Testosterone-Challenged Hysteria of LiberalOC Reaches Ridiculous Crescendo

Or maybe Chris had a stranglehold on poor Dan’s nutsack. Hard to tell – there was so much distressed screaming, here.

It seems Dan Chmielewski took great affront (or, as is more likely, really pretended real hard) at 4th District Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s attempt to do something appreciative for US troops in battle zones – have folks send cigars over in honor of a couple of soldiers from OC who were killed in Afghanistan recently. It appears some soldiers really like to smoke a relaxing cigar.

Cue the hysterical emanations from Mr. PC.

Oh! The horror! Lung cancer (you don’t inhale cigar smoke, idiot), lip cancer, “moth” cancer, ovarian cancer, hungry children, wahhhhhhhhhh….

What a sad, pathetic excuse for a man.

Jesus H. these tools should just stick to regurgitating Voice of OC(EA) posts and call it a day.

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  1. A friend’s father had never smoked. Retired, took up golf and started smoking cigars. He was dead two years later after they cut out his lower lip and most of his tongue.

    Docs said it was caused by cigar smoking.

    Contrary to the urban legend you were told as a kid. What you don’t know can still hurt you.

    1. Perhaps we can give a box of cigars and a free round of golf to each City, County and State “worker” instead of a gold watch, at all future retirement ceremonies?

  2. Geez. These guys are drivng Humvees over IED’s. What makes Chmilewski think they give a rat’s ass about a puff on a cigar? Typical Lib, always trying to control what everyone else does with their own bodey.

  3. Dan Chmielewski should lighten the hell up. I’ll bet he also believes that homegrowing cannabis will result in a spread of aspergillus (black mold) if Prop 19 passes. For some reason, someone from the DPOC invited someone to speak against Prop 19 at their last meeting who truly believes that. I’d be more than happy to show him the proper way to light one up and inhale but he’d probably call the DEA on me. And no I’m not talking about cigars…

  4. It is obvious that Chmielewski believes that it is his role, or governments role, to take care of everyone. People are individually smart enough to weigh the risks for each action and decision and the happiness derived. Life is not risk free. Any item we send to the troops could be risky…cookies have sugar, magazines can cause paper cuts, and we’re told thateverything causes climate change!

  5. Smoking relieves stress, not so much for the cigars themselves, but for the long meditative drags one takes when smoking them. Plus, people are usually on break from their hassle when they engage in a smoke session. Anyway, LibOC’s boy, Obama, has called up a surge of troops on the Afghan front. They should be criticizing that. War is stressful. If soldiers come back with a smoking habit, it could be a whole lot worse. Don’t send soldiers and the cigar fiasco disappears in the first place!

  6. Excellent post Joe. The authoritarian nature of people in both major political parties is just sad. Mind your own damn business please.

    1. Just one fault with that logic Allan. I agree with you that individuals should be allowed to take risks with their bodies. However, when those risks cause catastrophic impacts to the individual’s financial status and that individual is forced to be accepted by taxpayer funded indigent care, it then affects you and I. Are you okay with that as well?

      If those individuals want to exonerate any burden to the taxpayer for their actions, I’m all for it.

      1. Logic 4SD? Last I checked people in this country had the freedom to risk their health. Oh, I get it, so long as the risk to their health is something you approve of its ok. Why dont we demand that all individuals cease engaging in anal sex so that the cost of aids and related illness will not be a burden on taxpayers?

        Think once in a while before you spout off. Curtailing liberty is no way to solve anything.

      2. This sounds like Matt Cunningham. He likes to argue about logic and “Straw Men”. Please if you wanna go nanny state on people, join your local HOA and sneek around at night looking for petty code violations. In the meantime, people should be free to make their own decisions if they wanna smoke a stoogie.

        1. Hey Allan. I didn’t argue the point about one being free to make one’s own health choices.

          I argued that those who enjoy activities that are known to be damaging to their health should take personal responsibility for those actions and not burden the taxpayer.

          Do you believe the taxpayer should bear the burden for those who willingly make foolish choices?

          I always thought personal responsibility was a tenet of libertarian folks like yourself.

          I guess now you consider it a straw man.

            Straw man, Straw Man, Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Straw Man, Straw Man…

      3. 4SD Observer, how about answering the question? The taxpayers spend billions annually picking up the tab for indigent AIDS patients. Time to ban risky sex practices?

  7. Smoking is bad for you. No way around it, but no one would have complained if Nelson had suggested bottles of scotch instead.

    1. Nice that you counter with a hypothetical. Why doesn’t Nelson do that so we can see if you have a valid point.

  8. This coming from a couple of guys who have or (had) SERIOUS health issues because of thier lifestyles.

    Shit, Dan could’nt lose weight so he had to get Gastric Bypass (Note: NOT LAP-BAND!! right Dan) surgery because he did’nt have the disipline to walk a half mile a day and switch to salads!

    As for Chris, his issues are far more serious. He should be thankful his public employee healthcare is as generous as it is.

    What hypocrites!

      1. Really, where did you get that info? I heard he used his wifes Employee Sponsored plan. But the point remains, he could have tried a diet first!

        BTW Matt, you should be happy, each of the Cigars purchased have a FAT TAX on them that gets skimmed off and paid to you by the letter on FACEBOOK!

        Gotta love the two faced Jubal.

    1. Serra , I work with patients who undergo lap band and gastric bypass operations. It takes considerable discipline to lose weight with these procedures. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. You should educate yourself about this surgery before making such an ignorant response. Your comment is offensive to the thousands of people who have made this choice

      1. I am well aware of the issues surrounding this risky procedure.

        My point, ignored by you is Dan has bragged about his surgery, while MILLIONS of other FAT people, don’t have his option, instead they walk around the block!
        Your comment is offensive to those people (like the SOLDIERS) who choose a disiplined solution.

        Face it, your humanity is generous but illplaced. As for my knowledge, I am well versed in the options for this procedure as well as how it is paid for, how much it costs and ulimately who ends up paying for it.

        I can’t accept a guy bashing twenty somethings for smoking in the face of death from a FAT PIG who can’t switch to diet coke.

        How about that.

  9. It takes a lot of testicular fortitude to attack a man for sending gifts to our soldiers in Afghanistan.

  10. That was one of the worst-argued posts I’ve ever read in the OC blogosphere—and I can’t stand cigars! Imagine an Ernie Pyle column or a Bill Mauldin cartoon without nicotine…fact is, soldiers on the front lines need stress reducers, and better cigars than alcohol or pills. Maybe Dan will agree to sending off some Hustlers instead?

    1. True. And in the end he finishes off his bullshit with the “Cigarettes for Children” line.

      Come to think of it maybe he was referring to the OC Children and Families Commission.

  11. This is from the same guy who keeps trying to make a campaign issue out of Nelson’s hair dye. There is nothing too petty for this clown. The Dems ought to save some face and run his dumb ass outa town.

  12. Let’s be CLEAR, the LOC think it’s unhealthy for some group to send cigars to soldiers but….BIG BUT, Nary a post about how escalating this dumb ass war.

    So cigars are bad, but the plan to commit MORE and MORE kids to this hellhole is OK?

    They not only lack balls over there, but intelligence too!

  13. Did I read this correctly? These troups are facing IED’s that are killing and maiming their friends on a regular basis; ever more skilled snipers; mortar shells randomly lobbed in to their bases at all hours of the day and some idiot on a computer wants us to think Marines smoking cigars will hasten their death?

    How does this guy call himself a liberal? What happened to “liberal” meaning counter culture. Looks to me like the liberals have pushed aside big brother and are now driving the bus.

  14. It’s amazing how one post sums up a person’s personality so succinctly: petulant, self-righteous, petty, dictatorial, ignorant, and really just plain mean.

    And that’s why Dan and his lame blog are laughing stocks. I just wish you hadn’t linked to the site. LibOC traffic probably tripled yesterday.

  15. Waka waka :It’s hard to spell when you’re foaming at the mouth over other peoples’ personal business.

    I do not get it what spelling has to do with any of this. Its the best interest for all students and CHRIS THOMPSON does not have the childrens best interest hust his own

  16. Thompson protested the laptop program and got his kids a free one anyway. there is supposed to be some sort of restraining order against him by an elementary school principal. he is unfit to be elected anything

  17. “Maybe Dan will agree to sending off some Hustlers instead?”

    That was funny! Only if the copies of Hustler are sent along with the cigars. Porn and nicotine. Two great things that go great together!

    Chmielewski is a joke! Why anyone takes Bypass Dan seriously is beyond me. Even Hustler has better political commentary than the FibOC

  18. Damn Jo-Jo I actually agree with you on this subject. I’m sure the boys overseas can make there own decisions about smoking.

  19. As a former Marine, I can tell you that when you are away from home you really miss everything you take for granted in America. I would crave anything American , beer, candy, cigars, american tv shows. When we got something from America including cigars, we were on cloud nine. SO if you haven’t been in a troop’s boots before I would suggest you keep you traps shut. The last thing I care about in combat is what is good or bad for my health. I’m thinking of killing the enemy and after that smoke a big fat cigar thanking God that my enemy died and not me. So Mr. Nelson, more cigars please!!

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