Sharon Kennedy Attempts to Dump on FFFF; Instead Soils Self Badly

Yellowing Sub torpedoes self. Again.
Yellowing Sub torpedoes self. Again. Still no bottom in sight.

In the latest dreary edition of her yellowing Fullerton Observer, editor and almost entirely irrelevant City Hall shill, Sharon Kennedy, tries to smear FFFF and our law suit against the City’s fraudulent redevelopment expansion.

Once again we are “discredited;” why? Oh that’s right: we are sick of idiots like Dick Jones getting re-elected with the complicity of Sharon Kennedy, and we attempted to do something about it by using the donkey’s own braying.

You are very repulsive.
You are very repulsive. And discredited, too.

Of course Kennedy drags in the hated Chris Norby, who is not even a party to the law suit. She tries to dismiss our attorney Robert Ferguson (“serial anti-redevelopment lawyer”- you know like serial murderer, serial rapist, etc.) and even drags in Howard Ahmanson, whom none of us have ever even talked to, and even Ahmanson’s dead father! She left out Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler, Father Coughlin, Howard Jarvis, and the Ku Klux Klan, but just give her time. There was only one factual statement in the whole embarrassing plop: FFFF is suing the City.

At the end of her screed Kennedy extrudes this priceless string of turds:

Unfortunately, though the city is expected to win the suit, the action will set back plans for needed improvements and cost the city money to litigate.

Really Sharon? How about a little reporting instead of your usual brainless editorializing? Who says the city is expected to win? Are you aware of Ferguson’s record? Who says “plans” will be set back? What plans? Where are they? Of what do they consist? Who says it will cost the city money to litigate? They’re “expected to win,” right?

Sharon, is it too much to hope that you will ever extract your cranium from its lodging place?

The hole may be shallower than anyone suspected
The hole may be a lot shallower than anyone ever suspected

7 Replies to “Sharon Kennedy Attempts to Dump on FFFF; Instead Soils Self Badly”

  1. A real newspaper would have attempted to contact both sides of the lawsuit for research. Not the Observer. Instead, we get the city staff version of the “facts” mixed in with some spiteful digs, all wrapped up and presented as news.

  2. Speaking of shallow, the word on the street is that the observer is endorsing Ackerman the carpetbagger over Jane Rands, now that’s low.

  3. just a guy :
    A real newspaper would have attempted to………….

    enough for god sakes, your talking about the rag that endorsed Dr. Jackass. Karen Haluza would be leading our city had it not been for The Observer.

  4. FFFF it is easy to discredit Sharon Kennedy and “her” newspaper. FFFF must simply ask her about her life before she returned to Fullerton as an artist and editor. I dare her to refute, in her newspaper, that she is barely just a high school graduate whose idea of supporting her children was to live in a bus while collecting welfare and food stamps. I’m not kidding when I call her licebilly. I was at Ralphie boy’s house in the 1970’s when she arrived with her 2 kids in tow for a respite from bus living in northern California. All three of them were loaded up with lice.

  5. I use her rag to catch the bird poop below my cockatoo cages. I get them by the dozens at Georges burgers 🙂

  6. She attacks Howard Ahmanson for inheriting his wealth? Gee, Sharon, tell us all about where you live. That’s right, your dead dad’s house. Have you ever even cashed a paycheck?

  7. Lets go easy on our friendly sub commander. Ms. Kennedy, just name one person at city hall that said they “expect” to win the lawsuit.

    You see folks, no one that understands the blight requirements would ever utter such a remark. Sure the city will find a lawyer to take the case but that doesn’t mean the lawyer is telling the city they should expect to win.

    I think FFFF should agree to cut a deal with Ms. Kennedy. If the appeal (yes I said appeal because cases of this nature rarely resolve in the local trial court as local judges are almost all former DA’s and do not understand the issues) on the lawsuit is won by the city, a full appology will be sent via this blog. If on the other hand the city loses, Ms. Kennedy will publish a front page appology.

    People can agree and disagree all day long about what good or bad the expansion would be for fullerton but what is not in dispute is the high level of actual factors that must exist to LEGALLY create new redevelopment area. Those factors are not present in Fullerton. One does not need to be a lawyer to read the relevant cases.

    People like Dick Jones, Sharon Kennedy and Rob ZurSchmiede just feel the law is a nuisance that is in the way. Good luck to them finding apellate judges that agree.

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