Dick Declines Handout; “…..I live up on the hill”

This clip is short but meaningful. Claiming East & West Fullerton are “blighted”, Councilman Dick Jones and the Redevelopment Agency wants to take “money” from the schools, police and fire departments, and use it to build “municipal auditoriums, affordable housing, and even homes.”  Of course none of this is about good ol’ Dick. He’s doin’ jes fine up on the hill. Enjoy!

7 Replies to “Dick Declines Handout; “…..I live up on the hill””

  1. Well said Dr. Jones! What’s wrong with a municipal auditorium? And what’s wrong with knowing that the policy is being advanced by an honorable man with no self interest?

  2. Dr. Jones, it’s so nice of you to remember that we flatlanders need constant handouts from our hillside benefactors just to stay alive.

    Now I understand why you were endorsed by the liberal Observer.

  3. There are 18.7 million vacant homes in the United States right now. Do we really need to subsidize more?

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