Mayor Pro Tem Makes Sexually Suggestive Remark At Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting Fullerton Mayor Pro Tem Don Bankhead said “Mayor, if you need any help, I would be more than happy to help you!”  At that moment Mayor Dick Jones had his arm around a Miss Fullerton contestant while the Mayor Pro Tem seemed to study the young ladies.  You can watch the exchange here.  Forward the video player to 0:20:00.

The unsavory comment, captured on the City’s cable TV feed, reflects a good example of poor leadership and disgraceful public service.  Mayor Pro Tem Bankhead was first elected to the Fullerton City Council in 1988.  If he can complete this term without a sexual harassment law suit and another recall election, he will have served for 26 years.

23 Replies to “Mayor Pro Tem Makes Sexually Suggestive Remark At Council Meeting”

  1. What a pervert! It is obvious that most of the girls are about 18 and under!! Most importantly, no one laughed at his comment but him.

  2. BTW, whatever happened about the investigation regarding Jones allegedly grabbing some woman policeman at the 2009 Christmas party?

  3. Bankhead’s always making unfunny jokes.

    Also he’s 80. And those chicks are young enough to be his great-granddaughters.

  4. Sebourn you appear to be a desperate little blogger. You lost in the last election soundly. Fullerton voters don’t want you! Get over it. It seems that your strategy is to talk about recall with Bankhead. This is the second time in a matter of weeks you brought it up. You sound desperate to get on council. People had the choice and you weren’t it.

    Whitaker congrats on picking a friend blogger on the PC. he’s another Bushala puppet who had a fab resume that was way better than others. Seems like you paid back a favor with that one to Tony , travis and “Friends”. Way to go honest guy.

    Thompson great stuff you got for being on school board.


    1. S.F., “NO MORE BLOGGERS IN ANY PUBLIC OFFICE”, you wana bet you’re wrong? I know Tony Bushala, trust me once he’s set a goal, there’s no stopping him or his Friends.

  5. Aw shit, Blankhead’s been leering at these chicks and making suggestive unfunny comments/jokes for 22 years. No sense in getting outraged now.

  6. Some might consider it a silly remark, but people ought to ask themselves “would I have said that”? More importantly, would you have made that remark from the dais of a city council? It’s just not an appropriate thing to say, but our Mayor Protem seems not to know or care.

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