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I’m Tired of You Lazy Nitwits

This town just keeps getting dumber.

Enjoy your erasure of history because you read a third hand account of a bad thing from 100 years ago. Enjoy your higher taxes pretending to be for “infrastructure” because the council pissed all of your money into the same salaries & pensions people are now demanding be defunded.

But just so you know – every time I hit a pothole in Fullerton I don’t blame the City Council – I blame you. I blame the voters who traded their own interests for a Full Sized candy bar from Fitzgerald at Halloween. I blame the voters who put race above ideas. I blame the divisive & petty partisan idiots who can’t be bothered to learn the facts of the things they scold people over online. Sure, the idiots on Council vote to ruin us all but you let them get away with it.

Enjoy your lockdowns. Enjoy your higher taxes. Enjoy fewer services. Enjoy more lies from City Hall and console yourself knowing that it’s never too late to find somebody else to blame for all of the horseshit you continue to support both tacitly and directly.

You’re yelling about police reform now, asking for support, standing with cardboard slogans in front of City Hall after actively insulting me and this blog for years. Over those very years we begged you to support the same things you magically discovered trending on Twitter last week thanks to a story on Fox News or CNN. Kick rocks. You weren’t MY ally then, what the hell makes you think I’m now yours?

I’m not your ally. I’m not your friend. I’m not your weapon to be pointed at council or the police. I’m just a dude who cares about things & is tired of having little to no backup.

I have met some great people in my reporting and activism. We’ve done some important work. Discovered some terrible things. I have some great friends thanks to this world. I’ve gotten support, financially and personally, over the City’s lawsuit against us. Those people know who they are – the rest of you however? Fuck off. I’m not running for office so I can quite comfortably tell you that I don’t give two shits what happens to you if you expect others to do all of the heavy lifting. Enjoy screaming at each other on Nextdoor or Facebook while things get progressively worse.

Fullerton isn’t my passion. This isn’t my job. Hell, I don’t own this site or control who posts to it – I’m literally just somebody who has things to say and since most of you don’t listen to anybody you disagree with I’m wondering about the point of even saying them. It’s about time I shrugged.

30 thoughts on “I’m Tired of You Lazy Nitwits

  1. I was trying to think of the right words to say after this latest depressing day in Fullerton but you said it better.

    The problem is the people who vote or don’t vote this town into what it is. So I’m done too.

  2. There are people who are listening to you, reading your words who take them to heart. This blog the first entity to challenge the supremacy of Fullerton’s long standing, corrupt police force, its craven city council and the opportunists who clung and still do to these rotten people who rot our city. A few thousand years ago, people of cities lamented the same evil that threatened to ruin them. A few ignominious people spoke to them reassuring them that their patience and perseverance would prevail over the corrupting influence of their petty, craven rulers. Have faith in your efforts, for many of us are grateful for what you have done for our city and will continue to do for it . After all, this blog centers not on the now but on a better future for the good people of Fullerton.

  3. Enjoy the “lockdowns?” There hasn’t been a lockdown, anywhere in the US.

    But I supposed you won’t even follow the voluntary guidelines.

    1% die from being infected with SARS-CoV-2, 60% need to get infected to get herd immunity if it’s even possible, 328 million Americans.

    327 * .60 * .01 = 2 million dead.

    Oh well.

      1. 2. Million. Americans. Sorry your wife was inconvenienced by the need to take life preserving measures.

        By voluntary I mean wearing a mask, and social distancing even though the County no longer requires it.

    1. FAKE NEWS

      The actual fatality rate for people under 70 is 0.05% (John Ionnanidis, Stanford University, published June 8, 2020

      327 million x .6 x.05% =98,100
      a far cry from 2 million…

      1. Um. Under 70?

        .5 to 1% is the death rate of ALL infected.

        .01 x .60 x 328 million is 2 million people. And every day we don’t throw those people into the meat grinder is another day that we buy for treatments or a vaccine.

        Human Americans don’t necessarily die at 70 I’m not clear why you throw them overboard so easily. Strange.

        Just like in time of war there are sacrifices that can make a big difference for your fellow Americans.

        At this point we know that wearing a cloth mask, social distancing and quarantine if ill are the steps needed.

        If you’re picking between death and taxes as the priority to address death usually wins.

  4. While we don’t agree on several issues, passionate people shedding light on perceived wrongs in government serves an important function, much more so today than in any recent time. I completely understand your frustrations. It seems like an increasing percentage (majority) of the population are unwilling to consider and be tolerant of opposing opinions, instead engaging in name calling, digging their heels in and refusing to engage in constructing reasoning utilizing logic and facts. You, on the other hand, come across to me as completely reasonable, logical and passionate. The key to progressing past the current horrible state of affairs is understanding, but not necessarily agreeing with, opposing viewpoints and having respect for those views.

    Take a break if you need to, but please don’t think that nobody appreciates what you do and how you go about it, even those of us who may disagree with some of your positions on issues.

  5. You should be welcoming allies, not telling them to fuck off. Who cares how people come to the right conclusions as long as they get there? You’re sacrificing potential good for the catharsis of debasing people who weren’t there from the start. Get this gate keeping bullshit out of here.

    1. “Gate Keeping” means to keep people out. I haven’t said people can’t protest or have an opinion or that they have to chant certain things or hold certain signs or to shut up & listen or to literally bend a knee.

      I haven’t done any of those gate keeping activities. The hashtag brigade however…

      I simply said I have no use for people I don’t believe are allies or genuine. That’s not gate keeping. That’s shrugging.

  6. I agree with the two comments above. I have only in the past year learned about the website and all the hard work you do. Thank you, I really do appreciate it. I can say that I have recently been made aware of what I consider disturbing tactics by the Fullerton police which I want very much to support but from what I now know, it doesn’t appear to me that anything has changed since Kelly Thomas was beaten to death. I am one of the assholes who want change and am indignant about the reality of many disturbing trends yet can’t find the time to participate. I’m an asshole who still cares.

  7. It’s the same thing every day, Clean up your room, stand up straight, pick up your feet, take it like a man, be nice to your sister, don’t mix beer and wine ever, Oh yeah, don’t drive on the railroad tracks….

  8. I think what Joshua is saying is that reading his blog is not enough. We seem to go to sleep between crises here, and then we want a big protest march or a recall to solve the crisis. And, the Republican party is asleep, so we have all-progressive rule throughout the state and this city.
    Sharon Quirk Silva was mayor at the time of Kelly Thomas, so how did she parlay that into higher office??
    Do you know what city council district you are in?
    Do you know the Democrats have a veto-proof majority in Sacramento?
    Sorry, but if you don’t like our state of affairs, you have to be active every day in some way. It’s too late for one guy to do it all.

    1. May be wearing his self out with the lawsuit. It surely was a setup opening Pandora box . Energysare best spent presenting positive scenario case to public via city meetings, newspaper writeups. The lawsuit won’t help to make any changes that haven’t been changed already.Embarrassment and harassment of the establishment isn’t the best way to invoke change. Neither burning your bridges down. Change is the best sort of justice.

  9. We are all lazy sometimes when we are tired. We are all nit-witty sometimes when we are prejudiced. But, I don’t blame Josh for being pissed at the 99ers out there that use the free ride of society’s updraft to coast along and believe the lies that our main stream media manipulators use to trick us into advancing the interests of their corporate funders. Hero worship of military mercenaries (read “the troops”), militarized police departments, incompetent public school “educators”, overpaid hose pullers, etc and the hand picked politicians who support them, is what needs to end. The general public needs to start thinking for itself. We can no longer afford to tow the government line and maintain the status quo. De-funding the public employee unions is the only way out.

  10. Please watch ground day. Changing your perspective may be the catalyst for moving forward. Driving your car on the tracks toward moving train will not end well.

    1. Groundhogs day… A 90’s movie …the turning point his when the aporoach of railroading over others is working only toward self destruction …and just when you think the movies ending its just starting when he takes on a whole new perspective and the town’s people begins to start to take notice

  11. I mostly hear from this a dissatisfaction on the results and outcome of the stories you reported to us about hidden and dark parts of government and the people involved in it. The definition of crazy leads me to ask if there isn’t another way to get the outcome you seem to hope for. They say that there’s more than one way to skin a FAT CAT, I can think of more than a few, and I think you can too. Sometimes problems show the best way to solve them isn’t with a head on confrontation, and finding the best way takes thoughtful directed collaboration and unity.

  12. dis·ap·point·ed
    sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one’s hopes or expectations.
    … one cannot be disappointed unless he first appoints. You oppend the box but not content to just discover walked away with the contents and then refused to give it back. getting back on track requires the painstaking process orbacktracking, puting back on the cleats and getting back in the game. Some people are in the game. others on the bench, and others walk off the field. Whining or Winning. It cannot be both. Burning bridgeswith others is a difficult process to reverse.

  13. Anyone giving odds on whether or not the city council approves putting the sales tax increase on the November ballot tomorrow night?

      1. Well, we’ll see. If Shitzy goes for it we know she really is out. Flory was put back on the council for the sole purpose of voting for this tax.

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