that’s where the cops killed “that guy “? And then I have to say “yes”.

    1. Ask the resident of any city if the cops killed someone there. The answer would be YES. Although they usually shoot them, it is not on tape, there aren’t any credible witness’s and it is not a slow news …..

      1. Sandman, I live in OC and in my city there have been no cop killings other than one by LA County Sheriff chasing a suspect. You are a troll!

        1. And I’d bet that LA County Sheriff’s deputy said he thought he saw the suspect reach for his ‘waist area’.
          Always a justifiable shooting for any cop in anytown USA… 🙁

      2. Apparently by “any city” The Sandman means every city he doesn’t live in as he imagines it to be in his head.

        He has a very persistent imagination.

  15. This is what is done in communist countries pounding the diversionary propaganda. It wont work here. Too many people are awake for different reasons. Ask Hee Haw deep wounds don’t heal unless they are debrided, cleansed and treated. They have done none of the aforementioned up to this point. They have just hidden the wound behind a thin sheen of phony concern. June is approaching fast.

  16. Lou doesn’t have a “real” boss, the inmates are running that asylum at the OCR. They have long gotten rid of any intelligent writers/editors that might have existed years ago.

  17. Public Labor Unions and Violence and Lou Ponsi!!

    Morgan O. Reynolds
    Unions and Violence
    February 1983 •

    The economist’s special insight into union violence rests on the theory of monopoly, more properly, cartel theory, as well as the general notion that people respond to incentives. In economic terms, a trade union is a combination of sellers of labor services who individually have little or no control over the labor market but who seek to control the market through collective action. Unionists have never concealed their ambitions because they often have announced that their purpose was to “take competition out of wages” or to “take wages out of competition.”

    1. Same link as above

      Violence also shows the incomplete power of unions because other organized producer groups like the American Medical Association, tree-pruners, cosmeticians, and so on, do not have to rely on strikes and private intimidation. Instead, they have licensing laws. In the event of encroachments on their market, they merely telephone the government for a policeman to restrain new entrants. If unions relied more directly on the public police force to restrain trade on behalf of worker cartels, the hoodlums and other specialists in violence would be less valuable to union officials. Unions then would look somewhat more respectable and less dependent on “undesirable” elements.

          1. No the 6th, The Darkening leads to the Enlightening. (Just like the Renaissance)

            When someone shines a light, the cockroaches scatter, but there is some stupid or old ones, that just sit there. Thats when you take action or call the exterminator. FPD Station use to be a Hotel. (@Tuco)

            1. FPD station used to be a hotel?
              What was the name of the hotel?
              Where were they located prior to that location?

  18. Lou Ponsi scheme. That is the OC Register system of kissing the butt of law enforcement for the past 50 years. Show me otherwise!
    You can support the good things law enforcement does, but you never, never fail to report the not so good things too. That type of balanced coverage keeps everyone on their toes, not everyones fingers in the cookie jar!

  19. How Powerful Are Public Unions?
    February 28, 2011

    The facts suggest that the force is neither small nor countervailing, but large and prevailing. At the state and local levels, unions run the show. They run it financially, and run it by turning out at the polls.

    Now, public unions have the strongest (but by no means sole) interest in their own compensation. It’s true that you don’t have businesses sitting across from the bargaining table with the public unions. But that doesn’t mean those unions lack an opposing force. Paying public employees more requires raising taxes. The cost of taxes is apparent and immediate for voters. The cost of a less effective public workforce plays out over long time horizons and is harder to demonstrate.

  20. man, I’ve been driving around for the last two days trying to find my banner. If anyones seen it, please let me know where it is! It says “The Super Best Friends” and has me, Jesse La Tour, Becky Holt, Matt Rowe… al.

  21. In your eyes cops fail every time they put a uniform on.

    Jury will decide for the others in this world if they failed, or if someone else failed.

    Justice for ALL :
    In Reality, who cares what diploma mill they got their GED or degree from. The Reality Is, they FAILED as cops, they FAILED as human beings and they MURDERED an innocent man.

    1. No, they fail when they are corrupt and abuse and murder innocent victims. Unfortunately, there are a lot of FPD cops who are giving the good cops a very bad reputation.

      1. True. No more at Fullerton than at any other PD in the USA. That won’t ever change. Humans are swayed by temptation and that will only get worse in this economy. Getting the bad ones out is and always will be a challenge.

        1. “the economy” has zero to do with murder, sexual assault etc. if you thin k the sow making 87G a year that stole an i=Pad did it because of the economy, how does that compute?

        1. So in trial the video will show Wolfe whacking Kelly while he sat on the curb. Interesting. But he wasn’t charged? Are you sober toniight or just grumpy?

          1. Kelly Thomas was NOT sitting on the curb at the time that he was struck with the first baton blow to his thigh; Kelly was backing away from Ramos after being threatened. Please go back and listen again to the D.A.’s detailed description of the events that took place the night that Kelly Thomas was murdered.

            Regardless of what your true motives might possibly be for constantly posting your DIS-information on this blog, the majority of your posts are aimed at making excuses for the criminal behavior of FPD.

            You project an extremely tolerant and defeatist attitude towards corruption, crime, abuse and murder within the ranks of LE. You don’t seem to be very motivated to try to root out the culture of corruption, at ALL levels. I think you prefer the status quo far too much; it seems to suit you just fine.

            I believe, that if you were a professional in LE, who had any morals or integrity, your true purpose on this blog would be to RESTORE (not destroy) public confidence in the motives, integrity and mission of LE and especially in FPD.

            I believe that someone such as yourself, particularly in management??, would be trying their very hardest to project an image, attitude and a culture of ZERO tolerance towards corruption, abuse and murder of ANYONE, no matter how “smelly” or mentally ill, or destitute they might be!!

            Your comments on this blog are extremely Unprofessional, and particularly unseemly, for any member of LE, and even MUCH less acceptable for a member of the management. You are doing FPD personnel a great DISservice by posting your hateful comments on this blog. You are CONSTANTLY creating an even GREATER distrust of the true motives of FPD personnel and of the culture within FPD. Perhaps that is your intent.

            You are either just a PROVOCATEUR, or you are REALLY STUPID.

            1. I have to first give props to your post, and I’d like to add that I know and have spoken to two eyewitnesses to the murder of Kelly Thomas, and your description of events is spot on to what they’ve related to me.
              This is one of the reasons that I have a hard time with Officer Wolfe not facing criminal charges of any sort, and have wondered if the DA plans on using Wolfe’s testimony to convict Ramos and Ciccinelli?

              1. I used to think that, too but now I’m convinced our do-nothing DA is doing as little as possible to prosecute the case. Wolfe was very much an instigator, who according to the DA delivered the first blow.

                I do not believe the fairy tale that Wolfe was unaware Kelly was being provoked. I think he was watching and waiting.

  22. Lifesaving Service :No the 6th, The Darkening leads to the Enlightening. (Just like the Renaissance)
    When someone shines a light, the cockroaches scatter, but there is some stupid or old ones, that just sit there. Thats when you take action or call the exterminator. FPD Station use to be a Hotel. (@Tuco)

    RI do you know anything about this prior use as a Hotel?

  23. *********************************************************
    Though the trolls help the Blog very much, Thank You 🙂
    Dont Feed them too much, Beware of the Intentional wrong
    information, and Political influencing. Greed is one of the if not the ugliest human emotion, Hitler, Sadahm, Lenin, Fullerton City and their lack of Leadership, Marshal Applewhite-Heavens Gate. Neros Rome!

  24. I am not sure how Pomona PD Sergeant Patrick O’Malley got labeled as Reality Is. But RI is NOT Patrick O’Malley.

    I first thought Sellers, but he is to much of a coward to come back and spend all this time defending FPD, when he ran the second things got to hot.

    It’s taken some time to make the connection, but what I know about Patrick O’Malley, he has NO HORSE in this race and WOULD NOT spend day in and day out on this blog at all hours, attempting to defend a department he doesn’t even work for.

    O’Malley could not answer or comment in the manner RI has. Wild ass guesses day in and day out become obvious.

    But even then, WAY too many hours on the blog if he is a working Sergeant, which he is, and works 9a-5p as a PIO for Pomona. So VERY difficult for him to blog ALL day and still work. Info I obtained from google.

    The only one who would put in this much effort is someone who has something to LOSE at the end of the day. O’Malley sure doesn’t.

    I can’t recall anyone laying down any foundation or information supporting O’Malley as RI.

    Only those who know about the inner workings of a PD would pick up on what RI has said, and be able to finally come up with someone other than O’Malley.

    RI has made so many subtle comments on issues that clearly suggest an internal knowing of FPD.

    Several comments on his rank and past experience that CLEARLY suggest someone within. Like his teachings at Golden West, which of course turned out to be bogus.

    O’Malley seems like he might be on the rowdy side in real life. I don’t think he would hesitate to meet me either. He seems like a guy who can and will take care of business.

    We have noticed the last couple weeks when RI is on the net, so is John Doe. Albey Al too, since the last Rincon thread.

    The comments on this blog move pretty fast, so I am sure I have missed some other clues as to RI.

    RI has said at least once he is an old man. That he is in REALITY.

    Everyone welcome RI, AKA Don Bankhead backed up by Pat McKinley from time to time. BOTH have something to lose.

    Don Bankhead City Councilman, Navy Vet from the Korean War. Policeman who started his career in 1962 rose through the ranks to Captain and retired in 1988. Been a City Councilman for many more years.

    YOU have something to lose Bankhead, along with you sidekick Pat McKinley. And you both know what’s going on at FPD too.

    Dang straight Bankhead your an old man. What are you 75-77. The only battle you can fight and be safe at these days is behind the keyboard or at the council meeting with plenty of blue standing around you.

    ONLY someone like you, who has all day and into the night if necessary, to comment on this blog, give your opinion on the Kelly Thomas matter, law enforcement matters, attempting to explain somethings to the readers, and throw darts at others like myself.

    So Bankhead this is your fun and games on the blog, because it doesn’t seem like you have much to say at meeting you so often talk about here, because your nodding off.

    But here you can play games and speak your mind if someone pisses you off. The council meeting you wear a different hat.

    A half a century of being in Fullerton Bankhead, over 30 years of having your finger in the pie in some form or fashion.

    This is the tuffest and longest fight you have had to deal with, that’s WHY your here at FFFF. YOU and your 2 partners have a lot to lose.

    Now I know why you didn’t argue with me on a good number of things, you have been out of the BIG LOOP in LE since 1988.

    Your dabbling in certain commentary on political issues outside the scandals at FPD also suggest your not Patrick O’Malley.

    Yes Bankhead, that’s why you wouldn’t meet me. Your butt would be in deep doo after some of the comments you have made about Kelly alone.

    If your so much in the know about Kelly’s case then you should be calling BS on DA Rack RIGHT NOW. But you have NO BALLS in real life.

    Yep Bankhead your elitist comments about being a nobody because they did not elevate in rank also shows you know little about what a REAL cop knows or experienced.

    Continue on Bankhead, there is a method to my madness.

    But YOUR one sickass person to play these games on this blog and think there is no recourse for YOUR conduct.

      1. How can O’Malley be on here all the time when he should be working? I have paid attention to the times.

        I just want someone to tell me how this O’Malley guy fits into the picture?????

        I think someone came up with a name and ran with it.

        Someone tell me the motive for O’Malley to be here please?

        1. “Someone tell me the motive for O’Malley to be here please?”

          Only he can tell you.

          Maybe Claremont Resident can tell us. That’s who told us.

              1. RI aka P. B. O’Malley is a thrill seeker, and we will find out soon enough his connection to Fullerton, if there even is one.

          1. Claremont resident has been saying so since August yet no one would listen, I finally did my own research (as can everyone) and I am convinced it is RI= PO It was very enlightening what I found. The well is deep.

            1. RI=the Devil incarnate He changes into any form he chooses. Beware. The evil manifestation of RI is everywhere! You will often recognize him by the donut crumbs on his face and shirt.

  25. Reality Is :

    LOL GED. That’s dumb. That’s all you have after a year? How about this. Tell me how many of the fat 6 cops had only GEDs?

    All of them? I think Wolfe was a guard at a high school.

  26. I always pictured RI, as the old fat naked man, eating cheetos in his bean bag chair. With his laptop warming his privates.

  27. andy anderson :man, I’ve been driving around for the last two days trying to find my banner. If anyones seen it, please let me know where it is! It says “The Super Best Friends” and has me, Jesse La Tour, Becky Holt, Matt Rowe… al.

    Please tell me you didnt where that black north face jacket? Tell me one of those red headed girls you pal with told you….not to wear it… the real question…Jesse in green pants – fnger crossed.

    1. I always wear my black north face jacket. Helps people recognize me. After all, I’m not afraid to show my face around Fullerton or this blog…how about you Citizen M?

  28. andy anderson :I always wear my black north face jacket. Helps people recognize me. After all, I’m not afraid to show my face around Fullerton or this blog…how about you Citizen M?

    Andy I adore you, lets get that straight…I love that jacket, I just gove you a hard time, you know who Iam….I have always been Citizen M…I didnt mean to upset you …I like that jacket, just wondering, never seen you with out it, even in 100 degree …..

  29. As an interested and concerned citizen, I have a different take on banners that popped up recently. Literally having some right outside my front door, my advertising background kicked in and my first thought was to wonder “Did they get permission to use that licensed image by Norman Rockwell?’ You know the one, with the cop and the kid that appeared on the front cover of the Saturday Evening Post back in the 50s? I thought it humorous that they might be required to yank those banners because they simply forgot to get permission.

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