Fullerton Redevelopment Whores Line Up To Praise Redevelopment Pimps

Last Tuesday’s council meeting included a comical orchestration in which numerous recipients of taxpayer subsidies ambled up to the microphone to heap praise upon the Three Blind Mice. They have millions of reasons to do so, as you will see in the accompanying video clip to which I have thoughtfully added text explaining who these people are and how much they have to gain by backing the present corrupt and incompetent regime.

Well we say it’s way past time for a regime change!

173 Replies to “Fullerton Redevelopment Whores Line Up To Praise Redevelopment Pimps”

    1. It appears to me that we are looking at the faces of those that value money over human decency, human, human compassion, human life and truth. What went wrong with these people? Oh yeah and I am supposed be impressed with 700 million worth of white elephants. In my opinion, as long as STATE SANCTIONED MURDER IS CONDONED, no amount of civic or infrastructure improvements are WORTH A DAMN TO ME. In this case it is really sad how the truth stands on its own.

  1. When you mess with Tuco……….
    Always know that there are a group of locals and corporations who in the immortal words of the late Sportscaster Jim Healey, “eat slops at the pigs trough”. They make money, big money, on the city contracts. They live off the city agencies. If there is a regime change, they are dead! Money is no object since the money originally came from various city contracts, easements, allowances, etc.
    Cut off the money and they flow away like refuse in a stream kicking and scratching down the river.
    Jesse Unrah said “Money is the mothers milk of politics!” Cut off that tainted money and you will be surprised at how much better the City Finances will be.

  2. That was one sad parade. They were indignant that the Three Somnambulant Septuagenarians were being blamed for something they considered not to be their fault, but were simultaneously willing to credit them for all sorts of school funding that had nothing to do with the city council.

  3. and furthermore when you mess with Tuco……
    Spending redevelopment money wisely is vitally important in Fullerton. Currently 42% of the houses are distressed sales. Where Tuco lives off my obviously ill gotten gains it is 4%. Where Pat McPension lives it is also quite low (in teens). But Fullerton, like Buena Park, is an older city and suffers from people walking away from their homes. 42% were underwater, offered as short sales and foreclosures. Waste of redevelopment money is a SIN. I should know, my brother is a priestly type!
    So giving redevelopment contracts to phoney consultants in hopes of getting it back as “political contributions” wastes the very monies Fullerton needs at a time when it is most needy.

  4. This makes me so mad, I have worked so hard to have a problem fixed by the City. For a year I worked through the proper canels, bringing them information that is over whelming. I have stayed out of the City Council Meetings, out of fear that all the hard work that I done to fix the problems in my neighbrhood. I want to help all

      1. I was first in line. This City Sucks! Even Norby is a great big fucking liar add Ackerman to that…..I can’t wait till someday I can retire and move out of this tiolet…..

  5. OOP!!! hit submit by mistake. as I saying, I want to help all of you, but until my problem is solved I must stay behind the lines on this Blog. Fullerton Sucks and I am a 34yr resident. Sorry….

  6. Erin :
    cg, sign the recall and I can assure you your problem WILL be fixed.

    Now here is the rub: When the petitions are done there needs to be candidates to replace them. This is fact.
    Don’t get me wrong as I am behind the recall 100%, but the question still remains: Who wants to run our city?
    Chris has said publicly that he will not run, which is fine, but I haven’t heard anyone here step up and want the job.
    After reading everyone on here it seems that none of you are qualified (myself included), so who will replace the inept pensionators we are trying to oust?
    Honest question.

    1. Let’s go with some young jackass, instead of a dust fartin blue hair, male or female ok with me. Somebody that I can yell at the Council Meetings, without falling asleep before I finish.

    2. I would run. I’m not sure what defines someone as “qualified” anymore, seeing as how these three somehow made it into office.

  7. Me, Tony and Travis.
    Tony can be mayor.
    I’ll go by my real name instead of ‘Wrong Guy’; that won’t fly.

  8. There is one thing that I have learned, don’t fuck with big corporations in Fullerton. They have money and the regular Joe does not. And the City will go with the big money every time. Yep, been here to long and been shit on to many times.

  9. Wrong Guy :
    Me, Tony and Travis.
    Tony can be mayor.
    I’ll go by my real name instead of ‘Wrong Guy’; that won’t fly.

    Ron, you would need to move to Fullerton first.
    Are you sure you are up to it?
    As far as Tony is concerned the smear campaign is already underway…do you think he can weather that storm(just asking)?
    I would vote for Travis though, no argument there.

  10. Travis is great, a little nerdy, but honest. Put a suit on him and let’s go for it. Sorry Scott, but you are to envolved, seen you in action and I don’t like your mouth, it’s to much like mine…. No Ron, sueing the City would not look good.

  11. I don;t know what was more pathetic…this scripted parade of fools or the three bigger fools sitting on their thrones lapping it all up. Bankhead even woke up for this; wide eyed, dopey smile and all. Yesireebob! They showed us!

    What they showed us was they could only get seven people who could read a script, tell us how well they liked the three idiots personally yet couldn’t give one significant example of them doing their job. I guess this is why the three fools and their anti-recall site can only deflect, deflect, deflect. Never a response to any one of the many reasons we want them recalled. It’s pretty clear they won’t respond…because they can’t.

  12. …and we digress into bitching once again. Anyone have any proposed solutions? I’d run but they would drag my ass through the mud faster than you could say “corruption”. 🙁

    1. VW, If you are honest and up front about your past. And truly believe in The City of Fullerton. We need at least 1 to break the 3 blind mice vote. If you have noticed in the past, it is like Whitaker and Quirk are not even voting. We only need 1 to succeed.

  13. vw type 53a :

    Wrong Guy :
    Me, Tony and Travis.
    Tony can be mayor.
    I’ll go by my real name instead of ‘Wrong Guy’; that won’t fly.

    Ron, you would need to move to Fullerton first.
    Are you sure you are up to it?
    As far as Tony is concerned the smear campaign is already underway…do you think he can weather that storm(just asking)?
    I would vote for Travis though, no argument there.

    I’ll even out myself:

    Love, Will. 😉

  14. cg :
    VW, If you are honest and up front about your past. And truly believe in The City of Fullerton. We need at least 1 to break the 3 blind mice vote. If you have noticed in the past, it is like Whitaker and Quirk are not even voting. We only need 1 to succeed.

    Quirk-Silva honked for us last Saturday. 😀

    1. Quirk Silva is almost as bad as the rest, don’t let her hiding wienie ways fool you. I think she is hiding under her desk until this blows by. She will never get my vote.

  15. …and for what it’s worth I LOVE this town. I just know too much about how politics works, not just here but all the way up. I’d get slammed, and my family doesn’t deserve it. It breaks my heart, but it is what it is.
    Thank you for the confidence though, I appreciate it. 🙂

  16. Sebourn would be great, but methinks he is busy with his own agenda…he would definitely get my vote though. Thanks Erin. <3

  17. Who cares? Kelly Thomas would have been a hundred time better than Heehaw or Blankhead or McPension.

    Good candidates are going to come out of the woodwork. The key is to reject the lameass Chamber of Commerce Ed Royce tools.

  18. The New Reality :
    Who cares? Kelly Thomas would have been a hundred time better than Heehaw or Blankhead or McPension.
    Good candidates are going to come out of the woodwork. The key is to reject the lameass Chamber of Commerce Ed Royce tools.

    Heh. I actually know and support Ed Royce, so you would not want me running. :p

    1. Have you ever asked Royce why he supports (or created) the Three Dithering Dinosaurs?

      I you have any influence with Ed you might broach the subject. A lot of people are sick and tired of him meddling in Fullerton politics and foisting these cretins on us.

      I’m sure Miller’s people are watching Fullerton closely.

  19. We only need one. Blankhead has already been recalled. And Jones will be done soon. Wife can’t take much more. And I don’t care what church they belong to, or elks, or etc. I thought Pam was a good vote in the past, but she has no balls, tree hugger. Who is Sebourn? We need balls and a VJJ.

  20. I think there might be a few willing to throw their hats in the ring but are just waiting until the Recall gets on the ballot. Greg Sebourn has previously stated that he will run. Another person who comments frequently (and very well) at the council meetings told me he is considering running. As much I “think” both of these gentlemen can do a good job, I will scrutinize them and anyone else running. I hope everyone will do the same for all candidates; now and forever more.

    1. Knowledge will be very important. I will be very engaged in the next voting in Fullerton. I will try to listen and research all who run for office.

  21. Just read Greg’s bio. Police associated. I don’t think I would vote for anyone associated with the police department. Even if it was only college classes. Or anyone that is associated with Orange County government. But I am only a single resident of Fullerton, one vote.

      1. Maybe, that is true. Gun shy. Look what we have now. I didn’t vote for them either (3 eggheads), but they are there. Look the City of Fullerton. It Sucks….What would I vote for in the future, I will wait and see. I will listen and make my choice. I am only human.

        1. This is the worst conversation I’ve seen on this blog. Picking and choosing and discouraging people from running by mad-mouthing them right now is the worst possible thing we could be doing.

          Stop now.

      1. It used to be the cops on here who called all the rest of us “tree huggers.”

        I respectfully suggest you leave your own and others views on environmental issues out of this.

  22. #37 by Sheep on November 6, 2011
    “Include Bushala in that list of redevelopers that makes money from the current council”

    Well then, Sheep (or is that Sheeple?)…since I was misquoted at the last council meeting by one of the anti-recall supporters, allow me to restate my opinion: the three we are going to recall never met a developer they didn’t like. Having said that, I repeat: If what these three fools and their supporters are spinning about Tony Bushala were true, he’d be with them, not against them.

    btw, how’s that deflect method working out for ya?

    It’s working great for me at the signature table – thanks!


    1. …and that’s exatly what it sounded like during the council meeting followed by thundering applause from the anti-recall supporters seated in the back who for the most part don’t even live in Fullerton they just make/take money from Fullerton courtesty of the immoral majority sitting on the city council.

  24. fianlly I can attach a face to the tarantula building on the corner of Commonwealth and Harbor. this may be a possible plot for a horror movie. A corrupt, sychophantic “architect” designs a building into the shape of a tarantula. due to all the evil deeds committed by the tarantula building’s city police force, its civic leaders and the evil people of the town who scramble for redevelopment monies and tax dollar funding for useless collaborations, the tarantula building uproots its legs and seeks revenge on these evil doers. I’d title this movie “Fullerton!”

    1. Dick Crane has littered Fullerton with his crappy architecture. Bad for a first year student bad.

      And yes, without attaching his lips to the City Hall bureaucracy ass he’s have no business at all. Between City staff recommendations and Redevelopment gravy he’d have gone broke years ago.

    2. van get it da artiste :
      fianlly I can attach a face to the tarantula building on the corner of Commonwealth and Harbor. this may be a possible plot for a horror movie. A corrupt, sychophantic “architect” designs a building into the shape of a tarantula. due to all the evil deeds committed by the tarantula building’s city police force, its civic leaders and the evil people of the town who scramble for redevelopment monies and tax dollar funding for useless collaborations, the tarantula building uproots its legs and seeks revenge on these evil doers. I’d title this movie “Fullerton!”

      Speaking of the creator of the Tarantula Building, I. Can. Barely. Read. A. Script. Rick Crane was days away from being investigated by the city attorney when he suddenly quit the planning commission. Word has it he was working for developers and builders while voting on their/his projects when he was a planning commissioner & member of the Design Review Committee. He should have recused himself from voting on projects he was working on while sitting on a city commission/committee. That’s a big bozo no no.

      And who appointed Crane planning commissioner one may ask? While of course Don Blankhead and Major Hee-Haw did. You see providing free plans for these geezers and their friends back in the day would get you somewhere.

      1. While those guys read from a script, Travis sounded real good without one, huh? I believed someone asked him the other day what position he holds in the city and how he got his job.

        I haven’t read his reply yet. Why is that?

  25. I’m responding to this blog’s speculation who will replace Bankhead, Jones and McKinley when they are recalled and a power vacuum exists on our city’s council. Travis , Chris and Tony have impressed many fullerton residents with their courage to oppose the status quo in our city’s government and police force, their painful honesty aout the Kelly Thomas murder and their exposure of the callous disregard our police force, civic leaders and community leaders showed towards the murder of Kelly Thomas. Like other cities and towns, Fullerton is rapidly facing great economic turmoil that will result in social instability due to desperation caused by increased poverty, and this will occur when our police force has no credibility and thus authority. Travis, Chris and Tony may not want to serve as Fullerton city council members, but we , the good people of fullerton, need them to serve.
    Now, if Travis, Chris and Tony refuse to serve the civic good, maybe Sharon Kennedy , the artist/editor of the Fullerton Observer,or persons like her, may run and be elected to fullerton’s city council. Then we, the good people of fullerton, will experience a city without leadership.

      1. please god, tell me that was sarcasm.

        Sharon Kennedy? She wouldn’t know truth if it came up and kissed her on the lips. that woman is evil AND old.

        1. God is spelled with a capitol G, at least the REAL God anyway,,,,,
          What is wrong with being old? Are you saying that anyone that is condidered old should not be on the city council?

          1. Lord help me, I hope I don’t go to hell for that typo.

            apparently evil is okay with you?

            Anyone that I consider old would not get MY vote for the city council, we have plenty of that now and it isn’t working so well. Too stuck in their ways, rigid and self-serving.

        2. it was sarcasm and a warning to the good people of fullerton that if good people do nothing then evil sharon kennedy will prevail

    1. Here’s a novel suggestion:

      Let the people who WANT to run for city council decide to do so, rather than trying to draft them. We don’t know what’s going on in anybody’s personal or professional life and trying to demand they run is just flat-out inconsiderate.

      1. review intro to representative government, no one is “drafted” into political office, so rest easy unless you are worried one of these three men will take my advice and run for city council

        1. Any one of the three, or any combination of them would be great. But putting pressure on them to run is counterproductive IMO.

  26. Here’s an idea. I’ll move back and run, Sharon and Rusty can both run and we can turn Fullerton into a family dynasty!

    1. sounds like a plan and then members and friends of you, sharon and rusty who did not live within fullerton’s city would be registered to vote in fullerton’s elections because they all would have the same address; 1031 n richman avenue, fullerton ca. because that is what ralph kennedy did when he ran for fullerton city council in the 1970’s

  27. Who who who

    Ed Royce will probably be looking for a job.

    But then again that would just be a repeat of the same arrogance that is there now.
    Royce, Florentine, and _______________.(wild card)

    Vote for a real menage `a trois…

  28. Feds Seek Unfettered GPS Surveillance Power

    The Supreme Court is set to hear historic arguments Tuesday in what perhaps is the most important Fourth Amendment case in a decade — one weighing the collision of privacy, technology and the Constitution.

    The question before the justices asks: May the police secretly install a Global Positioning System device on a vehicle without a probable cause warrant issued by a judge in order to track a suspect’s every move?


    The book “1984” had the right idea, but the wrong time frame.

      1. Most of the cell phones sold have GPS tracking devices. Cops routinely use them to locate and track an individual whose phone number they have, all without a warrant.

        There are videos online that show how to disassemble and disable the GPS antenna in many cell phones. Since the manufactures have bent over and grabbed their ankles for the government, it’s up to citizens to enforce their privacy.

    1. Putting tracking devices on innocent people is alarming. They already raid the wrong houses across America, now they will be tracking the wrong cars and jumping grandma in the parking lot.

      1. Hence, La Casa del la Muerte – The House of Death. You can go down to your homey’s main man and get a copy of “How To Kill A Cop.”

        It’s a detailed instruction manual for changing potential energy into kinetic energy in, on, or around someone who’s been harassing you. SWAT teams and their tactics are particularly highlighted, such as the pnuematic leg chopping blade, the gas meter bypass Auschwitz Oven, and the La Cucaracha high voltage metal rug.

        All come with a 30-years to life money back guarantee.

          1. Like the Big Book of Mischief and the Anarchist’s Bible, it’s meant for educational purposes only.

            I was most amazed by the chemical and biological sections. I had no idea it was possible to make so many deadly poisons with common plants.

  29. Fullerton Government is paid to govern, NOT to dictate, NOT to replicate, and above all to SERVE the needs of the GOVERNED ———-WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?
    Fullerton politicans threw the bones at these cronies that they can no longer see out… I believe it was Lenin that referred to the public as “Useful Idiots”
    We screwed by Fullerton politicians and cops. Once a politician gets ahold of something it takes on a life of its own. Unless we vote out the corruption and take this Fullertonh back from the corrupt politicians and cops. Remember they work for us. Don’t let the tail wag the dog!!!
    Recall Fullerton officials are the Only Best Option. Then fire these cowardice cops, along with their powerful unions.

      1. Uh, no it’s not. For its size Fullerton has one of the most corrupt city councils and police departments in all California. Most likely in the top 10 corrupt cities in the USA, for its size.

        1. So far from the truth. Go to any city council meeting statewide you will hear the same things as Fullerton all night.

          1. I haven’t heard to many city council meetings where the mayor told people to “shut up” or had a temper tantrum and left the room.

  30. Listening to all of you arguing about who should run is HILARIOUS! You should run, he should run, she should run, I can’t run because they will drag my name through the mud. F’n hilarious! This city sucks, it’s corrupt, but Im not going to do anything about it except blog and protest. Don’t ask me to do anything else because my past will sink me.
    This site is filled with a bunch of cowards. You are all followers. There are no leaders here.

    Look at this site. It’s filled with a bunch of out of towners stirring shit up. You think the same things you think happen here don’t happen in their city? Why don’t they invest the time changing their city? Because they don’t want to screw up the city they live in, but they don’t have a problem causing havoc in ours.

    1. So true. I’ve said that from the beginning. Even if they get a few out, in 5 years Fullerton will be right back where it was with Tony and his clan pissed off because the same ol’ groups are right back in office. A majority of what is still going on with FFFF is from out of town people. In town support is hard to find. most people think it’s just the political game Tony is playing to get his people in office, and get his enemies out of office. If you fail to see that, then you fail to see reality.

      1. “Tony’s people” = people of integrity.

        “Tony’s enemies” = incompetent and venal crooks.

        Most of Fullerton thinks the same way Tony does. And has no idea or interest in who Tony is.

          1. Not sure which part you are being sarcastic about.

            Fact is, the people who publish and write this blog are motivated not by greed but by a desire for honest and transparent government.

            So their friends are just people with similar values and their enemies are
            those who perpetuate or excuse corruption.

            The average person in Fullerton doesn’t know who Tony Bushala is. But they know Fullerton cops brutally killed Kelly Thomas. They know what McKinley and Jones said later. And it all makes them sick.

            Not conjecture on my part. Reality.

            1. Sarcasm is that it’s not as simple as you explain. The desire for change and hate toward the city leaders has been present for years and years. No progress for the clan. Now with this incident, some momentum was gained due to a back to ride on. So it’s not just looking for change, looking for good. There was a personal agenda before. That agenda is still there. yes, you say all for good. Many say for good in one person’s eyes, not good for the community or the majority. Time will tell.

                1. I told you. I don’t even know Dave Ellis. I know the O’Malley guy though but he says he’s not getting a penny for each word and Ellis ain’t paying him shit. 🙂

      2. While watching the last city council meeting online, I screamed a little when I heard McKinley say, “What is reality?” Do all cops like using the word reality?

                1. Ok. I’ll put a clip together with Reality Is on it, my picture, and that saying. I’ll walk into the next council meeting demanding reality, I mean justice. 🙂

        1. Titan of truth, the hallmark of the narcissistic personality is the confusion of his self-centered universe with “reality.” This is referred to in psychological and philosophical literature as solipsism, a condition in which only ones’ own mind is known to exist; taken to the extreme other individuals are actually denied substantive reality.

          This is why a policeman like McKinley must utter the word “alien” when referring to a bad cop. He’s not referring to a little green man from Mars, but to some unimaginable creature outside the bounds of his fairly paltry weltanschauung.

          The detrimental consequence of this sort of mindset is obvious as we have seen in the whole Kelly Thomas murder saga.

          This is why Dr. Ott advises that such individuals may be useful for basic tasks like frontal assaults on the battlefield and valet car parking. Give them a uniform and some minor authority. But never, never cease to monitor supervise their activities.

          1. Danke, Dr. Ott! I’ll remember that the next time I give my car to the friggin valet…. Bastards! 😉

    2. Cowards like 6 armed guys on one unarmed guy. Cowards like the ones armed with guns, tasers, asps, mace, body armor, cuffs etc etc etc against a shirtless, homeless guy who was skinny as a rail…. yeah Fullerton is full of cowards all right.

    3. It’s only 3 seats you obnoxious jackass cop wannabe. Why should all the contributors to this blog want to run for office or have time to do so? Of course the majority won’t be interested, in this or any town.

      The fact someone has to point this out to you is a good indication of how unthinking and unintelligent you are.

      1. JT. Calm down. LOL. I don’t even know who you were responding to. It’s 3 seats now, but the other 2 will be up shortly after.

            1. Literally, someone commenting as “Sheep.”. Someone who thinks that if you read a blog you should therefore run for city council.

              1. Not true. Look at the posts today. Not one person in the city said they want to run. Most have an OPINION on who they think should run, but no one from the city wants to step up. Like I said, it’s easier to have an opinion behind a computer and holding a sign with a few others than to be the leader and try to enact change yourself. Tony is in a great place. Whether or not you see it or believe it he has all of you doing work for him. Who do you think is going to profit from it? I don’t say this to be mean, I just wish you would see the big picture. You are all good at doing research, have any of you researched him? You may be surprised 😉

                1. Again, pure silliness. Look at what you are saying:

                  A. A few people discussed who should run for city council.

                  B. of those few people, let’s be generous and say there were 20, maybe 15 of whom live in Fullerton, none wanted to run for City Council.

                  C. you then claim this means that “not one person in the city said they want to run.”

                  No. Not one person among 20 or so who happened to be reading a particular article on a particular blog at a particular time on a particular day and then felt like commenting on it wanted to run for City Council.

                  Surprise, surprise.

                  Classic logical fallacy. You can’t differentiate between a few people having a discussion and an entire city.

                  As far as Tony, I challenge you as I will challenge anybody – show us exactly how he will benefit from the recall financially. Show us!

                2. “I don’t say this to be mean,…”

                  Oh yes you do. You say everything to be mean. And you get a kick out of it.

  31. There is no shortage of good people in this city who would fill in the vacancies given the chance. We must continue to put the light of day on the deeds. There is no shortage of cowards either. Their hour has not come yet.

  32. I guess we learned that the 3 can read, though not too well. Frank Lloyd Crane embarrassed himself. PUT ON THE FEEDING BAGS AND LET THE BIG REDEVELOPMENT HOGS EAT!

    1. You just don’t get it RI. The more police abuse the public, the more the public understands the nature of the police, the more the public hates the police, the less the public is going to tolerate the police. Kinda like Fullerton. Hope its your town next.

      1. Jt, did you hear the call for a “medic” that was fucking funny! Dude came to fight a war with just a hoodie on. Too bad, this isn’t a video game kid. When it comes to our town JT just make sure your standing on the front line and have that medic ready. Erin will be home tending to her pussies.

        1. You’re laughing at a non-violent protester who was a Veteran who was injured by police.

          I have bad news for you buddy. America is not on your side.

          1. Was he told to leave? Did he obey? If he would have left when told he would have been fine. To bad for him. 🙁

          2. Doesn’t matter who it is. Veteran, cop, judge, doctor, city council person, anyone. Fail to dispurse, throw gas back at the cops, throw rocks and bottles, you are subjecting yourself to injury, death, or arrest. That’s a fact. I know if the cops say to leave, I’m leaving. That’s reality.

              1. I would wager with you on both of those but would be too hard to find out. That aerial video will clear them of any wrong doing for sure.

            1. Sorry to say this, but I’ll have to agree with Sheep and Reality Is on this one. Occupiers, you throw tear gas back at me, s*it’s gonna start! Didn’t the Occupy people even block the Brooklyn Bridge?
              It’s sad to say though that I do agree with their stance on buying from small businesses though…..

    2. “medic!” “medic!” is this fucking Iraq? What’s wrong didnt bring any bandaids to to the protests?
      Fucking hilarious!

      1. Critically injured veteran protestor. Calls for the Mayor to resign. Police investigation underway. In NYC officer suspended for using pepper spray on protestors while under investigation. Millions more Americans understand the reality of police brutality. Public support of cops is plummeting. Good luck getting jury convictions.

        Keep laughing.

    3. Did you hear about the Occupy Protestors demanding free food at a McDonald’s and how they showered him with job applications instead? Priceless.

      1. Perfect. That’s like the people begging at off ramps or liquor stores. I tell em sure come over here. I’ll buy you lunch. Oh no thanks I just want the money. Of course you do. Drugs and alcohol need money!

  33. Reality Is :Tony can help you with that. Or just google it.

    Nope, its up to the accuser to at least provide evidence for the accusation.

    Here’s a bet. If you actually had anything you’d post it.

    You’ve got nothing.

    1. Not having any idea who he was, in late July I started asking people I know in Fullerton what they thought of him.

      Most people I asked like him. A few liked him as a person but didn’t like this blog. But even among those people, everybody respected what this blog was doing on the Kelly Thomas case.

      I hope you guys continue to try to make the recall about Tony. I can’t think of many worse campaign strategies than blaming the co-founder of the blog that broke the Kelly Thomas case.

      But then City Council, FPD and the cops and their supporters here have already demonstrated their keen command of public relations.

      1. What are you doing there?
        Lay off the caffeine will you, it has been linked to excessive use of smiley faces…..

  34. So I come home from work and find 106 emails waiting for me to go through! I guess some people had the day off (AHEM, Reality Is…)! You’d think we were at an Occupy protest here or something!

    1. Yea my tent stinks. People just shit n pee on the city hall lawn. No wifi either. We need to occupy Starbucks.

      1. Ya gotta clean out that Eddie Bauer tent, Reality Is! 😉 I loved it that Irvine turned the sprinklers on them to wake them up.

  35. lol

    …speaking of the occupy Irvine thing: my boss drops his foster kid off at high school near there at like 7:30 in the morning and as he drives through where all the tents are he lays on his horn to wake them up. 😀

  36. You folk all need something better to do! its late at night. Be constructive and build a gallows for Tuco. I have this friend blondie who says he is a good shot…………..

  37. Reality Is :
    I told you. I don’t even know Dave Ellis. I know the O’Malley guy though but he says he’s not getting a penny for each word and Ellis ain’t paying him shit.

    Sure, you are real believable.

  38. The murder of Kelly Thomas at the hand’s of certain members of the Fullerton P.D. is a tragedy beyond comprehension and the officers involved must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    However, the citizens of Fullerton need to be aware that FFFF blogger, TONY BUSHALA (the individual who is funding the recall movement and using CHRIS THOMPSON as his paid $$$ front man, because, for whatever reason, Tony chooses not to speak for himself), is using this tragedy to further his own agenda, and most importantly, to line his own pocket$.

    GET ALL THE FACTS PEOPLE! Here are some of them:

    a) TONY BUSHALA is a multimillionaire real estate “developer” who was given his money by his multimillionaire parents.

    b) Tony has used some of mom and dad’s money to secure cushy “development” deals with the help of votes in his favor from members of the Fullerton City Council (including council members he is now trying to recall). These cushy deals helped make multimillionaire TONY even richer! These cushy deals are part of the Fullerton City Council record and as such are available to the public for review – read them.

    c) Now that the current Fullerton city council members will no longer “play ball” with Tony by handing over still more cushy development deals, TONY has turned on them and wants them out of office.

    d) Being the man of great character that TONY is, he has sunk to the lowest of lows by using the death of Kelly Thomas to misdirect the understandable anger of Fullerton’s citizens away from the police officers who killed Kelly, and toward the city council members who refuse to keep handing out the cushy development deals $$$ that Tony so desperately craves.

    e) TONY BUSHALA’S plan, his end-goal, is to fill the city council with people who will do his bidding. Tony will use his family money to finance the campaigns of individuals running in the next election for the Fullerton City Council who will support his insatiable greed by voting in favor of all the sweet development deals Tony want$.

    g) A special recall election will be expensive. Who will pay for it? You the citizens of Fullerton – with you hard-earned tax dollars. You pay, and TONY BUSHALA profits. What a guy!


    I suggest that those of you who read this blog site redirect some of your energies away from the three council members Tony wants recalled and instead direct your energy to finding out more about TONY BUSHALA:

    In all his years in Fullerton, what has Tony Bushala done to better the quality of life in Fullerton for all its citizens?

    In all his years in Fullerton, what has Tony Bushala done to help the homeless population? For example, has he volunteered to work in any of the local church-run soup kitchens that feed Fullerton’s homeless?

    In all his years in Fullerton, what elected public offices has Tony Bushala held (or run for) out of his concern for the welfare of Fullerton’s citizens?

    In all his years in Fullerton, how many times has Tony Bushala volunteered to sit on any civic committees which provide input to the city council regarding needed community parks, the senior center, the library, city street safety issues, community services, etc?


    Wake up citizens of Fullerton to the fact that you are being used as pawns in Tony Bushala's greed & ego game and to the fact that Chris Thompson is Tony's well-paid mouth piece.

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