Dr. Jones and his “Monster”

For those who may mistakenly believe the chaos and mayhem in Downtown Fullerton are of recent vintage, here’s a blast from the past, our favorite corn pone  fizishun, Dr. HeeHaw Dick Jones waxing poetic on the mess he made of DTF –  12 years ago!

Dr. Jones has a strange way of relating everything to babies, he goes from one end of the spectrum to the other, aka “flip flop”. He claims that he was the “Promoter” of the Downtown Bars and Dance Halls, yet he’s the Councilperson calling the downtown, “The Wild West” and “River City”. He’s “afraid” to go downtown after 10:00pm! As recent as September 16, 2008, he voted to subsidize the renegade dance halls, because they “need help”. Before you vote on November 4th, please pass this website on to your friends and neighbors!

Dick Jones

12 thoughts on “Dr. Jones and his “Monster”

  1. I’m sorry that NO JONES did not work out. Elections do matter and Dr. Jones won. The citizens of Fullerton won. We lost Leland Wilson two years ago by a robo-call and sign wagger Keller. You have another 4 year to find another replacement. I wish you luck!

  2. Susan, the voters want Jones back for another 4 years, and that’s OK. Hopefully, he learned something from all this. We did.

  3. The mess has been going on for 20 years. At least in the past we could blame the idiots Jones and Bankhead and Nelson and Wilson and Kellar.

    Who do we blame now? A whole new crop of morons. Plus Flory, of course, who never passed a bar she didn’t enter.

  4. That has to be the single funniest video ever shown on FFFF. As hysterical now as it was all those years ago. How this baboon ever got elected and stayed elected is a painful indictment of the Fullerton voter.

  5. I remember when that idiot Sharon Kennedy called this video “grotesque” and proceeded to endorse HeeHaw for re-election.

    1. Well, yes. So do I. The victim? Karen Haluza, who had the boohoo vote all tied up. I think we would have been slightly better off.

  6. The 2016 presidential election proved that buffoonery is still in style with the high intellect of the American voters

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