Fullerton’s City Lights – FUBAR From The Word Go – Tod Und Verklarung – An Epilogue

Thank you Forebearing Friends, for following this pathetic revelation to its conclusion. The unwinding of this concatenation of miscreance and misfeasance must be as hard to read as it has been to write. And yet now the conclusion is finally at hand!

By May 1997 the SRO deal was done. The final meeting was a mere formality. Everybody who was paying attention knew that Dick Jones – yes, all hat and no cattle Dick Jones – was going to eat up the tasty morsel that his own staff and collegues had put in front of him.

No. I'm Not Eating That...
Hmmm. Maybe some ketchup would help...

Terrified of personal loss, and with apparrently no confidence in City indemnification, he caved in to the ridiculous threats to protect his own pelt. All of his brave words of March were just so much verbal gas.

It's Mostly Just Hot Air
It's Mostly Just Hot Air

The meeting came and went. The project moved ahead and was ever so slowly built. Two years later the Fullerton City Lights was added to the Downtown scene. The city bureaucrats congratulated themselves on another job well-done: 7 years and several million dollars of public funds in the making  – a large stucco box.  The erection wasn’t much to write home about.

Well, It Could Have Beeen Worse
Well, It Could Have Beeen Worse

Perhaps the sorriest part of this saga was the behavior of Dick Jones – during and after the sad episode. He had eaten his crow – the feathers were still there on his bib for everybody to see. And councilwatchers were wondering if his former fulminations would now be directed at the staff and fellow councilmembers who had placed him in his embarrassing predicament. The answer came quickly. No accountability, no responsibility – nothing. Nothing but loud and consistent praise and support for the bureaucrats who had orchestrated his humiliation; he soon became notorious for his knee-jerk and unquestioning support of almost everything put in front of him by the City staff.

We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us
We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us

All that remained was the peridoc bluster: homespun nonsense, loud, rambling and often incoherent perorations. Deep-fried bloviations, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.


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9 Replies to “Fullerton’s City Lights – FUBAR From The Word Go – Tod Und Verklarung – An Epilogue”

  1. Travis – some things never change. The level of abject stoogery on Fullerton City Councils, for one thing. Loud, ignorant, blathering from Jones for another. And yet he seems to be what the voters want. Hence, the many layers of meaning in the phrase “we have met the enemy and he is us” (with apologies to Captain Perry and Walt Kelly)

    Anyhoo, the date has been fixed.

  2. Something about Fullerton get’s people like me elected, even though I never even lived in Fullerton, ha ha ha………….

  3. Harpoon, this post was true to fact and the writing was great! This series made me realize more than ever that Fullerton has a history of willfully passing opportunities to become a sophisticated community. I guess the picture of the jackass pretty much sums it up. Oh, I forgot one thing, the images and captions are all hilarious.

    Thank You ! ! !

  4. now is the winter of our discontent turned glorious summer by the possible electing out of office the fools that have ruled fullerton. thank you ffff for existing as a ray of hope for our town by exposing its dark side. After these exposures of corruption, fullertonions are ripe for blogs about the forces of good in our town. We need heros because those photos attached to your recent blogs are turning my stomach.

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