We Know Which Idiot Hired Cicinelli. So Who Hired McKinley?

Not a sparrow fell...

Another disastrous decision maker, City Manager James L. Armstrong, that’s who.

From a 1993 LA Times article, here.

Seems as if the mass exodus of LAPD cops gave McKinley the opportunity to take his pick of his former colleagues and put them on the streets of Fullerton.

Fullerton: a veritable jobs program for ex-LAPD cops. And it’s interesting to connect the dots in this Bilblical succession of miscreants: Armstrong hires McKinley; McKinly hires Cicinelli; the cop who never should have been on the street bashes in Kelly Thomas’ face like a piñata.

We’ve written about the control freak Armstrong before, perched as he was, atop an incompetent pyramid of his own construction. When Shakespeare said, “the evil that men do lives after them” he said a mouthful.

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  1. Yep, that’s our boy Armstrong. He hired McKinley and also Susan Hunt, who was one short step away from pure evil.

    1. He’s at the same place he left Fullerton for — Santa Barbara. He is the City Administrator/Treasurer/Clerk — Got lots of hats to wear.

    2. Another little side note… Armstrong groomed the former assistant to the head of Maintenance & Operations to be his successor. I think ole Chris Meyer was psychic or just plain lucky to bail with his very generous CalPERS retirement when he did. I don’t think Joe is up to the job he was left, or better what it has evolved into.

  2. Without intervention, government corruption takes the same route as mental illness in families: It shows up unreconsituted in the next generations.

    Sidenote: Unreconstituted is not really a word, but my English-teacher aunt used it for lack of better one, and I like it.

  3. wonder if he still likes to swim and exercise with other police members -So glad that was put in the LA Times article-nothing else to say, I guess

  4. Sheriff’s staff raised red flags about jail brutality 2 years ago

    By Jack Leonard and Robert Faturechi, Los Angeles Times

    October 29, 2011, 9:25 p.m.

    “Public scrutiny of the county’s jails has intensified since The Times reported in September that federal authorities are investigating reports of inmate abuse and other deputy misconduct…The county Board of Supervisors has called for reforms and is setting up a commission to investigate the scope of the jails’ problems.”


    O.k., I know this about Fullerton. This article is only to illustrate that many of these problems within the public sector are rampant, across all municipalities. Kelly Thomas’ death has affected so many people and has shed light–one more time–on the breakdown of the public sector.

    The LA Co. jail system is in a crisis, and has been for years, but only now the Board wants to establish a commission, another USELESS commission? Please.

    This is not a good time for people to sit back complacently hoping our leaders will do the right thing for their constituents.

  5. Would this beating and death have occurred if the citizens witnessing it had been armed? Why do I doubt that it would? It is no secret why the government wants to get rid of our right to bear arms! These police officers have no fear of the public. They have set themselves above the law. We would be better off individually armed than having these bunch of thugs and their handlers “protecting us”.

    1. Really, it’s no secret? Do tell!

      I know plenty of private citzien douchebags who shouldn’t be anywhere near a gun let alone be waving a gun around other people. Talk about collateral damage.

  6. May we please have a list of FFFF’s ‘politically correct’ elected city leaders and upper level staff (City Administrator and Dept heads) — both past and current.

  7. Darryl Gates was available, around that time. Armstrong could have hired him, and then we could really have had some fun!

  8. It makes sense to me why FPD has had so many problems after reading background info on McKinley. He not only brought several officers with him to Fullerton, but the mindset of LAPD to the Fullerton PD of officer detachment, cold or rude interactions with people including frequent brutality with arrests.

    Sellars just thought he would have to babysit for 2 or 3 years until retirement and probably thought the department was too big a job to alter or correct and would just simmer like a puss filled infection until he got out of there. After all, one of the first things McKinley did was to rewrite departmental policy to his way of doing things. McKinley stated he was set to tackle Fullerton’s big problem at the time he took office of ‘GRAFFITI’……. I’m sure Fullerton wishes for those days before McKinley, when it was just a sleepy little town whose biggest problem was graffiti.

    No wonder Sellers bailed when he realized there was no way to stop the dam from breaking, , because he knew what would be revealed as events were coming to light, would sound just like the plot of a Joseph Wambaugh novel.

    1. liked joseph wambaugh’s novels, his style was brutal honesty. if this was a wambaugh novel, then his only redeeming characters would be the Saturday protestors at fullerton pd and the FFFF bloggers

      1. Yes, , but all the cop main characters had so many problems and issues and stuff going on around them, , just like FPD officers? I think Cincinelli especially sounds like one of his characters.

        BTW,…..Wambaugh was an LAPD officer

  9. Happy Halloween Fullerton……You’re due for a lot of treats, after all the tricks you’ve had from those wearing masks in positions of power.

  10. Desert Rat. Armstrong/Hunt. Now I’ve got you. You are just Tony Bushala in drag…or mufti, or whatever….

  11. He also was responsible for bringing his LAPD friends to FCPA where they were taught to train like the training camps in Pasadena. He is a sample of the training. This is being featured in the Whittier Daily News. Frank Girardot is the editor. In todays paper. Remember 3 of the 6 were from FCPA. The training was horrible & the cheating and corruption was unreal.

  12. Watching the jaw dropping video of Rick Perry under the influence of ecstasy in New Hampshire over the weekend, and the sleazy video of Herman Cain pretending he doesn’t remember most of the details of the sexual harassment lawsuits he quietly settled, I’m reminded of the odd news of birds suddenly falling out of the sky, dead.

    Nature has given us a perfect metaphor for the current political environment. The candidates are falling from the sky, their chance of becoming president already setting into rigor mortis. And the two dodo birds, Palin and Bachman, who could never fly anyway, and never really had a chance at the prize, are wobbling around the carnage clucking their smug dismay.

    The situation in Fullerton seems very much the same to me. For years the city council has been squawking platitudes to the citizens and their naive notions of accountability. The death of Kelly Thomas, hogtied and beaten in the street by 6 murderous cops in front of horrified onlookers, has been like a shotgun blast into the flock of cronies swarming city hall.

    I expect there will be grizzled old birds dropping from the city council after the recall election. And their embezzling sycophants will surely be right beside them, stiff and stinking.

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