The Fullerton Observer – Shilling For City Hall Again

Redevelopment Expansion Looks Good From Where We're Standing
Redevelopment Expansion Looks Good From Where We're Standing

In its mid-April edition, our old friends (lower case f) at The Fullerton Observer pulled their typical stunt of shilling for the bureaucrats and bureaucrat loving politicos over at City Hall.

County Supervisor Chris Norby had submitted to The Observer an essay on the proposed redevelopment expansion that we had previously posted on this very site. Not content to print the letter and let responders respond – on their own and without coaching, The Observer apparently gave Norby’s letter to the City where somebody in Redevelopment wrote a “response” in the form of a series of “facts” – really just disembodied statements meant to show how the City, at least, was following the minimum requirements of the law.

The City’s response was handed to Don Bankhead, Chairman of the Redevelopment Agency, who dutifully affixed his signature and sent it back to the Observer – who then published “two views” on the proposal  just like they were an unbiased news operation – a real journalistic endeavor, in fact. Check out the scam on page 11.

We are not surprised by this behavior since it has become fairly common for The Observer. Sharon Kennedy habitually adds editorial comment to letters submitted by people she doesn’t like. But to actually go out and solicit response to a commentary strikes us as pretty craven, even for her.

Friends who have visited this website recently have been treated to examples of Redevelopment incompetence in Fullerton. Don Bankhead and the people he represents in in the Redevelopment Agency may want you to think that redevelopment is here to serve the people of Fullerton. We know better. It’s here to serve the bureaucrats, subsidized developers, bond lawyers, consultants and various other camp followers who make their livelihoods of this charade.

First We Talk You into It
First We Talk You Into It...

8 Replies to “The Fullerton Observer – Shilling For City Hall Again”

  1. I’m not surprised they gave that to Bankhead to sign. His name is on all the redevelopment boondoggles and f-ups you have listed on this on this site so far.

    He’s got a hell of a lot to answer for. He’s also up for re-election in a years and a half. If he won’t go quietly he may have to be helped out!

  2. I doubt if any fullertonians, excepting those with organic brain disorders arising from old age, give any credence to the ersatz newspaper,fullerton observer, and its high school grad editor

  3. the red haired woman in the photo doesnt represent the editor of the observer because unlike the editor, she has a job.

  4. Actually, bipolar, the prostitute in the picture was supposed to represent the whores who follow around after Redevelopment agencies to make a living plying their dubious trades. It wasn’t a reference to the Observer which does its supine stoogery for free.

  5. She’s practicing how to be more like Barbra Giasloni. No wonder why newspapers are going out of business!

  6. This is the worse liberal rag I have ever read in my life. Talk about irresposible journalism. Its horrible. Im glad they actually have to give it away because nobody would spend a penny to buy this trash.

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