Is The Show Over Yet?

Lucy Dunn and Co.

The other day we shared this image of Harry Sidhu supporter and Orange County Business Council boss Lucy Dunn leading a gaggle of ‘pug “insiders” in a sing along.

In the final act of the eponymous opera, Tosca throws herself off the prison wall. Is Lucy getting ready for the final aria and the big jump?

3 Replies to “Is The Show Over Yet?”

  1. God, let’s hope not. I saw Lucy at the Repuglican breakfast Wednesday last looking none too happy. You see, Lucy THINKS she’s a big deal with GOP, but when you’ve missed the food and have to sit in the back of the room in your pricy Lane Bryant coveralls, maybe you’ve gotten the message that you’re not such hot shit after all.

  2. I wish the meetings of Republicans were gangs of rioters waiving pitch forks and burning torches and barely holding back huge snarling dogs on leashes made of steel chain, and screaming REPEAL THIS HORRID CONGRESS! Hang all incumbents!!!

    Wearing any brand of coveralls they liked.

    Stuff like that. ; – )

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