Sharon Quirk-Silva, Another Serial Endorser?

I guess elected officials get some kind of a kick out of handing out endorsements to other candidates.  Recently I called for Shawn Nelson to choose between Bruce Whitaker and Roland Chi, both of whom he had endorsed before they ran against each other for the same two year city council seat.  I was encouraged to see that Nelson referred to Whitaker as the “only” candidate who would fight for pension reform on Whitaker’s recent campaign materials.

But it seems that Shawn Nelson may not be the only elected official having trouble picking a favorite.  Bruce Whitaker’s campaign website lists among his endorsers Sharon Quirk-Silva of the Fullerton City Council.  Funny, Roland Chi’s latest mailer carries a glowing endorsement of Chi by Quirk-Silva, complete with her smiling picture.  What’s the story here?  Did she dump Whitaker for Chi, or is she just trying to make everyone happy?  Can no one in this city just tell us who they want to win the damn election?

  1. #1 by Fullerton Savage on October 24, 2010

    Update: Sharon Quirk-Silva has now endorsed Bruce Whitaker via robocalls.

  2. #2 by ChiChi on October 24, 2010

    Sometimes politicians are just too nice to say “No” when asked for an endorsement.

  3. #3 by Fullerton Savage on October 25, 2010

    ChiChi, maybe it depends on who’s asking and how large their family’s supermarket is.

  4. #4 by Straight Talker on October 25, 2010

    Chi’s campaign is packed full of slick little lies and twists. His mailers are absolutely at the top of the deception game. I personally know several politicians who “endorsed” him because he promised he would direct some of that out of town Korean money their way. The fact that this is being done by a nobody is even more insulting.

  5. #5 by admin on October 25, 2010

    That sounds exactly like what Hairball Sidhu does. Lotsa Indian money comin’ your way, bro.’

  6. #6 by Fullerton Savage on October 25, 2010

    Did they all take a cruise around the harbor in the S.S. Chi?

  7. #7 by young and grown on October 25, 2010

    It would make sense if an elected official made an endorsement, that they should publish that endorsement on their website just for everyone to be clear on things. It makes sense, they all have websites already from past elections.

  8. #8 by compton on October 25, 2010

    yeah i know, it is pretty sad that shawn nelson endoresed roland, and that almost nothing on this site is mentioned about it.

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