Why Isn’t There a Mr. Fullerton Contest?

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They're comin'

Our old friend Barbara Giasone penned one of her edgy, hard-hitting news pieces the other day about the upcoming  Miss Fullerton Competition.

Since we ran a piece awhile back about the geezers in the Chamber of Commerce laying hands all over complete strangers – women young enough to be their grand daughters, this news flash caught our attention.

Smile your way to college!
Cuddle up a little closer...

The propriety of having these young women present themselves at Chamber events to be touched, and touched often, smiling all the while, seems to be a strange way to have to earn an educational scholarship. Just think about it: okay honey you gotta go to this cocktail party full of friendly guys. Just think of them as your dad, or grand dad. What? You’re not 21? Hmm. Well, it’s really not like it’s a bar, exactly. Anyway there’ll be police there too, so that’s okay.

We have a winner...
We have a winner...

Why can’t these young women write essays, or feed homeless people, or do something equally uplifting? Why do they have to attend Chamber of Commerce cocktail parties for photo ops? Seriously. Why?

Watch the hands, Minard...
Watch the hands, Minard...

Well, that’s what pageant winners do, for gosh sakes, some will argue. It’s all harmless, and maybe they like it! Well, maybe they do. And maybe they don’t – and just can’t say anything. In any case it’s pretty hard to escape the conclusion that these contests are are just weird hold-overs from the early part of the last century.

I resemble that remark...
I resemble that remark...

Here’s some help: visualize these women without tiara and sash in the same photos, same poses. Damn friendly girls, wouldn’t you say?

We have no idea what the Miss Fullerton competition entails, but it seems pretty clear that the winner’s attendance at mixer events held by the Chamber is  inappropriate for several reasons.

And if the idea is so damn hot, and not at all sexist, then why isn’t there a Mr. Fullerton constest? We’d love to see Dick Jones with his arms around the waists of a couple strapping, scholarship-hungry young guys!

10 Replies to “Why Isn’t There a Mr. Fullerton Contest?”

  1. All right Bushala, if you’re going to start showing beautiful women again with old men, then I want the bumper pool girls back with an updated photo…. preferably in traditional German Oktoberfest dresses serving beer.

    Come to think of it, why don’t we have a FFFF Oktoberfest party at the Phoenix Club. Hell its that time of year and the beer is flowing!!!!

    We can call it the First Annual FFFF Beer hall fest.

  2. So very creepy how tightly and closely they hold the girls. That skeezy cop has nearly made it to second base, ffs. *shudder*

    Shadow raises a totally appropriate question. Why are these revolting, antiquated sexist rituals still played out for the (obvious) pleasure of these aging men?

  3. Why doesn’t the FFFF have their own little competition where they can have the contestants write essays or feed the homeless or whatever you decide to determine the winner of your competition. If you really care about this contest why not report on what the contestants do complete to earn the scholarships. I’m going to guess it is more than attending a mixer. What a useless post!

    1. Gilligan you have managed to miss the point of the post. Which is why do girls/women competing for a scholarship have to pose as little mannequins at a Chamber cocktail party.

      The post was not about what they have to do to win. But one of the completely foolish things they do after they win.

      I liked this post. And I too, would love to see Dick Jones pose with a coupla Mr. Fullerton winners!

  4. Our old friend Barbara Giasone penned one of her edgy, hard-hitting news pieces the other day about the upcoming Miss Fullerton Competition.

    I didn’t miss the point. This post and most of this sites posts are only trying to be negative towards anyone or organization that isn’t a personal friend or candidate they are pushing.

    1. Actually #7, I think this kind of sexist thing is appalling. And not harmless. You did miss the point.

      So answer this: why do those girls (!) and young women have to go to those mixers to get hugged by all those geezers? I understand that these “pageants” are by nature touch-feely, phony love-fests, but why is it part of the schtick that the winners have to be photo props at Chamber of Commerce parties (and who knows where else?).

      1. Perhaps if Gilligan actually went to the website (http://www.missfullerton.com/) and clicked on the “Galleries” link he would get a better idea of how creepy this “tradition” is. Year after year, these girls are hustled over to COC mixers (and many, many others!) where they’re expected to allow a line of old men put their mitts on them and smile while their photograph is taken. When you see the hundreds of photographs, and the same old men doing it over and over again, it kind of drives the point home that the girls are there to do photo ops for the pleasure of these geezers.

        If that were your daughter, you might think twice about having her attend such events.

  5. Hmm young good looking girls using their looks to get want they want from older men. And you ask why this has to be? Looking over hundreds (thousands) of years of history, control comes to mind.

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