The Criminal Mentality

It’s sort of funny how the “public safety” unions are always telling us that if it weren’t for them everything would be chaos, a sort of post apocalyptic nightmare with all savage criminals roaming the highway and all the structures aflame.

Thanks, FPOA!

Along with this nonsense, we get the image of these people as superior moral beings, giving of themselves to make our lives better through their tireless and limitless self-sacrifice.

So what can we make of the fact that Fullerton’s Police and “Fire” unions have endorsed the unendorsable Roland Chi?

Roland Chi. The creep who poisoned a dozen people in Garden Grove; who ignored over 90 health code violations; who plead nolo contendere and had to leave a sample of his DNA with the DA to dodge prosecution; who illegally used a non-profit charity to promote his campaign; whose very own father was caught red-handed stealing campaign signs.

Roland and Dad. Don't judge us by what we did to you. Judge us by what we say we will do for you.

Oh, yeah. That Roland Chi.

So why are the Fullerton agencies who are always promoting their exclusive powers to preserve public safety to exact ever greater concessions from the taxpayer, supporting the serial law-breaker Roland Chi? If it isn’t self-interest over the public good, then what, O what can it possibly be?

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  1. #1 by MAD MAX on October 26, 2010

    “I’m scared, Fif. It’s that rat circus out there, I’m beginning to enjoy it. Look, any longer out on that road and I’m one of them, a terminal psychotic, except that I’ve got this bronze badge that says that I’m one of the good guys. “

  2. #2 by Johnny Donut on October 26, 2010

    Ah, the amalgamation of a Road Warrior and Ghandi… a oxymoron so ridiculous and vain that only a public employee union could it pass off, and only a mass of idiotic voters would believe.

  3. #3 by Joe Sipowicz on October 26, 2010

    They love Roland because he promised them job security. And not in a good way!

  4. #4 by Anonymous on October 26, 2010

    Here is the law regarding political sign theft: CA Penal Code 490.2(a)
    A person who takes, possesses, damages, reuses, or moves any political sign or signs without authorization from the owner of the sign or signs and with the intent to prevent, substantially alter, or substantially obscure the communication of the sign, is guilty of an infraction or a misdemeanor.

    Section 490.2(b) states: For purposes of this section, the following terms apply:
    (2) “Political sign” means any sign displayed through the day of an election that advocates the election of a specific candidate for official office or advocates a position regarding a ballot issue or issues.

    While this is open to interpretation, I don’t believe your “No Mckinley – Pension Abuser” signs legally constitue a political sign, as they do not advocate the election of a specific candidate, but discourage it.

  5. #5 by just a guy on October 27, 2010

    Political sign theft is normally prosecuted under the following codes:

    484(a)-488 PC – Petty theft
    594(a)/(b)(2)(A) PC – Vandalism

    The fact that these are signs is irrelevant in the eyes of the law. Theft is theft. Probation is probation. Jail is jail.

  6. #6 by nipsey on October 26, 2010

    what is the law regarding plain old theft

  7. #7 by Marcus Welby on October 27, 2010


    Roland is endorsed by both the unions and folks like Chuck Devore and Shawn Nelson.

    Apparently those two don’t read or care about your opinions.

    That’s gotta hurt.

  8. #8 by Johnny Donut on October 27, 2010

    You spend a lot of time and energy trying to convince yourself that this blog is irrelevent. Tell me, is the message getting through?

  9. #9 by Marcus Welby on October 27, 2010

    Johnny Donut :You spend a lot of time and energy trying to convince yourself that this blog is irrelevent. Tell me, is the message getting through?

    Yes. Thank you for asking.

  10. #10 by Jaw Dropped on October 27, 2010

    Nelson should be ashamed of himself. I’m not voting for him over this.

    And Chi should be behind bars – along with all those cops that look the other way when he commits crimes.

  11. #11 by van get it da artiste on October 27, 2010

    old political ploy, if you don’t elect me to position of power and influence, then something bad will happen to you, the voter who didn’t vote for me.
    municipalities bankrupted by exorbitant salaries and pensions for its public servants, and the best aspiring city council members offer to entice us to vote for them is mojo who

  12. #12 by van get it da artiste on October 27, 2010

    delete who

  13. #13 by The Desert Rat on October 27, 2010

    This is Fullerton, where nincompoops, slack-jawed yokels, featherheaded boohoos, and unintelligible jack offs get elected.

    The cops have found their boy. Poisoner, IRS scofflaw, sneak thief. Aw Hell, this guy’s just getting warmed up.

    Looks like a landslide’s a comin.”

  14. #14 by No Surprise on October 27, 2010

    “This is Fullerton, where nincompoops, slack-jawed yokels…..etc.”
    Actually, Fullerton is no different than any other city. Politics is politics and there is always wonder in who gets elected. Folks who get into politics for the right reasons can’t stay the course, because they have to play the game to stay in it. Not sure what the answer is, but this blog does make it entertaining.

  15. #15 by admin on October 27, 2010

    You may be out of the loop. We are The Education Community.

  16. #16 by No Surprise on October 27, 2010

    If you mean that our community should be smart enough to elect better candidates because we’re “The Education Community”….unfortunately, history has proven that education doesn’t play a big enough role in the election process. The number of gullible folks out weigh the intelligent. No, we should not give up…I’ve just grown very cynical over the years.

  17. #17 by Joe Sipowicz on October 27, 2010

    That’s why we need term limits in Fullerton.

  18. #18 by nipsey on October 27, 2010

    Too often term limits simply replace old crooks with new ones

  19. #19 by GG Voter on October 27, 2010

    The police and fire associations routinely endorse republican candidates that do not live in the cities they are seeking for office, useless self serving carpetbaggers.

  20. #20 by Michael on October 27, 2010

    Wow i can’t belive all these hater comments and posts. You guys really want this guy to not get on fullerton council. Well not me im voting for him. :) hes a great guy even though you people waste time to make him look bad.

  21. #21 by Dead Koran Halibut on October 28, 2010

    Gotta tell you R. Chi and his dad Chi Sr. kept me floating belly up in that tank for over two weeks. I really smelled up the joint. And that’s not the kind of thing you forget (or forgive) in a hurry!

  22. #22 by TheRealJohnAdams on October 29, 2010

    What’s worse, people who work for the city who try to better it, or an angry, bitter, sad slumlord upset because the property values of his silver spoon inheritance have dropped? A man who is single handedly funding campaigns against anything that doesn’t fit his own anti-government-at-all-cost agenda?

    Well Tony, er, I mean Admin, er, I mean Joe Sipowicz, er, half the other names on this board?

    FFFF=Hypocrisy and no credibility.

    Doo doo head

  23. #23 by nipsey on October 29, 2010

    “What’s worse, people who work for the city who try to better it”

    purely rhetorical, since there are no such people

  24. #24 by Fred Alcaraz on October 29, 2010

    Take a few aspirins and go lay yourself down. You are overheated.

    Also, please put that gun down before you hurt yourself.

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