Mickadeit Lunches On Italian Sausage & Ego

Extra, extra, read all about me!

Is there a limit to the extent one will shamelessly grovel in public? In case you didn’t see it, check out Frank Mickadeit’s column in the O.C. Register from a few days ago.

In this recent opus Mickey exhibits the fierce prowess that seems to drive journalism these days. Here is what Frank and his employers at the Register think the public wants to know all about; Frank’s lunch schedule:

  • having lunch with political consultant Christine Iger;
  • getting an olive-oil tasting lesson from restaurateur Antonio Cagnolo;
  • getting a liquor-tasting lesson from vodka czar Bill Eldien;
  • a slap-happy kiss-ass session with good ol’ boy Mike Carona.

Poignancy! Mick’s and Mike’s eyes meet across a non-smoke-filled room and Caroney waves his old buddy over to join him. Mickey describes his  soul mate, characterizing Caroney as “smiling, buff, color in his cheeks.” He points out that if Caroney is lucky enough to avoid getting nailed with a witness-tampering charge he’ll be able to down endless shots of booze with his buddies with his freshly-won freedom (Frank doesn’t mention that he would be doing it on a $200,000+ per year taxpayer sponsored pension, but well, that would just be mean).

So what does the reader learn from this hard-hitting expose? That the Mickster is chummy and swills booze with some pretty notorious and questionable company, the kind of people that would bring into question his credentials. Not only does he shamelessly bring this to our attention, he even gives credit to Caroney for providing him with leads to “interesting stories!”

Interesting stories? The fact is that during Carona’s amoral reign of terror over the Sheriff’s Department Mickadeit gave him a free pass, and was, well, just damn glad to be there!

A shot of whiskey and a cigar and I'll write anything you want.

Now there’s truth in journalism! Can anybody take this guy seriously?

13 Replies to “Mickadeit Lunches On Italian Sausage & Ego”

  1. Frank’s always been a pogue. Name dropping gets REALLY old, and as you point out, he’s never written anything of interest or special value. Amazing the OCR pays him, and has let others with better skills go. A Scott Moxley paragraph has more interest than a month of Mickadeit columns.

  2. Mickadeit lost me as a reader a couple years ago when he wrote about hobnobbing with Republican hiearchy at the Balboa Bay Club, walnut paneled room – brandy and cigars and all. Schmoozing, cronyism does not make for a journalist. Your post hit the nail on the head.

  3. For a while now, I haven’t written about Mickadeit without including the tag “cigar-chomping courtier-columnist.” He is just all about the man-crushes and name-dropping. Letting us all know that a little powerful-man-musk rubbed off on him that week.

    A typical Mickadeit column begins “The other day I caught up with…” and ends “we ended up yakking so long that…” and yes, detours thru disturbingly homoerotic passages like “smiling, buff, color in his cheeks.”

    The kind of stuff we all used to make fun of Chris Matthews for until he really outdid himself with his “thrill up the leg” over Obama, and Keith O had to say, “Steady, boy!”

  4. How about stop reading and buying the OC Register all together?

    Then, the guys over at the OCR will finally get the message.

    The OCR has made things way too easy for Mickadeit.

    Would it be nice to find out what Mickadeit REALLY makes, eh?

  5. I still think it’s funny that Mickadeit, in his brief bio on Scott, writes that Scott is “generally more loathed than I am.” The problem is, NO ONE in power hates Scott. He’s their daily Post-It note.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. Today’s article has him in a celebrity bake-off with Ackerman’s progeny. This is one useless piece of shit.

  6. The Reg editors boldface all the names in Mickadiet’s columns so that guys like Mike Carona don’t have to wade through all that tripe to find out if the meal paid off.

  7. Dick-a-meit needs to ride far, far away, side saddle with his soul mate Sheriff Mike softly strumming the guitar and serenading…

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