Chamber Star Speaks Out: Our Leaders Deserve Our Respect

We recently received an e-mail from our Loyal Commenter Chamber Star, who takes us over his/her knee for undermining the respect due to political officeholders. He/she suggests an alternative approach in a short essay that we reproduce below:


The Friends of Fullerton’s Future has brought up a lot of issues over the last few months and can take satisfaction that many people in town visit the FFFF blog. But I cannot help but think some real damage is being done. Why? Because the blog continually criticizes our elected leaders and does so in a manner that is really just disrespectful. Humor has its place in life but the business of leading government, especially for the betterment of business, is not one of them.

Our elected City Council and School Boards were chosen for their experience and their wisdom, and that is Democracy in Action. Just because you don’t like someone that the majority has chosen, or you disagree with their policies doesn’t mean that they are fair game for ridicule and insult. Why not? because that undermines the very confidence that everyone must have in a system that is so important to maintaining our way of life.

Our leaders have shown their mettle first in getting elected and then at every meeting dealing with issues that would just baffle the rest of us. Their broad experience and wisdom should not be subjected to the rude slapstick of a blog “sound bite” or attempts at witticisms by those who only see the small picture – not the broad and deep policy implications. They deserve our respect, not ridicule.

I am not saying that our leaders are perfect. But they are among the best and the brightest, that’s for sure. Rather than being attacked from the safety of a blog, they deserve a private phone call, or an e-mail, or even a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s as you explain what you think about this or that decision, or upcoming agenda item. They will always meet with you and will always refer you to the appropriate staff member who can explain things satisfactorily.

The City of Fullerton is comprised of a lot of Positive People who want to pull in the same direction to get things done. That is why our Chamber of Commerce is so effective in working with the City for the betterment of the business environment. The Chamber leadership knows that without the City’s help there will be no advancement of the conditions necessary for the very success of businesses throughout Fullerton. With business success comes the sales and property tax revenue we desperately need to hire the very best staff in the State of California.

So it’s time to rethink the negativity and the satire. In the end it will only hamper people from coming together for the common good. I believe we all love our town. Let’s get on the same team, and let’s move forward!

8 Replies to “Chamber Star Speaks Out: Our Leaders Deserve Our Respect”

  1. admin, I have heard irresponsible rumor that you are going to let Chamber Star write posts for you. Say it ain’t so!

    Harpoon, you owe me one for having to read that bozo’s drivel.

  2. C’mon. We don’t need to be fabricating posts now do we. Nobody can be this pathetic and know how to use a computer.

  3. Chris, are you suggesting that the sentiments expressed in this post are incongruous with what you have seen on display in Fullerton? Actually CS gives voice to what I believe is a wide current of opinon in certain circles.

    I posted Chamber Star’s literary effort because:

    1. we have been told to be more positive – and nobody is more positive than Chamber Star.

    2. As noted above, CS is something of a spokesman for a certain section of Fullerton.

    3. We welcome opinions and views from any Fullertonian who takes the time to write to us.

    And Chris, please refrain from referring to our bloggers as pathetic. That’s not nice.

  4. star chamber, is positivity synonomous with propaganda? what better way for politicians to reveal their sterling characters by refuting with the truth the accusations hurled at them by FFFF.

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