The Sad, Degenerate World of Norberto Santana, Jr.

Norbert (right) and boss, union chief Nick Berardino (left) discuss how the former can help the latter while still pretending to be an objective journalist.The location seems to be the Voice of OC's office in the Santora Building, rent courtesy of the OCEA. (image swiped from OC Weekly. Who knows where they got it?)

When he graduated from journalism school, Norberto Santa, formerly of the Orange County Register and more recently writer for the comically self-described “non-profit” Voice of OC, likely told his friends and family how he was going to change the world by exposing, well, things, that needed exposing.

How sad he must be, now that he is nothing but a tool for his union paymaster, the OCEA union, at those family reunions when he has to report that he is nothing but a second-hand tool for the likes of Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu, whose carpetbagging and perjury have gone mysteriously unmentioned by the intrepid “journalists” at the Voice of OCEA.

And come to think about it, they have never written a single word about the string of malfeasance perpetrated by by County Clerk Tom Daly: things like blowing 2.1 million on a worthless building; hiring a campaign contributor to study a Hall of Fame Museum; handing out jobs to the relatives of other contributors; blowing $120,000 to apply for grants that went nowhere.

Poor Norberto! If only he applied for that OCEA spokeshole job before former Register colleague Jennifer Muir got to it he wouldn’t even have to pretend to be objective!

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  1. I also note the daily “news” posts in the red County by Cunningham that keep citing posts by this tool like they were real news instead of union propaganda.

    Nothing more need be said.

  2. You should retitle this:

    “Why is Norberto considered credible and we’re not?”

    And being paid a whole lot more.

  3. Actually nobody considers Norberto credible. And he’s almost out of union money. When that’s gone will he get more? I dunno, but I know we’ll still be here!

    BTW, is that rabbit I smell cooking?

  4. First, Which one is which, That can’t be a real photograph it looks like something out of a 1967 BATMAN episode!

    Next, The VOC blasted off and sputtered, quickly crashing to Earth.
    So much so that even “blogger for hire” Matt “JUBAL” Cunningham quotes them regularly. WTF?

    Again, don’t be surprised when all of these “for hire” bloggers, who DO NOTHING for the community bad together and start stuffing things down the publics throat.

  5. Good God, this guy really is a tool. I guess he figures the print medium is dead and so there’s no point pretending to be a professional anymore.

  6. Went to the Voice site. One idiot writes a post and then a bunch of union members tag on. Otherwise there would be no traffic and no excuse for Berardino to blow $150,00 on this little cretin.

    1. The OCEA union promotes the Voice of OC’s articles with an exclusive feed on their home page. I’m sure they send out email updates every time the latest Shawn Nelson story comes out. That’s why the Voice of OC commenters are 100% pro union.

  7. OK, I get it. You don’t like this guy. You think he’s a “tool.” You’re saying he really stinks. You’re even calling him “Santa” (typo?).
    Yeah, but are you saying that one of his stories is inaccurate? Has he made a significant mistake in his reporting? Could you give an example, please, of his sad and “degenerate” state in the actual pages of the Voice of OC?
    The VOC’s (or Santana’s) association with a powerful union is interesting, but it doesn’t in itself tell us anything about the quality of the journalism.
    Not unless you’re into fallacies.

    1. Roy,

      What your witnessing is envy. Folks actually read the VOC and believe it to be credible because of Norberto’s rep he earned covering the political scene with the soon to be defunk OC Register.

      Only the FFFF echo chamber believes any of the drivel here.

      Though it is great comic relief.

    2. Uh, Roy, so how come he ignored all the Daly shit? Oh, yeah, that’s right. Daly is a Democrat and of course the union wouldn’t like it if their boy wrote something bad about him – even if his terrible judgment ended up with a $2,100.000 money hole, or if he was giving make-work jobs to campaign supporters – like the Hall of Fame racket that was just so coincidentally under the $50,000 limit that would have at least drawn Board scrutiny.

    1. Vern. You won’t read anything from him that hasn’t been rubber stamped by Berardino. If pro-union people were jacking around the fair deal you can bet there would be complete silence from him.

  8. Did you all notice the story on the VOC of Nelson choosing the most lucrative pension option?

    And this after campaigning about all the supposed problems with the pension system.

    I bet he got into office and saw that things are not that bad.

    Else why wouldn’t he have chosen a less geneous option or even opted out. Which is something he could have done.

    1. “I bet he got into office and saw that things are not that bad.”

      Yeah, when he arrived on his first day there was a secret report on his desk titled “We Found an Extra $200 Million”

      Dream on.

      1. Which is exactly why he decided to become part of the problem.

        Why else would he choose the plan that was most lucrative except for personal greed and condecension?

        Face it, you’ve been played like a Strad.

    2. The County pension system has a multi-billion dollar unfunded liability. That may be a hard concept for you lefties to grasp since you admire a president who likes to print money in the trillions.

      Nelson joined an existing pension program that does not allow anybody to opt out. And only an idiot would sign up for the lame 1.62 @ 65 fake pension reform. Nelson is not an idiot.

      1. You’re correct. He’s not an idiot.

        He got folks like you to support him based upon (one of many things) on his disapproval of defined benefit pension plans.

        Then he had a choice of several plans (one of which was opting out completely into a 401(k) style plan and chose the one he believed to be the most lucrative. It also happens to be the choice that is most damaging for the taxpayer.

        A smart man indeed.

        Do you feel like a sucker? You should.

  9. He’s a shill for the OCEA plain and simple–just like Harry Sidhu…who is no doubt asking for another $1M of the union’s hard earned money to spend on his race.

    Way to spend the money Nick, again. County employees should be looking at getting rid of their captain, OCEA has become such a JOKE lately. hahaha

  10. Sorry Winships we’re not in the credibility game. That’s for bloggers who really just want to hide their bias. And for journalists who adhere to some level of professional objectivity.

    Sanata’s just flippin’ burgers for Berardino, and he knows it, we know it, and he knows we know it.

  11. 4SD Observer :It also happens to be the choice that is most damaging for the taxpayer.

    I’m glad we can agree that the current pension commitments are damaging to the taxpayer and need to be severely reigned in.

    1. Did you tell Shawn Nelson that before he chose the option most damaging to the taxpayer?

      Even though he had the option of a 401(k) style plan?

      You realize he’s played you for a sucker.

  12. admin :Sorry Winships we’re not in the credibility game. That’s for bloggers who really just want to hide their bias. And for journalists who adhere to some level of professional objectivity.
    Sanata’s just flippin’ burgers for Berardino, and he knows it, we know it, and he knows we know it.

    And he could care less since he also knows about 10 people read our blog and believe what we write. The rest read it for comic relief because they realize we have no influence whatsoever.

    I didn’t think you would mind if I added the part you left off.

  13. Yesterday this site had nearly 700 visits. That will double and possibly triple as the election approaches.

    Oh, and that’s not counting those who read our posts on the Orange Juice blog. Add several thousand per day to that figure.

    1. Wow. 700 whole hits!!!

      That’s like .25% of the total eligible voters in the 4th District.

      You only prove my point about having zero impact on an election.

      How many of those hits are multiple hits from the same IP address? And how many of those are reading your blog because they need a good laugh.

      Considering that every candidate you recommended in a countywide contested election got trounced and your one win had 70% of the voters support one of his opponents, I’m thinking you’re not very good at this.

  14. Observer, you are being naive. This blog vehemently opposed both Linda Ackerman and Harry Sidhu, who cumulatively outspent their opponents by millions of dollars and yet lost miserably while polling with unusually high negatives. Those are the facts.

    1. And that matters exactly how? Those results would have occurred if the 4F blog never existed.

      700 hits a day, even 7,000 hits a day wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

      You might have missed my factoid on how many voters reside in the district.

      It’s obvious that few read this thing.

      Especially given how all the other candidates in county wide contested elections trounced their opponents in the 4th District.

      As an example. 4F’ers supported Hugh Nguyen for Clerk. Daly only trounced him in the 4th District collecting about 75% of the vote. Maybe if the 4F blog hadn’t been in existence Daly would have collected 77% of the vote.

      Big Whooop!

      1. If you really believed that nobody was reading this blog then you wouldn’t have spent so much time over the last year posting here. Talk about being disingenuous…

        1. And if Shawn Nelson’s grandmother had wheels, she would have been a wagon.

          Daly ended up with 75% of the vote in the 4th District despite the 4F supporting his opponent.

          For a job that has no term limits and pays better.

          You really showed him.

          And how do you like Nelson picking a retirement option he claims needs fixing?

    1. That’s an achievement. Congratulations.

      They should be very proud.

      So if a slightly bigger tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make more noise?

    1. Watching you folks rationalize Nelson’s pension choice has been the best entertainment I’ve had in some time.

      Keep up the good work.

  15. As the steaming water lapped up against his white chest fur, Bugs began to silently wonder about his recent blogging strategy…

  16. No logic in this statement. I assume that it’s me, the folks on this board, and a couple others interested in comic relief.

    Which you amply provide.

    1. you sure seem angry with all your posts buddy. you should divulge yourself and walk some precincts instead of hiding in an anonymous blog site where you disagree with everything posted–but i doubt you will.

      just another shill.

        1. sounds like you are a typical OCEA member, doing nothing much on a weekday for that government wage but playing on the blogs fighting everyone.

          me too

  17. OMG…45 comments and counting.

    The public has a huge appetite for blogs to keep on writing material of good value, because the journalists and newspapers aren’t doing squat!

  18. I think Nelson took the pension so he can say “I feel your pain” when he hacks the shit out of OCEA during the next set of negotiations.

    After all, that’s what this whole thing is about 🙂

        1. Let me chime in here and clarify that the phrase is *couldn’t* care less or *couldn’t* give a rats ass.

          A pet peeve of mine, I have a few.

  19. What did I miss here? Oh nothing really. The same old song and dance how Nelson is the exalted one and will save this county from the mean and terrible unions. Norby couldn’t do it, Moorlach hasn’t done it. Just pissed away a couple million dollars on a lawsuit that he’s lost and will continue to lose in appeals.

    Once again someone has spoken out against SN and you guys attack them. How typical.

    Nelson is making another batch of kool aid for all of you to drink. He’s scammed you all and you’ll see his true colors soon enough.

    Drink up funny boys.

  20. You guys are wasting time on all this extra curricular B.S..

    Get to the real issues. Is that a pompadour haircut Norberto is sporting or what?

    1. Are you talking about the blog team for this site?

      Unless you believe the real name of the person who posted this piece is named “admin.”

      1. Wow. Somehow that matters, why exactly?

        Two points.

        First, like one of your bun boys. Don’t ever attempt to earn a living as a private dick.

        Two, that is exactly what I thought about you. The difference being I don’t believe it matters.

        1. I think he is a hired gun to flood the blog arguing every post. Nobody can be this mad and have so much time on their hands.

          I just chimed in for the first time this week, and its all this guy?!

          1. You once again confuse anger with entertainment. You provide comedy at a great price…..FREE!!

            Whose arguing? I’m just stating my opinions of some of the commentary here.

            Do you have a problem with that?

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