Wait For The Investigation To Be Done!

Thus speaketh the knee-jerk supporters of cops, and of course the cops themselves, as they comment here, promoting the temporizing and stalling tactics that have worked so well in the past, and that give the Fullerton Six and the Three Blind Mice confidence that soon the whole Kelly Thomas bludgeoning murder by the police will just blow over.

Yet it occurred to me yesterday after contemplating the words of our erstwhile Do Nothing DA, Tony Rackauckas, that these same proponents of an idiotic two-six month time frame for toxicology and microscopic tests (microscopic tests!), etc., haven’t addressed the rather salient fact that their bad boys in blue refuse to talk to DA investigators, and that with respect to interviewing the closest witnesses to the murder, the investigation will probably never be complete. Now that seems pretty damn hypocritical to me.


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  1. Yes. And I am concerned about Ruck’s avoidance of calling the cops’ refusal so far to be interviewed a lack of “cooperation.” They have 5th Am. rights not to talk to the DA, but when that happens with non-cops, DAs and cops invariably phrase that as “not cooperating.”

    He also said if he no-files the case he will provide a detailed account of why. This is exactly what happened in the Marvin Booker police jail beating death of Marvin Booker in Denver last year. They stalled the “investigation,” dragging it out for eight months, and refused to release the jail video during this period. Finally, the DA no-filed the case and presented the video along with a detailed whitewash that broke every blow and maneuver down and attempted to justify it.

    The Booker case wasn’t quite as clear cut as it is here, so I’m still hopefull, but guardedly so at best.

    1. No charges have been filed. Why would the six go 5th when they have yet to be accused?

      The six are primary witnesses to the crime. They lawyered up and refuse to be interviewed.

      1. What everyone is forgetting is that we have their statements. Reports were filed the night of the beating. If the cops knew Kelly was going to die, they never would have filed those reports. Ultimately, I believe those reports will be used to hang them when scrutinized along with the other evidence. And I believe others besides the six are going to get sucked in because they did not project their omissions and inactions would be scrutinized later on in the homicide investigation that this is proceeding towards.

        1. Reports are done no matter what. They knew his status when they wrote the reports and they watched the bus station video. Should be no surprises.

          1. So you are saying in a cop shooting with a dead suspect that the cop is going to be writing a report? No- Officers in shootings or deaths at their hands will give a statement to supervisors only after being ORDERED to do so- that way the statement obtained is coerced and cannot be used against him later in a possible prosecution. Cops know the way the system works and the game is played.

      2. Because of all the BS and made up stuff by the activists. Why talk? Wait until you have to talk. Don’t all attorneys tell you if you ever get arrested don’t say a word? Same here.

  2. Just wondering, are there any known pay scales that can be used to keep a daily ticker of what it is costing the tax payers of Fullerton to keep these disgraced 6 on the payroll, while the D.A. drags out or as has been suggested intentionally stalls the investigation?

      1. ExPat – you may rest assured the $76K per month is not including realistic current funding requirements for retirement pensions and health insurance benefits. Figure at least $100K per month. I haven’t looked at the payroll for Fullerton, but in Costa Mesa the average total compensation for police officers is about $200K per year. If the same applies in Fullerton, that would support the $100K per month assumption.

    1. Doesn’t matter. They can’t fire them without knowing exactly was done by each person. Two drove up as it was over. So why fire them? They fire them all without cause it will cost them more in the end. Look at Inglewood. $2.4 million back to the cops.

  3. We have to keep the pressure ON! Constant public protests and demanding answers publicly is key. Fullerton officials are SICK to DEATH of “having to deal with the masses.” I’m sure they just want their lives back. This is a burden to them. Keep making them uncomfortable. Keep inconveniencing them. Keep publicizing how unacceptable their inaction is. More and more public pressure will make it impossible for them to make this just go away. It will not go away! I’m looking forward to the next city council meeting. I’ll be there and I hope every citizen of Fullerton will be there to look into the faces of our “leaders” and tell them how we feel.

    1. You really think you are bothering them? They just deal with the case indoors and let it run the course. They could care less about all the idiots yelling and screaming. A process is in place and there is nothing they can do to change that.

  4. I understand that this is not first and foremost a money issue, I only advocate this as a way of maintaining public interest in the days when no new information is forthcoming, even a casual observer would be concerned over such a waste of tax payer funds in these financially troubled times. This is what the city council and pd dread, they want for the community outrage to subside so this case can go away and they can get back to the business of fleecing the citizens of Fullerton

    1. Exactly. You’re right on the money, nomad.

      The FPD and City are in rope-a-dope mode. We knew this was coming; no surprise.

      2-6 months for tox reports. tox reports on a poor murdered soul who lingered on hospital life support for five days.

      The bad guys still believe their fix is in. It isn’t.

      I’ll be here every day for the next 2-6 months. So will you. We all will.

      Kelly never meant to do this, but he has drawn the line in the sand. Someone had to, eventually.

      Kelly was murdered in the gutter by the FPD.

      It cost him everything. We must honor his sacrifice by keeping his story alive and growing.

    2. People have to work on a solid future plan that stops one group of people from depleting tax dollars from the other, endlessly.

      All people need work to avoid a servitude type society.

      A system should be designed, so that money is taken out of the equation and replaced by pure truth of information.

      Yet for now, a common adopted system is the old designed meant to spend more citizen tax dollars the more a citizen pursues.

  5. They locked up Casey Anthony for not talking, even before the body was found. Why not look up these cops? Also why are we still waiting for a toxic screen? That is normally done in hours not months! Did anyone tox screen the cops?

    1. Excellent point. We know the suspects.

      We know the suspects in Kelly’s murder.

      Does Kelly Thomas have an attorney?

      Kelly will win his case, no doubt. God, this is so sad. This is so fucking sad. I hate what FPD did to this poor young soul.

      Stay on point. Move Kelly’s story forward. Remain in light.

  6. ADMIN **********

    We need a “sticky” or link to all contact information DA, city council, police senator’s governor ECT so we can make ourselves known

    Also this site is great for posting the problems (thank you)….we need an area on this blog for activism, engagement, solutions, strategy, and direction. Problem / Solution


  7. The cops (as likely criminal defendants) have the absolute right not to talk to prosecutors. As a Libertarian-leaning blog, I fail to see why you don’t recognize this. Don’t get me wrong, I think most (if not all) of the cops involved are probably guilty of various crimes. However, the 5th Amendment protects EVERYONE, including bad cops.

    Fortunately, there it appears that there is pretty damning video evidence of what transpired and justice will eventually be served.

    1. Of course they have the right to use the 5th Amendment.

      And we have the right to look at the evidence and call them murderers.

    2. Anonymous,
      When suspects take the 5th, the DA is usually quick to put out “uncooperative” statements to the media. DA in this case has said nothing, and when poked and prodded about the main witnesses in the case, we get T-Hack double speak….along the lines of “nobody didn’t not ever could of maybe not asked to speak with the six…” ?? doesnt leave a good feeling….

      1. OK, thos is the most corrupt DA in the State of California who, to my knowledge, has never prosecuted a cop (or a rich friend of Michael Schroeder’s). You expect something different this time?

    1. They shot a guy with a gun. Good job cops. It’s the biggest ghetto in London. If it happened here they would burn a few innocent people’s businesses but cops here would shut them down. Cops here actually use beanbags, gas, rubber bullets, and batons. Try it.

  8. WOW……

    IF me and a few HOMEBOYS, went out one night and KICKED THE SHIT out of someone ,,, ANYONE, a homeless guy , some douche business guy getting off the train ,, a COP, or whoever,, i mean , beat the shit out of , OR for sake of this argument ,JUST pushed downed ,, and scared….



    me and my HOMMIES , would be in Jail the next day,, the video would be used and we would be locked up in THEO LACEY .




    oh but what if we say the guy was CRAZY , and he attacked US,, well that wouldn’t really matter , FOR ONE REASON because there were six of us ,,

    and for another reason



    1. True. Because they would ID you as the aggressor and suspect. Your actions would be known. You go to jail and the DA has 48 hours to file charges. In this case with 80 so called witnesses, finding out who did what is still not known today. Without that they would be booked and released in 48 hours. Much more complex case.

  9. There are two types of people: those who believe in our justice system and those who have examined it closely.

  10. I recommend that you do not put your faith in a local district attorney, who has to rely on the police force to do his job and be successful, you will be sorely disappointed in the outcome.

    It’s obvious to anyone with a brain what happened, but what actually happened and what can be proven in court are 2 different things.

    The D.A. in this case is actually playing the role of defense attorney. His investigation, and his reason for secrecy, are for the purpose of finding reasons NOT to file charges. He will not reveal evidence before he has found a way to refute it.

    Your hope for justice lies outside the local community, with the feds, the U.S. Attorney. Kelly was deprived of his civil rights. This is your only hope for justice. If you think you’re going to get it from the D.A., your too naive to be of any help to Kelly Thomas.

  11. ….. as I watch,read,and listen,the more I become scared that some how or some way “they” will all get away with the killing of Kelley Thomas. Please don’t let them get away with this murder……I pray…..

  12. I have a question. Was there any evidence that cars were being broken into that evening (i.e. broken windows, witnesses, car owners)? This all seems so shady to me. And clearly he wasn’t armed or fighting back (from the videos) if anything he was trying to protect himself.

    We cannot let up on the issue, the more people we get involved the better. This is not only a police brutality issue, but a homeless and mental health issue. These issues stem through to all counties, states, countries. Now, the DA and City Council’s lack of comments and urgency has become to new disappointment in Fullerton. It is sad to see this from the city I grew up in but hopefully some good can come from this.

    Just because you were a uniform and a badge does not give you the authority to KILL. Lock it up on the testosterone.

    1. The caller said a dirty local transient is looking into cars acting suspicious. Contact is made. He runs and fights. He dies. The rest and all the actions by the 2 cops and the 4 responders is still unknown.

  13. got to write , in only proper english here, or you get caught in the spam filter, no caps or spacing, how stupid.

    end point,

    what i was trying to say is this,

    If me and a few hombres went out one night and beat the shit out of someone, a homeless man, a douche bag business guy getting off the train , or a cop.

    even if we just pushed him down and scared him , our asses would be in jail the very next day.

    and if we killed him,, our asses would be thrown in jail with a million dollars bail,,, never to see the light of day

    no investigation , no tox screen or other bullshit,

    fuck the DA, fuck the police, FUCK THE WHOLE DAM WORLD SLAVE SYSTEM , and fuck demerica, fuck babylon too

    and fuck it all



  14. The number one thing we can do as citizens is to NEVER speak to the cops when questioned about a crime. The only thing one can do when speaking is incriminate one self. The fateful 6 are using this technique as well. Here’s a video from a Law School Professor that explains this in detail. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc

  15. YA thats a good one ,,

    but, i think there are two paths,

    one is the path that london is taking , probably not the best path. DESTRUCTION

    or ,,

    turn your sub urban homes into working farms, fuck your taxes,

    grow food , rome is burning,

    and the slogan of the future, if we so have the balls




  16. and sorry ,, that last statement , was in regards to the way of life as a whole ,, which the SHITTY cops are only but a SYMPTOM OF THE WAY WE LIVE.


  17. Can someone post the contact for the FBI doing the investigation? maybe protesting above the FPD will get something done since the DA doesnt seem to care what the citizens think.

  18. but you are right in a sence ,, if we the people , can get off asses in large enough numbers, we should take this moutherfucker all the way to washington,

    burn out the root, and the tree dies


    1. Not enough people care. It’s losing steam already. Most people want justice to be served and know it will on the 2 main cops. Most don’t want the dad getting a dollar either. So it’s tough. Sad for the transient, wanting the dad to go away.

      1. Watching you change your tune has been interesting.

        First all of the cops were innocent. Now you say there were “2 main cops”.

        Glad to see you’re coming around to the good side.

  19. I live in Ventura county and am so sad and outraged about this. I’d like to join protests on Saturdays and hopefully bring others with me from this neck of the woods. What time to show up?

  20. I also worry about them getting away with it. I pray all the time that it isn’t so. We can’t let that happen!

  21. I feel so sorry for the Thomas Family. Such a shame that Kelly could be beaten to death by six rogue cops on the streets of Fullerton. But you should not wait for justice the cops will get off with a slap on the wrist. Cops are above the law. We see it time and again, even here in New Jersey.

  22. I just seen this beating on tv and I find it hard to believe that took 6 cops to subdue this human being. They had to have taken turns beating this man because you can’t get 6 people around 1 person without hitting each other. They should get all 6 cops for murder.

  23. Hey Ken, in the beginning it was reported that a couple of the officers ended up with a broken arm but then it turned out to be “soft tissue bruising” I’m sure as a result of the officer “accidently” hitting their own guys while beating Kelly.

  24. ACTUALLY,,,, I don’t think ,

    no more violence,
    know more violence,

    not to jump the gun ,,

    but shouldn’t they have a deadline ,


    like ,,

    2 weeks, set date, address the people , publicly,

    cuz , they will burn their own cars out , or police station down ,,

    and AND blame it on the non Lynch mob, they will incite you , this blolg will encite itself, NOT , to ,

    Know violence



  25. They ARE trying to wait this out. Like many unknown victims in the hands of Orange County Sheriffs and Fullerton Polices, Kelly Thomas’ death will vanish in the air and gone with the winds.
    It is a corrupted cultures in Orange County. Never mess around with the Untouchable and Invincble. You will end up hurting yourself.
    London and Israel won’t take it and neither will we!

  26. maybe they just know, theirs gunna be a HUGE EARTHQUAKE next week., and they are just waiting for the lockdown, that follows a DISASTER, oh well ,, the buildings fell down…

    WHAT then ,

    stay putters, till the vaste waves passers, tarnqis el el ranchito , despues , por que no . tine frijoles , y arose , ;laksjdfl;kasjdf;kj

  27. Tell it brother! Whiting’s worst tactic is to concede a few things that would be obvious to any reader so his opinion appears balanced, but then ignore the most important questions to avoid any real journalism.

  28. If Kelly Thomas hung out around the terminal and businesses knew of him…..wouldn’t good cops also know of him. I think these cops knew who he was and if they didn’t they should have. They would have know he was not a threat to anyone. I believe this was a hate crime, a hate crime against the homeless and mentally ill. I think the city counsel wants to free it’s city of the hopelessly homeless and sent in their goons. Too bad they didn’t have the integrety to stand up for the helpless. They should go to jail.

    1. Cops knew him. They knew he was a transient drug addict with hateful violent tendencies. They ran him out of the areas daily due to complaints. His past violence will be clear.

      1. Doesn’t excuse their behavior. Being addicted, mentally ill or homeless in not a crime. Shame on you for defending bully behavior.

  29. While they may be facing criminal charges and, as such, may invoke their 5thcurrent Amendment rights, they are obligated, under the OOBR to speak to IA investigators regarding administrative discipline as long as a Lybarger admonition has been made beforehand. But, I don’t see any IA investigators hanging around either.

  30. dumb obviously ,,, you think because someone may or may not of had a violent past , than its ok for him to be KILLED.

    ur an idiom , and think like a dumb cop.

    and ran him out of areas daily, if thats true , what kind of complaints, oh no there is a man with a beard outside my million dollar bar,

    and if i was kelly and i was harassed daily by the fullerton police , that is what you are saying right OBVIOUSLY, right , that kelly was harassed and run out of areas , daily ,

    stupid white people,

  31. “Obviously”, I was told by an intelligent homeless guy yesterday, that Kelly Thomas was once convicted of hitting his grandfather with a tire iron. I wonder if there is truth to this. Is a person’s past criminal record public record?? If this is true, than maybe we have a motive for these goons treatment of Kelly!!

    1. Huh? He got beaten to death by FPD because years ago he hit his grandfather with a tire iron??!!

      I hope this statement is not indicative of the intelligence of the Fullerton police officer or we are all in really big trouble. I guess we are all in really big trouble.

  32. This is MURDER and the officers should be tried for murder and the death penalty should apply. The department should be and hopefully will be sued to the point that they have so little money left for operations that they will have to resort to walking everywhere they go.

    This is ridiculous. How long will thugs like these get by with murder–and it is MURDER. A gang is a gang regardless of what color you wear–the thugs in this case just happen to be members of a legalized gang and can carry out their abuse with the full protection and support of the law….And their fellow “officers” will support their every action, regardless of how sadistic or evil it is. All you have to do is look at a few police forums in order to see how the cops think of and see the general public every day. And believe me, it isn’t flattering.

  33. Worth looking at ” Joint Enterprise Law” 300 year old law now being used in UK
    Anyone with knowledge and present of law breaking and criminality is also held accountable and given a Record plus…

  34. I can’t believe that it will take so long to produce a toxicology report in Orange County. We had an officer-involved shooting of an Ex-NFL player, David Lee Turner, here in Bakersfield on July 10. Guess what, the toxicology report was completed last week and the investigation is under way.

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